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My Thanks To You

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, I’d be remiss if I didn’t take my hat off to all the teachers out there who fight for our kids against the CCSS Machine.  I don’t appreciate you for one week out of the year, I appreciate your spunk EVERY day!


I’d also like to give a shout out to all our Mom Warriors. Many of us have been at this for years, while we see newer Moms join us.

We win the daily battles in uniting against all that seeks to harm our kids, no matter if we actually gave birth to them or not. Our kids are OURS.

To all our Dads out there who’ve stepped up and had to fill Mom’s shoes for whatever reason, I salute you, too. Your presence in the War Vs the Core is vital.

My Wish For Every Parent, Everyday:

Warriors, with Mother’s Day Weekend, quickly approaching. I wanted to take the time to wish every Mom; every parent, and, every teacher to not give up. I know you hate the CCSS Machine and all that comes with it. You know I do, too.

If you’re like me, you know that even with the tough days we face, we have to keep protecting our kids.

While we are in a War Vs the Core, we also know the odds against us are steep. Steep or not, we choose every day, to pick up our ‘super hero cape’ and fight on. THANK YOU!

So, I’m not going to get sappy, Warriors.
You won’t get rosy speeches or flowers from me. We can shower each other with the spoils of this War later.

What I DO wish for you is the same thing I posted a few days ago on my Facebook wall:
“*I wish for you to stand up for your kids and mine; I want you to stand strong for them when they are weak. You never know how many times I’ve stood for them while shielding my own.
**I wish for you to crush ‘those boxes’ in front of you, so they can see boxes are not meant to define us or confine us.
***I wish for you to firm when needed, laugh largely EVERY chance you get, to love fiercely, and fight even moreso.
****I wish for you to know when one of us stumbles and falls, others are there to lift you up.
*****Challenge each other to stay strong and stand the course.”

Why Do We Fight?

We want desperately to ‘win’ the War Vs the Core. A complete and total ‘win’, too. What would that even look like?

In a ‘perfect’ world? We’ve see ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) repealed. We see Congress respect the U. S. Constitution and remove every OTHER federally overreaching law into education. We’d see the UN (United Nations) run out of America faster than a speeding bullet. We’d see teachers freed from the mandates which hold them back and students who’s privacy and emotions were not manipulated. We’d also know that the constant testing and alignment to agendas which do not match our values would be history. We’d see school boards released from the bondage of conformity and work with parents for long than 3 minute timed speeches. We’d see every single participant from the CCSS Machine held criminally charged with child abuse. Lastly, we’d demand a full and total refund from every profiteer off our children and settle for no less than a public apology to accompany their checks.

One of my most distinct messages I’ve created to express my ire toward the CCSS Machine.

We fight for freedom, respect, justice, and truth. Every child deserves that.
We fight to make ANY variation of our ‘complete win’ possible. Every blow against the CCSS Machine is a victory. Don’t discount ANY victory, Warriors!

What We Pass On Matters:

Warriors, I don’t have to tell you our kids learn what matters MOST from us.

As Anti Fed Ed Warriors, I trust your kids hate the overreaches as much as you do! I hope they are standing up beside us and fighting back.

I’ll leave you with this…mompower

What do you think my daughters have learned from my actions? They, to this day, still ‘salute’ the CCSS Machine.


Warriors, go be awesome this weekend. Be fantastic every day! Why? Every day we fight for the right things is a GREAT day!

Blog notice:
The from May 13th-May 20th, the “Best Of Common Core Diva” articles will recirculate. So, if you missed them the first time, you can catch up. Each of the articles will still be relevant to our War Vs the Core, especially as the 2020 elections approach.

Next articles will be back May 21st. 


WYBI: CC Warrior Advice from the Battlefield

CCSS Machine: hear us roar!
CCSS Machine: hear us roar!

It’s “Warrior Wednesday” for today’s “Would You Believe It” anti Common Core article. I’m not sure about you, my fellow friends, but I’m fed up and roaring loudly these days about the gross overreach of the federal and state governments into ‘local’ education. I’m vexed about those blasted P3s (public, private partnerships) which saddled us with all things “Common Core”. So hang on to your manes, I’ve uncovered some sage advice worthy of passing on to you who are fighting ‘tooth and nail’ for your kids.

