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Success is Costly

Warriors, what price do you think the CCSS Machine has put on our nation? It has to be an astronomical amount. I mean to continue to bend over backwards to ensure ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) carries on the mission of the CCSS Machine, no expense is too little. No lie is too small. The agenda is globally encompassing.

Last evening, the US PIE (United States Parents Involved in Education), joined anti CCSS Warrior forces with PJNET (Patriot Journalists Network) and spread (via Twitter) the clear, concise, and TRUTHFUL messages about ESSA, specifically about the current Proposed Regulations and the vast amount of power Sec. Dr. King will use…at our expense.

Was the social media protest from last night successful? Yes! Volunteers from all over created special images depicting our dissent, distrust, and anger over ESSA, Sec. Dr. King, and the Proposed Regulations. The evening was SO successful that Warriors are STILL re-tweeting these truths! Why? Because each one of the protest tweets goes directly to the U.S. Dept. of Education! What is the cost of this success? Hours upon hours were poured into the Rally. That’s the great thing about grass-roots groups, their passions are deep, their dedication to truth is priceless. For all the big bucks the CCSS Machine is spending, it can’t match our Warrior spirits!


For number crunchers, just over 5, 700 tweets of protest were delivered to the U.S. Dept. of Ed on Monday evening. Today, there are about 940 protest tweets being sent.

We can do more! We need to flood the U.S. Dept. of Ed with truth!

We have from now until 8/1/16 to publicly dissent. The Twitter Action page put together by PJNET is still up and running. So use it, if you can. You can also create your own messages to send to the US Dept. of Ed. The tweets and images PJNET is using are the ones the volunteers in (or associated) with US PIE created just for this event.
Link: http://patriotjournalist.com/ReinInTheKingAction.php?v=0&src=Schedule

IF you don’t use Twitter, use other social media to help spread a message of public outcry over these Regulations. The U.S. Dept. of Ed also has a link to the Federal Registry for public outcries to be sent to. The Federal Registry is a great body of evidence and testimony we should use (it is free) for our cause of ending the reign of educational abuse at the hands of the Feds in America!

When you visit the Federal Registry, note some of the other comments submitted. Especially the ‘canned ones’ by some of the pro ESSA/CCSS groups (especially the NEA).
To access the Comment Page: https://www.regulations.gov/comment?D=ED-2016-OESE-0032-0001
To read the comments: https://www.regulations.gov/docket?D=ED-2016-OESE-0032

I would suggest you skip the U.S. Dept. of Ed’s view of the Proposed Regulations. You know they will wax eloquent (and confusing) about just what these implementation rules for ESSA do. The Regulations span 192 pages.

If you haven’t seen the Talking Points Against the ESSA Proposed Regulations, US PIE has put together: http://nebula.wsimg.com/c3dbda7825b179bb2ad5358ef3acc6a4?AccessKeyId=13C8A0E7EBB1F1E5E658&disposition=0&alloworigin=1

It will cost you little to read these AND then make your comments public in the ways you think will be the MOST effective. (As for myself, I am using any social media I have access to and the Federal Registry.)


It is important to note that Congress is on recess. As such, contacting them with your comments (which we should do) may not receive much feedback. However, what we need to point out is something Dr. Sandra Stotsky and I have in common. We have discussed it in a private email exchange.

Who (or what group) wrote the Proposed Regulations? Why does it matter? If the U.S. Dept. of Ed DIDN’T write them, they cannot and should not be used. They are illegal!

This, my Warriors, IS a matter your Congress members should address. To be the most effective with this, I truly believe we need to wait until Congress is back in session. An inquiry, at the very least, should be conducted. Does that mean we shouldn’t have conversations about this matter between now and then? Absolutely not! We should be prudent in our planning, if this is an avenue we Warriors need to take.

To see Dr. Stotsky’s article about the authorship mystery:


Success does include financial costs. If you would like to give a small (or large) donation to either the U.S. PIE group or the PJNET for their hard work, as a ‘thank you’ for the Rally, please do. Both grass-roots organizations receive no funds which are tied to the CCSS Machine. As such, every bit helps our anti CCSS cause tremendously.  

