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The Warrior’s Accoutrements

Today’s article will feature a variety of informational tools you can use (aka ‘accoutrements’) for our continued War vs. the Core.

Money Talks In This War:

1) ICYMI: My no-holes-barred look into President Trump’s Proposed Budget. The CCSS Machine’s education reform takes money to keep up its agenda. Our government has been a party to this for long enough. If we are to see the end of Common Core during Mr. Trump’s service, we MUST use truthful evidence to hold ALL of D.C. accountable, not just a select few.

2) My 7 page “Anti Fed Ed Common Core and all Its Related Activities” document. Within these 7 pages is a breakdown of priorities, we as Warriors must address surrounding the federal budget. See: AntiFedEdCommonCoreandallItsRelatedActivities

Within Mr. Trump’s plans, I found 85 ways his requests KEEP the CCSS Machine going. My priorities list gives you a mountain of accoutrements to use, just look for the highlighted words, you’ll be able to access years worth of researched evidence to support the priorities.
We have no time to waste in crunching numbers to wipe out nationally led education.
(*Note: Mr. Trump’s Proposal must be approved by Congress. We’ve also yet to see what Congress has laid out for education reform.)

As we learned before, all federal Cabinet Departments are in on the transforming education from academic based to workforce training.

Control From Above:

1) ‘New’ State Templates for Writing Your ‘Own’ ESSA Plans.
Yes, my Warrior friends, the U.S. Dept. of Ed recently released an updated version for how our States should formulate their educational plans. However, with the first ESSA deadline a few days away (April 3, 2018), how much difference is really in the new version? If a State is to be free enough to formulate its own education plan, is the Dept. of Ed still micromanaging?
ICYMI, the press release is embedded above. I include it so you can not only read the ‘feel good’ language  has chosen, but you can see embedded links to the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), Great Schools of America, etc.
(*Note: In the U.S. Dept. of Ed’s letter to the CCSSO, you’ll find how DeVos chose to promote a ‘concerted effort’ between States and the organization.)

Here’s your Warrior accoutrement! From Page 2 of the ‘canned’ U.S. Dept. of Ed’s ESSA State Plan.

accoutrementYou can find the new ESSA States guide, here.  States are not being given an option when it comes to working with the CCSSO.

Compare the above screen shot to the one below and see what changed from Dec. 2016 to March 2017:


2) CCSSO, AdvancEd, and the Aspen Institute
Back in Sept. 2016, North Dakota Dept. of Public Instruction staff traveled to a CCSSO Meeting held in Atlanta, GA. As it happened, AdvancED was also holding a Symposium which fit right in with this meeting.  AdvancED even suggested you do some pre-Symposium reading. The goal of the Syposium? To supply State leaders with pre-formatted State Plans devoloped by AdvancED .
The topic of both the CCSSO’s and AdvancEd’s meetings? ESSA Implementation at the State level. While I’ve been unsuccessful in finding evidence of the CCSSO’s meeting held at the same time. I did find the ND notes about the meeting. See below:


If you’d like more information on PTESS, click here.

Not long after the duo of CCSSO/AdvancEd influence over our State Education leaders, CCSSO teamed up with the Aspen Institute for another ESSA ‘guiding tool’.
Warriors, for us, it’s an accoutrement! How? It reveals how these pro CCSS groups are telling States how to act, what to do, what to say, and where to seek help.

What About Asssesments?
, it’s no secret we’re in the ‘opt out’ season. We’ve seen the ESSA evidence about keeping the 95 percent assessment rate. States, via ESSA’s mandates, will include the participation rates.

Where? In the State’s accountability reports. States will have to turn these into the U.S. Dept. of Ed. Why? To keep receiving state-formulated grants.

1) An accoutrement we can use is the Fair Test’s latest on why and how to ‘opt out’. However, this comes with a warning. Fair Test is backed by the CCSS Machine and is tied to the New World Order Foundation. Much of the ideology held by NWOF is tied back to the global mindset found in the UN (United Nations). National Education Association (NEA) is also a key backer for Fair Test. Taking into consideration how sold out to the CCSS Machine and ESSA, the NEA is, don’t trust their advice!