“Tooth and Nail”:

Sure, we’ve all heard the phrase a million times, but do you know the significance of it in our war against the “Core”? According to good ole, Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, ‘tooth and nail fighting’ means ‘to fight by ANY available means’. Other sources I found said the phrase means to fight in a way which resembles a wild animal. The animal will  bare its teeth and attack with its nails. So, my fellow soldiers, are we using ALL our available means when it comes to standing up to fight the CCSS Machine? I sincerely hope so.

Consider the following questions:

1) When we attend those important meetings, are we SO loud we end up repelling those whom we seek an audience with?
2) Are we expressing our ire with appropriate language?
3) Have we grown so weary we are leaving others alone in those much needed tasks to be completed?
4) Have we kept up with the latest factual and useful information available to us?
5) If a new person ready to join us in battle approaches you, can you help them take ‘baby steps’ in learning all about the mission to rid America of CCSS?

General Hannibal’s Words:

The famous Carthaginian general encouraged his troops with the following words:
“On the right and left, two seas enclose you…” (think how we are surrounded by overreach and greed)… “Here is where we first met the enemy…” (think about the CCSS Machine)“The necessity of fighting holds on to you…” (think how many folks you’ve met and now work with who are not usually fighters)...”A despised enemy has often maintained a sanguinary contest…” (think about the smugness of those who support CCSS)“renowned states and kings have been conquered by a very slight effort” (think how effective we citizen warriors have been).

Catiline’s Advice:

This famous leader against the Roman republic, shared some excellent points we can use in our modern day rise against education reform run amuck. “I am well aware, soldiers, that words cannot inspire courage..whatever courage is in the heart, whether by nature or by habit, will be shown in the field..maintain a brave and resolute spirit. Your spirit, your age, your valor give me confidence.” A few warrior considerations: is our spirit resolute? Is our courage showing in the trenches? Is our valor helping others who are not quite as strong?

A ‘Tiger’s’ Observations:

Clemenceau (a Frenchman who’s nickname “The Tiger” was given to him due to his will and energy to lead others) was instrumental in 1918 in turning the tide against the forces gearing up for WWI. In his speech which was not only a response to the socialist opposition he faced, but an encouragement to his troops, I offer the following:
“One aim——-victory!…at the most critical period of the war. I remember I told you we’d pass together through difficult and exacting times; of ‘cruel hours’…as long as you remain calm, confident in yourself,  determined to hold out to the end of this hard struggle, Victory is yours.” Do you notice his choice of words?! “Together” is used to note that while what they faced was tough, they were NOT alone! “Difficult and exacting”, YES! How many of us are sharper now than we were when we began standing up and being an activist/advocate? “Determined to hold out”..are you? I am.

If you’d like to find not only these speeches, but others like them, look for the “World’s Greatest Speeches” published in 1942.
It is my belief that this is a great example of why we must know our past to be able to better our future. If I’d not known about these great leaders and their speeches, how could I help others keep their momentum going in the “War Against the Core”? I can’t help but ache for the millions of students who are being denied this opportunity to learn about the historical past from the leaders who were there. Instead, they are learning about it from snippets here and there and informational text.  If nothing else, let this be a reason why you continue to stand up and be a lion who roars.

Sic’ ‘Em Saturday: No Laurels to Rest On Yet

There's no time like NOW to fight the CCSS overreach.
There’s no time like NOW to fight the CCSS overreach.

If you’ve been following the news lately, you’ll note that a victory (of sorts) was gained by those fighting CCSS.

The Good News:

The controversial HR5 (Student Success Act) was put on hold. HOWEVER, that’s not the end. As long as the federal overreach and P3 money flows, you can bet your crown of laurels, a new version of the SSA will be just around the corner. So many news sources/anti CCSS warriors have reported this. I’ll not repeat them in this post, BUT we will look at the action steps we MUST continue to take!

Our hard work and tweeting messages were just a portion of the victory the anti CCSS warriors have experienced.
Our hard work and tweeting messages were just a portion of the victory the anti CCSS warriors have experienced.