PJNET’s funding link: http://patriotjournalist.com/RallyFunding.php
US PIE’s funding link: http://www.uspie.org/home.html (look for the ‘donate’ button on the top right corner to be linked to PayPal)


As for myself, no cost is too much when it comes to fighting for this nation, its freedom, our citizens, and most especially, our children. Thank you for being of a like mind, anti CCSS Warriors. Together, we are unstoppable!


Monday Musings: The CCSS “Are You Kidding Me?!” Files

While this cartoon was depicted a U.S. Congress run by monopolists, it can easily resemble the 'CCSS Machine' running  education.
While this cartoon was depicted a U.S. Congress run by monopolists, it can easily resemble the ‘CCSS Machine’ running education.

As October winds down, anti CCSS Warriors, the hype supporting CCSS appears to be ramping up. Today’s post will show you how. Use the information to keep the pressure to STOP ‘Common Core’ (and all its aliases)!

First up, Special Needs:

Those running the CCSS/CTE Machine have made it no secret that ALL students, regardless of their educational choice OR abilities are to be run through the streamlined fare ‘Common Core Standards’ and all its accompanying resources. This, sadly, impacts our special needs kids. IF your family receives any IDEA funding, you are being subjected to CCSS in some way. When the schools receive their IDEA funding (and this includes post-secondary schools or all kinds), your students are most definitely being slammed with Common Core, Career and College Readiness, STEM, and, Career Ed Tech.  To find out MORE, please refer back to https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2015/10/19/monday-musings-idea-when-good-goes-ccscte-bad/
If you would like the ECS (Education Commission of the States) document from 2014 where plans to collect more ‘measurements’ of special needs students progress as well as their parents, see: SPtracking To see another way the special needs students were tracked, is a report from 2004. See: SpecNeedsDataCollect If you’d like to learn just how toxic the re-authorization of the ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act) via HR5 (Student Success Act), please read Anita Hoge‘s article where she speaks in plain English how special needs students (as well as all the other types will be marginalized horribly).


Here Come the STEM, CCSS latest moves:

Most folks balk at me when I even dare to mention how STEM is tied to CCSS, yet, the evidence is there. In case you didn’t see the news about the STEM Act passed into law at the federal level, here’s the article where I shared all the news about it. The Act is named “The STEM Education Act of 2015”. Why would a new Act concerning education be a problem? First, it’s at a FEDERAL level! As in ‘federally led education’. On Twitter anti CCSS Warriors refer to it as ‘fed led ed’. Secondly, the federal level law dictates a certain type of course now be included in STEM. Seriously?! Yes!! So where was the parental input? Where was the local level of education? It was excluded…just like we’ve seen from D.C. more and more in our recent past. This Act involves several other federal agencies in education, alignment, and data mining! This Act is so overreaching into education, it will not stop at the school yard’s boundary. No, this one takes education into almost every informal learning environment we could possibly use. For example, your libraries, museums, field trips, and so on. Again, HR5 (see above) has stealthily embedded the CCSS tied-STEM into the language as part of the  ‘afterschool programs’ and ‘wraparound services’.
Read all about it: https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2015/10/21/wybi-tying-stem-to-ccss-again/
If you’d like to see the archive where I was able to find the STEM tie to HR5, refer to:

Rumor Has It:

I’m including my release of this past “Weekend’s News” because you have to get the vital information somehow! What do I mean? I’m referring to the ‘block’ I received from social media when I was sharing the truth about what’s up in America and CCSS. Once again, (this isn’t my first time being blocked), and, as other anti CCSS Warriors have experienced, the CCSS Machine tried to stop me. But, the funny thing about truth is..it ALWAYS wins! Thankfully, several of my fellow Warriors, picked up the story and passed it on for me. However, there are many others who didn’t get the what’s up. So, I’ll state briefly WHY the “Weekend News” was so controversial it got blocked.
1) It named certain people as being involved in the corruption of education in America
2) I openly displayed the social media site in some of my screen shots
3) Point by point CCSS/CTE/STEM tied programs were specifically named and tied back to a well known university
4) Of those named, two are legislators in NC and another is running for the US Presidency
5) I exposed the fallacy which was shared over social media that NC had removed CCSS recently, when in fact, the original source was from 2014 AND didn’t tell the entire story!
Get it while you can: https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2015/10/25/weekend-news-ccss-rumors-abound-at-least-in-nc/

I urge you, read the article. It IS so vital to our War Against the Core! You need to see just how far the CCSS/CTE Machine is going to place specific people in very educational influential positions. Yes, we’ve seen this before, BUT the operators of the CCSS Machine are becoming less and less stealthy about it! We MUST act! We MUST continue to expose the injustice that is happening every day in America via education reform! We know the bottom line isn’t an academic education, it’s about a ‘talent pipeline’ to feed a ‘workforce agenda’.

