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Lustrous Meddling

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, have you noticed the increase in what I’ll refer to as ‘lustrous meddling’ from the CCSS Machine? What am I talking about? The CCSS Machine (including the US federal government) into micromanaging our families.

Why ‘lustrous’? To hear anyone connected to the CCSS Machine, you’d think they were saints they way they describe their quest to overreach into your homes. Most of these sell-outs believe they are doing ‘great work’ and therefore must be allowed to continue on in finding ways to undermine parents, control children, and, hold our tax dollars as ‘ransom’.

We MUST stop believing by civil acts of obedience that we’ll win this War Vs the Core.

Why? Warriors, think about it, not one member of your family or mine is free from the overreaches into our personal lives. None of our freedoms are being preserved by our leaders in DC. We MUST de-throne the CCSS Machine…NOW!

Warriors, we’ve seen the gradual increased control in where Johnny and Suzy go to school, what they learn (or don’t), where they work, what they believe, what they accept as decent, and, who’ll they’ll ‘be’.
Nine times out of ten, none of it lines up with what you taught them. This is the ‘success’ of the CCSS Machine’s global platform. To control citizens for THEIR purposes, not our enjoyment in life, especially as a family.


Through the years, as an Anti Fed Ed/Global Ed/CCSS Machine Warrior, I’ve shared with you the grasp for ‘lustrous Common Core’ marriages, the ‘lustrous beauty of global citizenship’, if only we’d embrace it, the ‘lustrous glow’ hiding the sick and twisted agendas being carried out in our schools AND communities, and anything else the CCSS Machine has tried to pass off as ‘great’.

one ring
Those responsible for the existence and movement of the CCSS Machine won’t stop until it rules us.

We’ve seen our kids turn on us, turn on each other, harm or kill themselves. We’ve seen our health care system totally turned upside down and become inserting in education, where it should NEVER be a part of.


The CCSS Machine has messed with our religious beliefs and practices, it’s attacked our values and attitudes, it’s gone after grandma and grandpa’s way of living (must be a workforce member of society at all ages), and it’s after our babies. 


Warriors, there is NOTHING about your children or mine which is held as sacred anymore! So why NOT become civilly disobedience?

Scroll back up to the picture.
It’s not so much what we cannot do without the government that should wake you up.
It’s the reality that the CCSS Machine is limiting us (and our children) every single day to what we CAN and WILL do. Where we’ll ‘serve’, where’ll we’ll live and whom will share that space, and, where our work for the ‘collective greater good’ will leave a lustrous shine on all of humanity..

What a horrible future for any of us! Especially our children, little or not. We say we’d do anything to protect them, but, as Warriors, are we?! 


So, what does it mean to be civilly disobedient? You know your Constitutional rights and ANY of them being violated are grounds enough to act upon.

Look back at history, especially here in America.

Thoreau chose to not pay taxes and went to jail. His reasoning justified that spending time in jail for the right reason (protesting a wrong) is far better than to do nothing at all.  

 Many other groups have successfully been civilly disobedient and seen changes happen which supported their reason for disobedience.

I have the honor of being associated with a NC citizen who became famous for his act of respectful protest. Known as one of the Greensboro Sit-in participants, Clarence Henderson has been a beacon for many of us in the nation (and NC).

(Source for image and article. All 4 members are named. My associate, Mr. Henderson, is the last one on the right.) The Greensboro gentlemen were protesting racism. Thoreau was protesting poor government policy.

The Anti Fed Ed Warrior question needs to be:

Is there ANYTHING you’d NOT be willing to do to protect your child from the CCSS Machine? Would you risk jail? Would you risk withholding taxes? Would you hold a sign up in a peaceful protest? Would you sit in front of the local school board to save our kids?

However you choose to be civilly disobedient, DO NOT GO ALONE. You’ll be easily marginalized and forgotten. 


Why We Shouldn’t Let The CCSS Machine “Shine”:

Warriors, did you know the current grab for our babies has been gearing up (in earnest) since ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act)? Did you know there’s a group in the CCSS Machine called Child Trends? Child Trends is pushing a 5 State Initiative (NC, MN, OK, UT,and RI) to merge data collection on birth to 8 years of age. It’s called the SHINE Initiative. (SHINE stands for State-level Home Integration with Early Childhood Data Systems).

While that’s bad enough, look at the Child Trends partners:

Here are some of the funding partners for Child Trends:


To see the 2018 (December) Blog entry about the SHINE ‘lessons’ being learned about aligning data collection, especially during home visits, go here.

How did the Child Trends pick the 5 States for SHINE? I don’t know, but I did find their source. It’s called the ECDC (Early Childhood Data Collaborative). Based off the ECDC map, you’ll see the 5 States (NC, MN, RI, OH, and UT) are all the same color. That dark color means that most of their student/child data systems are aligned. These systems will track our babies into their workforce days and beyond. (Remember the phrase ‘cradle to grave’? This is exactly why we have that phrase.) Notice how many other States are the darker color. The light color means alignment is planned. States with no color are not planning on linking up systems.