The Not So Good News:

We also suffered a loss, of sorts. How? The newly passed overtaking of the Internet. This happened just one day BEFORE the HR5 derailment.

If you’re not clear on exactly what this means for the anti CCSS effort, please consider my article published on “Prevent Common Core”, titled “A Cup of Coffee Can Now Data Mine”. (see: http://preventcommoncore.com/?p=1223)

When I originally wrote this in November of 2014, I shared with you the seemingly unlimited power the FCC has and how it will impact not only schools, but our public libraries as well. I shared with you the data mining aspect, the way STEM education was laced in. (yes, contrary to popular opinion, STEM is the master agenda to which CCSS is the method. My “PCAST, STEM, and CCSS” article lay out all the facts AND give you the links to the documents.) If you read that “Cup/Coffee” article you were able to learn that with about the cost of a simple cup of coffee added to your phone bill fees every month, you’d be able to help pay for all this activity. I don’t know about you, but I’m rather tired of seeing my tax money put to such ill use in education.

The original article gave  you 4 distinct areas The CCSS Machine is directly embedded.
I shared that the “ConnectED” was part and parcel to this.

Since then, others have also shared much about this.

When D.C. allowed this overall effort to proceed (much to the glee of the FCC), we, the citizens, have lost a sizable amount of freedom. We also gained a sizable amount of educational mess.


So, what’s a warrior to do? Plenty!

1) Keep contacting your Congress men and women. Why? See the screen shot from the US Gov Tracker:

See: https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/114/hr5
See: https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/114/hr5

2) Not sure what to write your members in Congress? A fellow warrior has allowed me to share a sample letter. The encouragement was to use whatever portion you feel applicable for your state. I want to thank Glenda for her tireless effort in not only writing this but allowing me to pass it on to you.

“I’m posting a letter that I’m sending to all my Local and State Representatives as well as the Speaker of the House and all Congressmen involved in drafting this Bill that will take away States as well as our Parental rights concerning our Children’s education.. This is so very important for us ALL to take a few moments and speak out against this Bill until it is DEAD! Please feel free to copy and modify this letter and send it out to your own Representatives.. I share a grave concern with Parents and Teachers across this Country concerning this HR5 Student Success Act 2015 Bill.”

“Dear_______________ I am urging a “No” Vote to HR5 Student Success Act 2015. This bill is deceptive and is not what it is portrayed to be. This bill actually “takes away” States as well as Parental Rights concerning our Childrens Education!

  • Professor Sandra Stotsky Prepared the Following Response to Speaker John Boehner’s Memo Praising HR 5 “10 Things You Should Know About the Student Success Act [HR5]” [View Speaker Boehner’s Claims Here: http://www.speaker.gov/./10-things-you-should-know-about-st.]

    10 Things NCLB/ESEA Supporters Want You to Think About the Student Success Act: A Modification of What Was Issued by House Speaker John Boehner’s Office.

    Fictional Purposes: This week, the House is set to vote on the Student Success Act, legislation to replace No Child Left Behind and expand opportunity in education so that every student can get ahead – no matter where they’re from. Read the text here, and a fact sheet from the Education & the Workforce Committee here. This measure contains a number of conservative reforms to reduce the federal footprint, restore local control, and empower parents and local leaders to hold schools accountable.

    Actual Purposes: HR 5 deliberately takes away most authority by parents and locally elected school boards, makes departments of education the conduits for federal policy, and does not seek standards that prepare students for a STEM career.

    FICTION 1. The bill replaces No Child Left Behind with conservative reforms to restore local control and stop top-down education mandates. In the absence of congressional action, the Secretary of Education has been using waivers and pet programs to dictate national education policies and increase the federal foothold in the classroom. The Student Success Act will put a stop to this.

    FACT: The bill removes almost all acts of local control, including what is on the report card local schools give local parents. It doesn’t empower parents or local school boards at all. It doesn’t allow any school district to opt out of a state’s assessment system.

    FICTION 2. The bill replaces the current national accountability testing scheme. The Student Success Act will establish a state-led accountability system, returning responsibility for measuring performance to states and school districts.