From ‘Your’ U.S. Dept. of Ed:

As you read this, the US DofEd is hosting a “Parent Camp”. I kid you not. If you use Twitter, be sure to look up ‘#ParentCamp’. You won’t believe the ‘shuck and jive’ dribble about education leading parents. Better yet, why not scoot over to the US DofEd’s Family Engagement page. There you can find all kinds of things the Dept has put together to show you HOW to parent THEIR way! Think I’m joking?! Read this excerpt, “If effective cradle-to-career educational partnerships between home and school are to be implemented with fidelity and sustained, engagement initiatives must include a concerted focus on developing adult capacity, whether through pre- and in-service professional development for educators; academies, workshops, seminars, and workplace trainings for families;” Want to read the rest? Be sure not to miss that one of the 4Cs in this parental persuasion is ‘human capital’!


From The US Chamber of Commerce’s Education and Workforce Committee:

Their latest efforts? Using local Workforce Boards to highlight the skills gap needs to be closed. As I’ve shared in the past (as have other anti CCSS Warriors, there is NOT a skills gap! The CCSS Machine has presented the fallacy that such a gap exists, but it does not)

The skills gap 'fear factor' fallacy is successful because those spreading it, use the wrong numbers s their source.
The skills gap ‘fear factor’ fallacy is successful because those spreading it, use the wrong numbers as their source.

By the way, the article to which the Chamber refers is worth reading. Get it:
Here is the picture the “Register” chose for the article:

So, my fellow Warriors Against CCSS, we have MUCH to do and not much time in which to accomplish it!

Monday Musings: Is Being an Anti CCSS Warrior Worth It?

Gloves on, gloves off..the battle lines have been drawn. Where will we stand?
Gloves on, gloves off..the battle lines have been drawn. Where will we stand?

Anti CCSS Warriors, have you recently become overwhelmed with all that is before us in fighting for our students? I know it is easy to do from time to time. What do we do when that overloaded feeling creeps in? We hunker down, call a friend and hang on! Join me today as I wax encouragement for the battle weary Anti CCSS Warriors.

A New Season, 2015:

Ahhhh, summer 2015 is officially here. Oh the vacations, the time off, the toes in the sand and a drink in hand.. Wait, you’ve been so busy fighting Common Core you don’t have a break? It can happen. Yes, traditionally scheduled classes are on break, but do we dare to take one ourselves?! We should absolutely take a breather from this 24/7-in-our-faces war. If we don’t we risk being ‘anti CCSS ready’ when it’s most needed. So, gather your anti Common Core groups, look at schedules of when each of you are planning your breaks. Be strategic vacationers! Is your legislature planning big sessions over the summer? If so, factor those in as well. Many of the pro CCSS Machine members are banking on the assumption we’ll be so weary, so (literally) ‘out-of-town’, that we won’t be at our quick, anti CCSS warriors selves. Let’s prove them WRONG!
What if I’m a warrior without a group? Is there respite for me?!

Sure there is! If you have a family or a close group of friends who help you out from time to time with tasks or who know you fight CCSS actively and want to contribute but don’t know how, this is their golden opportunity! Ask them to help you out. What is your most pressing need as far as taking a brief break? Is it a couple of days away? Is it helping answer email? True friends and/or loving family members can easily help out with these types of ‘loving tasks’. Don’t hesitate to let your needs be known.
Can I disappear from social media for a little while?

If you are SO overwhelmed with the life and activities of an anti CCSS Warrior, then yes, take a social media ‘time out’. Speaking from experience, I’ve found that if I leave a short ‘see ya’ type of message, most of my other warrior buddies not only understand, they are still there when I get back. I would suggest if you are highly visible and post frequently that you pre-schedule your social media settings to release information in your absence. You can also find that many warriors will help share your information for you while you away, and still get the messages you need out. For example, one time I needed to get away from warrior life. I scheduled a few days of posts to be released, then contacted a trusted group of fellow warriors asking if they’d help each day by sharing the posts in the groups we all belonged to. They very quickly responded with “Yes! We’ve be more than glad to!”.