Warriors, do you notice the States are puzzle pieces and not their definitive shapes?
This resembles the CCSS Machine’s view of our children. Parts of a puzzle; cogs in a wheel. Funders for ECDC are some of the same as the Child Trends.

Do you see why the SHINE is NOT ‘divine’? Fight back, Warriors!! These data systems are fully in gear to grind down our children.

Not A Shine, But Certainly A Stink:


Warriors, the ESSA did increase home visits in its mandates. But did you know back in 2011, not long after Common Core was rolled out, that the Pew Charitable Trust set up home visit data trail foundations? Those indicators for ‘student outcomes’ are still in place. In fact, the SHINE States are using them as benchmarks for cradle to grave alignment. As you know, any time the government uses ‘outcomes’ it is for their design on your student’s lives, not your student’s best for life.

“Outcomes” is a CCSS Machine educratic buzzword. We  CANNOT trust it at all.

Lastly, Warriors, the Pew Charitable Trusts will have that distinct CCSS Machine smell due to the grants from the Gates Foundation.


Thanks for letting get on my ‘soapbox’ today. It’s been a long time in the making. I hope we’ll band together to protect our children. Our government isn’t about to do it. They’d rather see us citizens of THE state, not a free and intelligent nation.

How one might say we feel about the quality of education CCSS is delivering.



Mom’s Musings: An Open Letter, Revisited

The following is an open letter I first published in November 2014. As the “Common Core Diva”, I, like all moms out there, am hopping mad about the overreach into our children’s lives. Yet, my mother’s heart still yearns to protect our kids. I wish for all the moms out there to have a great Mother’s Day 2015!!

The original intent was to address the generation of not just my children, but those even younger. I had been especially saddened by Common Core’s alignment with the UNESCO, UN, and the Green Movement motives. In my research, I’ve found it  has ruined everything it in education it touches.

My daughters, my loves..
My daughters, my loves..

Dear Daughters,

As a teacher, I beseech  you to consider ‘social justice’ from the way you were taught and not from the way the world has recreated it to be. As your mom, my heart is burdened for the ways in which the worldview is tainting so much for your futures.

Why is ‘social justice’ on my ‘hit list’? It no longer means we learn that by being the best ‘us’ we can be, we can help change the world. No, it now means we are so globally minded we must embrace everything. By not learning the individual parameters in each of ourselves; by downplaying the importance of family first, world second, we’re seeing values erode. We seeing love being replaced with bitterness, we’re seeing open and warm hearts being reshaped into ones hostile to those who dare to think differently.

Our world, both as an entire planet and our immediate circle of influence cannot live long, live well, or live freely with this mindset or black hard-heartedness.

My heart longs for those who are not only your ages, who are young ladies and gentlemen, but for those who are just starting out, like your cousins. This Common Core aligned ‘global awareness’ will soon find us so open-minded, we’ll not have any sense of good, decent; or wrong, immoral. I shudder to realize this is the goal of those who have so painstakingly crafted our educational system.

Social justice, when taught well, lived out well is a fabulous activity, NOT a lifestyle. Many of our great historical moments down through history have been the results  of correctly carried out SJ movements. However, what I’m seeing in schools now, no matter what grade level, is not well taught. How can we be families who love each other if we’re turning each other in for what the school says we shouldn’t have in our homes? How can we have impacting peace in our communities when they are being aligned with programs rooted not only in lies (remember, Common Core is illegally in our lives), but with ‘nanny state’ mentalities?

I am reminded of some of the turmoil back when I was growing up. The hateful protesters over the Vietnam War; the malice, the envy, the overwhelming strife that would permeate the air. This is what I want for you as you continue to mature? This is what I hope the world will benefit by? NO!! NO!! A thousand times, no!

I know the world, in its quest to be one giant community is turning its agenda on us all, but please remember this, my daughters…you CAN make a great difference in life: use truth; live out wisdom; resist bitterness; know your personal boundaries and that as a wonderfully made child of God, YOU matter! That ‘collective, greater good’ is not a 24/7, 365 daily mantra. There is a time, place, and duration for that. All other instances…are YOURS to exercise as you wish, not what someone else manipulates.

You have been taught exceedingly well how to be socially minded and that justice is not always ours to carry out. Don’t forget that, no matter how much ’21st century, globally minded citizens’ rhetoric you hear, you are strong, you are independent, you are an American who is free! Know what you stand for so you do not bow to everything.

Each of you know how hard I fight for your futures, know that I’m far from alone in this endeavor. I thank each of you for how you’ve fought for the same things as well. I urge you to continue on. To whom much is given, much more is expected. You each have a legacy to live out..may it be as it should be, not as mandated by others for you.

Know that each of you are so precious. I love you, Mom.

Be as wise as a serpent, be as gentle as a dove, my loves.