2) What about the global push for assessing education?
Warriors, we know Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) isn’t  going away. PISA is a tool of the OCED (Organisation for Co-operation and Economic Development). OCED loves to work with the UN.
Here’s an accoutrement you can use. The Center for Curriculum Redesign (CCR), has published a series of articles about the need for MORE skill based assessments. This is only one part of the puzzle the CCSS Machine uses for advancing CBE (Competency Based Education)

I found out about this when a stranger posted to my Common Core Diva Facebook page with the message to help save future doctors, workers, etc. Since I’d never heard of this person before, I wanted to check it out. Here’s the article. Below, see the screen shot from the end of the competency based assessment article. I’ve underlined 4 easily identifiable CCSS Machine supporters.

The CCR has 2 ‘must have’ accoutrements. The first addresses the 21st Century need for more assessments. The second addresses the workforce/skill based ‘needs’.
Why these are such a prize set of accoutrements is they are designed leaders and the more corporate minded education reformer. These will tell us what is coming and how our students will be over-assessed to fit a job slot, not their minds.
(*Note, Warriors, take your time exploring the CCR’s website. You’ll find international education groups, participating countries (example: Finland, which may be why we’re constantly comparing America to them), corporate partners, philanthropic groups, and more.)


Warriors, our fight is far from over. Grab your shields, gather your fellow Warriors, and let’s use these accoutrements with ‘gusto’!


Ed With No Boundaries

A couple of weeks ago, I was posting my research on Twitter when I saw a post about a new page to follow. It was for ‘Unbound Education’. Having been so busy, I figured I would get back to digging into it sooner rather than later. Well, anti CCSS/Fed Ed Warriors, it is indeed much later than I wanted, but nonetheless, here is what I have been able to find out. Unbound Education is being touted as the new, open-ended success story in education, but is it really?

New Page, Same Old Education Reform:

Before I get to how I found Unbound and who/which CCSS Machine members are connected, watch this short video featuring a TX school where education is totally ‘free’ from traditional learning:


Did you pick up on the core subjects and how they are taught? Did you hear how most everything is PBL (Project Based Learning) based?

Now, before you assume I am totally against PBLs, I have stated in the past that in moderation AND in the proper context, PBLs can be a great way to learn. However, we have seen evidence and research where the CCSS Machine has (like everything else in education it impacts) ruined PBLs and used them for excuses for collective grades, data mining, and so much more.

In case you haven’t seen the evidence/research:

1) From 2014, my look into the Buck Institute and their devotion to PBLs for Common Core and 21st Century Learning/Skills. From this article, here is a quote, “Project Based Learning is a transformative teaching method for engaging ALL students in meaningful learning and developing the 21st Century competencies of critical thinking/problem solving, collaboration, creativity and communication.” ”
The article: https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2014/10/25/sic-em-saturday-ccss-progressives-and-pbls/

2) From 2015, how the Global Readiness for our students of all ages is to play right into PBLs:

3) A look at Micro Schools, which are a part of the ‘unbounded’, PBL education movement:

4) From earlier this year (2016), how PBLs and ESSA are steamrolling over traditional education: https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2016/04/24/full-steam-ahead/

‘Discovering’ the Unbounded Education:

First off, let me clarify that the specific ‘Unbound Education’ I recently saw targets higher education. What you see above has also been posted on Twitter in the meantime.
So, anti CCSS Warriors, as we can glean from this, reforming education to the point of no boundaries, will encompass ALL levels of education.

To find the Twitter ‘Unbound Education’ account: https://twitter.com/search?q=unbound%20education&src=typd
(you can also use your search button from your own Twitter account and type in ‘unbound education’)

No matter if you are in PreK, K-12, or higher education, once on the Twitter feed, you will see all kinds of  information. As the CCSS Machine goes, all the content will be pro-education reform. See the screen shot below to see a sample view:


For Those Warriors in PreK, K-12th Grade Education:

That Minecraft link: http://www.cnet.com/news/minecraft-education-edition-coming-in-june/#ftag=CAD590a51e

The Minecraft/Common Core unified, unbounded, and aligned information (not seen on Twitter):
(Note: Minecraft is Micrsoft, which means Gates ties to the CCSS Machine.)