So, It’s Worth It, Right?

Being an anti CCSS Warrior, yes! It is ABSOLUTELY worth it! I wouldn’t trade in my battle cry or my battling sword for ANYTHING. Just remember to have a bit of non CCSS related fun every now and again. You’ll be a better warrior for it.

Who I most identify with in this CC War.
Who’s afraid of the big bad CCSS Machine?  ‘Not I’, I say!

Tech Thursday: Workforce Gunning for HR5

In this special edition for my Tech Thursday posts, I wanted to focus on how the CCSS laced HR5 Bill is being touted by not only the U.S. Education and Workforce Committee, but by the Business Round Table group as well. Even if this particular Bill dies, another one like it isn’t too far down the pike.

Big bucks run big companies. Big companies back HR5. So does D.C.
Big bucks run big companies. Big companies back HR5. So does D.C.

The Evidence:

You’ve got to love social media when fighting CCSS. It keeps you so up to date on news you might miss. My case in point for today’s article is the tweets I saw cross my Twitter in the past couple of days. As Washington has heated up about HR5, those who support it from the Workforce side, are taking every opportunity to promote, shout, and tout how superb HR5 is for America.

Here are just some of the quotes:

Follow the Ed and Workforce Twitter feeds, you'll find out all kinds of info!
Follow the Ed and Workforce Twitter feeds, you’ll find out all kinds of info!

Here are a few more:

No hiding who's supportive of CC and HR5.
No hiding who’s supportive of CC and HR5.

The Whopper:

Perhaps the biggest support for HR5 came from the Congress itself via this infograph.

Remember, fighting CCSS means focusing on all the areas it's embedded. Workforce is definitely CCSS aligned!
Remember, fighting CCSS means focusing on all the areas it’s embedded. Workforce is definitely CCSS aligned!

To see the Majority Leader’s infograph in full, visit, 


Meanwhile, the BRT is Cranking Out the Rhetoric:

Not to be left out, the BRT (Business Round Table’s been harping on not only the need for better economy (meaning more ‘talent supply’), but how HR5 can help out. Here’s a screen shot featuring CCSS.

It makes sense BRT would back more jobs...means bigger profits.
It makes sense BRT would back more jobs…means bigger profits.

According to the BRT Twitter feed more jobs for America means more international trade.  I guess our US companies will do anything to be ‘global’, including selling out our education.

If you noticed the TPA tweet above the CCSS one, great. The TPA is more Trade Promotion Authority legislation. I guess given that America’s most recently past trade legislative pieces have worked so well, we’re being pushed for more. In the vein of CCSS, more jobs, more alignment. So ‘win-win’,  I suppose. Backing this effort? The U. S. Chamber of Commerce. Remember them? Paid millions by the Gates Foundation to promote CCSS.

CCSS, Workforce, and the U. S. Chamber of Commerce: Kissing Cousins
CCSS, Workforce, and the U. S. Chamber of Commerce: Kissing Cousins

So, Let’s Review, Just HOW will HR5 impact Workforce Ed?:

In my January 2015 post titled, “RMT: Will You Help?”(See: https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2015/01/18/rmt-will-you-help/) I laid out what was in store for all students, regardless of educational choice OR age, IF the legislation passes. Here, again are some of the biggest nuggets.

  • Page 113 addresses how CTE (Career Tech Education) will totally replace “VoTech”. If you’re not sure how CTE is CCSS aligned, I urge you to check out my Tech Thursday archives. (See: https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/page/7/?s=career+tech+education; there are 7 pages worth of articles. All filled with links, documents, etc. for your own researching or files)
  • Buried in the legislation and tied to the Perkins Funding/IDEA funding, CTE will be locked in. Even if HR5 dies, don’t think those in favor of an aligned working population will stop. Legislation supportive of all kinds of CCSS alignment is ripe in D.C…and in our state’s backyards, too.
  • Page 280 via the “Rural Education” plans will also cement a CCSS aligned CTE working force.