    FACT: This state-led system will be identical from state to state and determined by the US ED, because states have to use US ED-approved standards, tests, and other tools IF THEY WANT TITLE I MONEY. It doesn’t give states or local school districts any options in the grades and subjects they want tested, even though there is no clear case to be made for the benefits of annual testing in all major subjects, for any students but especially for low-income students. See an excellent article on this subject: http://nonpartisaneducation.org/./no-child-left-behind-ren./

    FICTION 3. The bill eliminates dozens of federal programs and downsizes the education bureaucracy. All told, the Student Success Act will eliminate more than 65 existing federal programs that have been declared duplicative, ineffective, or were never funded. It also requires the Secretary of Education to take steps to reduce the department’s workforce.

    FACT: It may well eliminate 65 existing programs, but it won’t give a block grant to the states to let them decide how to use their own Title I money.

    FICTION 4. The bill establishes funding flexibility for local school districts. The Student Success Act replaces the current maze of programs with a Local Academic Flexible Grant, which allows school leaders to dedicate funding where it’s needed most rather than having these decisions dictated by federal bureaucrats.

    FACT: The bill does not specify one single kind of activity or program that local schools can use Title I money for if they so choose. They can’t even design their own report cards.

    FICTION 5. The bill expands school choice and empowers parents. The Student Success Act supports magnet schools, expands high-quality charter schools, and allows Title I funds to follow low-income children to the public or charter school of the parent’s choosing.

    FACT: Federal mandates attached to Title I also follow the child so that the child ends up with NO choice in curriculum, instruction, or standards. Whatever the state DoE has been approved for by the US ED is what the vouchered child will have in the new school, no matter what else the parent wants.

    FICTION 6. The bill prevents the feds from imposing common standards. The Student Success Act protects state and local autonomy over decisions by preventing the Secretary of Education from coercing states into adopting Common Core or any other common standards or assessments.

    FACT: The bill mandates that state DoE’s submit their plans for standards to the US ED, where they will be approved BY US ED-APPOINTED REVIEWERS. The PLANS FOR STATE STANDARDS will all look suspiciously like Common Core because the Common Core-based tests are ready to use and are being used. The bill also mandates who will review these state “plans” and not one academic expert from higher education in the state is to be used.

    FICTION 7. The bill repeals federal requirements for teacher quality. The Student Success Act supports local and state efforts to recruit and retain the best teachers.

    FACT: In one of the most blatant acts of dishonesty, the bill eliminates the NCLB stress on teachers demonstrating mastery of the subject content they teach (the only research evidence we have for teacher effectiveness), and simply says they must be “licensed.” Most licensure tests for K-8 are at the middle school level and demonstrate no mastery of subject content at all. This is a huge disaster for low-income kids. They will be taught by minimally competent teachers, as will other children. But they will not have parents who can compensate for minimally-knowledgeable teachers.

    8. FICTION: The bill supports private sector initiatives. The Student Success Act puts aside resources to support state and local programs that operate outside of traditional public school systems, providing a much-needed infusion of private sector innovation.

    FACT. Private schools must admit vouchered children who apply and provide them with the “services” they would get in public schools. Private schools are to lose their autonomy, deliberately. There is no language preventing federal mandates from following Title I money.

    9. FICTION: The bill boosts transparency and accountability for the Department of Education. The Student Success Act prevents the Secretary of Education from creating additional burdens on states and districts, and outlines the specific steps the Secretary must take when issuing new regulations so as to maximize public scrutiny.

    FACT: There will be no accountability by the states or the federal government for the academic competence of Title I teachers and aides. That is how 90% of Title I money is used.

    FICTION 10. The bill empowers parents and taxpayers with meaningful information they can use to hold their schools accountable and ensure that every dollar spent makes a direct and lasting impact for students.

    FACT: The bill dictates what local report cards must look like and contain. In no way can parents and their local schools negotiate about the kind of information parents want on their schools’ report cards. Nor can parents/local school boards require teacher-made tests of what they teach, to be graded and sent home regularly to parents.

    Parents, Grandparents and students are asking you to stop the REAUTHORIZATION of ESEA, HR 5, the Student Success Act of 2015 which will amend No Child Left Behind.