Related Resources:

  1. In the event you’ve not seen the BRT ‘fully supportive of CC” letter, here’s the link: http://businessroundtable.org/sites/default/files/BRT%20Ed%20Priority%20Common%20Core%20Oct28.pdf
  2. If you’d like to see the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s support for an aligned American Workforce, see: http://www.uschamberfoundation.org/center-education-and-workforce
  3. To see how the current TPAs would impact Americans, see the BRT explanation first, http://brt.org/2015-agenda/trade-expansion  
  4. Then, read the White House’s plan for Work Ready, trade ready America: ready_to_work_factsheet
  5. To see how your state is becoming trade ready via Career Pathways, Career Tech Education, search for something along the lines of ‘trade expansion workforce career path’. When I did, I got results from all over the U.S.A.

Monday Musings: An Anti CC Recipe

Happy Monday, my anti CCSS Warriors! Fighting against the illegal, inappropriate, and downright WRONG that CCSS is, day in and day out, can leave us weary. Warriors need care and feeding to remain strong. Today’s Musings is an update ‘recipe’ of what I envision would be appropriate to keep us firm, fit, and faithful to our cause of fighting the CCSS Machine! So, let’s get our ‘kitchen’ ready! Have a great day out there!!

From 2014, the Original Recipe (published 9/15/2014): 
Earlier this year, I was feeling a bit creative when  faced with the challenge of a way to get a message across to those I help lead via a small grassroots group devoted to preserving the integrity and excellence in education. I’m the type of person who likes the slightly off-beat ways of making an impact. So, I’m sharing with you my “Recipe for a Common Core Warrior”. As with any recipe, make it your own and SHARE it.


1 ounce of sense (anything but ‘common’)

2 ounces of truth

1 dash of clarity

2 hands (for typing, writing)

As many fellow CC warriors as you can find

Optional & for a bit of added flavor: affirmation

New ingredients to add (2015’s update)

7 doses of longevity 

Well timed media outreaches (op-eds, social media, etc.)

Assorted anti CC rallies, national phone calls 


Using the sense, truth, and clarity, mix well. Spread this among the fellow warriors. Use your 2 hands as often as possible to seek out resources, pitch in and help others, unite together to protect our students, and take back our Constitutionally protected rights! Use your 7 doses of longevity weekly to help you plan out those media outreaches. Follow up with as many on-line or in-person group rallies or phone calls as you can. There’s safety in numbers, warriors!

Combine all of the above well, ‘bake’ until everyone is ready to ‘dish’. Serve immediately. Repeat as often as needed.

Alone is ok, but why?

How many of us have been waging war against Common Core in all its forms? The answer, untold numbers. Are most of us fighting it alone? Answer: NO. Yet, answer this, how many times do we FEEL alone in this war? If you’re like me, the answer is plenty of times. After all, this is what I am supposed to be doing in my ‘spare time’. However, when you add my contributions to yours, then we add ours to others, look how FAR we’ve come!! ‘WE’, in this fight, is so much more of a presence than ‘I’. How can you help a fellow CC warrior continue to ‘duke it out’? Support each other, attend as many events TOGETHER as possible.

The ones I’ve met so far

When I starting researching the push for national standards, (2009) almost no one I knew was there to pitch in. I had a few willing to listen. Fast forward to 2014 and I’ve not only met many willing to pitch in, but many standing shoulder to shoulder with me. Of all the crap Common Core has stirred up, I’m thankful and grateful for the fine, level headed people I’ve met who are not afraid to be uncomfortable in this fight. People like Nicole, Andrea, Kim, Missy, Dave, Guy, Laurie, Lindalyn, and the list goes on. These folks have devoted so much of themselves to helping get the truth about Common Core into the hands and minds of others. Since the original article, I’ve met many MORE fine, level headed anti CC Warriors! Our group grows daily. Thank you!!!

Thank you for helping fight Common Core!
Thank you for helping fight Common Core!

Are we there yet?

In a word, ‘no’, we’re not. However, as long as we are there to continue to hammer away at the lies, work arm in arm with each other. WE can get there! We know our purpose: ridding our country of a nightmare that not only kills a love of learning, but harbors deeper, uglier roots. I leave you today with a link to a video that, I hope, will remind you who we’re fighting for (all students). It features Whitney Neal, who at the time was with Freedom Works.