    . HR 5 denies parents their rights over their children. References page 488; 522-555.

    . HR 5 legislation creates the radical transformation of tax collection through the assigned destruction and hostile takeover of our local neighborhood schools.

    . HR 5 violates states’ rights under the United States Constitution and is in violation of Federal law.

    . HR 5 is designed to destroy local, public neighborhood schools through usurpation of elected school boards’ authorities and responsibilities.

    . HR 5 will destroy all private education in America, as well, legislating Title I “choice” vouchers that will “follow the child,” enforcing HR 5 compliance in EVERY PRIVATE AND RELIGIOUS SCHOOL.

    . HR 5 would legislate services to these Title I “choice” children called DIRECT STUDENT SERVICES AS A VOUCHER that must be equitable and comparable to any public school, which is needed to satisfy Common Core.

    . HR 5 will destroy representative government, all non-governmental schools, and standardize education across this nation. This overreach of the federal government is in direct violation of our United States Constitution which dictates separation of federal jurisdiction vs. State jurisdiction.

    A Very Upset and Concerned Parent/Grandparent & Citizen, Glenda Madaris Czaplinski (OH)”

    As far as the FCC’s moves, be sure to note that that battle may not be over yet either.  See this article by ComputerWorld:
    THEN, re-read OR read for the first time my Prevent CC article.
    Also of note, the warriors at the “What is CC?” Blog also have a great article that’s related.
    See: https://whatiscommoncore.wordpress.com/2015/02/27/federal-control-of-technology-and-data-on-internet-neutralitythe-connected-initiative-and-setra/
    More Resources:
    FCC moves:
    U.S. Budget moves:

Sic’ ‘Em Saturday: Victories in 2014

We've seen many victories against CCSS in 2014.
We’ve seen many victories against CCSS in 2014.

We’re near the end of 2014 and it’s a great time to take a look back at our anti CCSS victories! We’ll be back at it in 2015, for certain. Now’s a fabulous season for counting our blessings or considering the positive movements made against the CCSS Machine.

What We Did Right:

We got loud! No matter if it was in person, on-line, or in print..we made noise!!

We got the shovels out! Regardless of what bull cookies and cow chips the pro CCSS side dished out, we dug in, found the truth and used it!!

We made new friends! These friends helped us when times were great, when times were awful, and gave us support constantly throughout the year!!

We got more organized! The number of groups fighting CCSS, grew so much, it made news nationwide!!

We found out our bravery overcame our fear! When forces to undermine our children surfaced, we all became Mama and Daddy grizzly bears!!

We took ‘it’ to the press! Our letters to the editors, interviews, articles, and books would NOT be denied!!

We became engaged activists! Even better, we don’t typically think of ourselves as activists, but we’ve accomplished it with truth, grace, and aplumb!!

We impressed lawmakers! No matter if they agreed with us or not, we exercised our citizen power in proper fashion!!

We sacrificed time, energy, and our funds! Whatever it has taken, we’ve given it all!! We’ve proven you don’t have to be on someone’s agenda funded payroll to make a difference!!

We turned the tide! No just one of us…all of us!!

We have left no stone un-turned and are not so willing to accept blindly that which the pro-side of CC though we’d lie down and accept!!

All of the above in spite of being made fun of, talking about, marginalized, misrepresented, and looked down upon.
All of the above because of a love of our nation, our children, our Creator (for those who are believers), and our sense of truth.

We are capable, confident; we are equipped, united; we are modern day Joans-of-Arc and Johns-of-Arc! We ARE anti Common Core Warriors!

We’ve had steps of progress in this war, we’ve had steps backwards. We’ve seen some of those in charge step out of line and we’ve seen some step in line to do the proper thing.

We’ve not given up! We’ve been there for our students as they’ve melted down. We’ve been there as our teachers find their jobs turned against them. What makes us unique? We held out our hands in support to comfort, to guide.

We, my fellow warriors are not just the “A Team” against CCSS, we are “THE Team”!!

leodecaprio cheers

*Important note: As of today, I’m on Christmas break. The ‘best of’ Common Core Diva will begin 12/26.
Fresh stories return 1/5/15. Have a safe and happy celebration of all you hold dear!