That IDP Database link: http://phg.sagepub.com/content/early/2016/03/23/0309132516637908
(Note: this is a AU site, hence, global education ties.) You might be interested to know that the IDP Database is an international education research entity based in Australia. Be sure to access their website so you can see all the international, unbounded learning information:

That Acton Academy Houston School featured in the video? Oh, it is part of a network of Acton Academies across the USA and in select global locations. The website: http://www.actonacademy.org/

Be sure to watch the embedded almost 15 minute Disruptive Education video on the main page of the website. Below is a screen shot of the locations of Acton Academies:

One unbounded education note for Acton, there are no classrooms, only studios. You can see this when you scroll down the website’s main page.

From the Acton ‘About Us’, page, you can learn how you can open an Academy (considered a business venture) and learn about the husband-wife team who founded the Academy. See: http://www.launchactonacademy.com/about
(Note: for my TX Warriors, you may be interested to know the husband-wife team is none other than Jeff Sandefer and Laura Sandefer. As in the billionaire couple in oil.)
If you are concerned about the educational views of this couple, you might want to read a 2013 article Mr. Sandefer wrote, http://spectator.org/56101_viva-la-revolucion/

To see what EdSurge has said about Sandefer’s contributions to education, see the screen shot below and then visit the EdSurge address shown. If you aren’t sure how EdSurge is tied to the CCSS Machine, visit the address to my article, as shown.


Before I leave the Acton co-founders, you need to know Mr. Sandefer is considered a note-worthy higher education critic.

For Those Warriors in Higher Education:

As far as ‘unbound higher education’, the Twitter account I referenced above has plenty of links you can access. Below, are just a few:

A Good Reads Review for ‘College (Un) Bound’ and modern education reform:
(Note: what is worth digging into: the data aspects mentioned; the accountability of colleges, universities, and proprietary (for profit) schools that is in the works to align with modern education reform.)

The College Unbound Website can be accessed by visiting, http://www.collegeunbound.org/
Below is a screen shot of not only College Unbound’s Mission, but how they are tied to the Gates Foundation:

One note about the Big Picture Learning is they are set to have their 2016 Conference in July and are having Sir Ken Robinson as featured guest speaker. Robinson is up to his neck in modern education reform for a global society. Just conduct an internet search on him and you will find plenty. In the meantime, you can view his interview with Sir Michael Barber of Pearson Publishing:

For the last Higher Ed, ‘Unbounded’ resource, be sure to check out the on-line Journal which was featured in the Twitter feed screenshot. The website, https://unbound.upcea.edu/
To access the current 2016 on-line paper, visit: https://unbound.upcea.edu/current-issue/
(*Note: among the topics are alternative credentialing; workforce based learning.)

UPCEA is short for University Professional and Continuing Education Association. The UPCEA has not only created this brand new resource for anyone interested in higher education reform, but are among other Higher Education interested groups in helping steer the conversations (and in turn, influencing legislation) on the HEA (Higher Education Act). See the information, access the full press release: http://www.upcea.edu/content.asp?contentid=459
(*Note: CCSS Machine members Pearson Publishing and Blackboard are among UPCEA Strategic Partners. To see all the Partnershttp://www.upcea.edu/partners)

, I hope you have been able to see than our education road is NOT to be Unbound at all! From all the twists and turns; ties and partners exposed above, we can see that the CCSS Machine is in fact, BINDING our students of ALL ages and in EVERY educational choice.


Weekend News: College, Career Readiness Updates

What every US citizen said they always wanted... NOT!
What every US citizen said they always wanted, CCSS aligned college, career ready students and teachers… NOT!

Warriors Against all things connected to Common Core, this weekend’s news will give you an update on CCR, ‘college and career readiness’. We know there are ‘CCR Standards’. What else can we learn?

What defines ‘college, career readiness’?

If we look at the pro CCSS parameters, CCR (college, career readiness) is:
1) “With the growing complexity of the world and the increasing demands of the 21st-century workforce, there is little question that all students should graduate from high school fully prepared for college AND careers. From an academic perspective, college and career readiness means that a high school graduate has the knowledge and skills in English and mathematics necessary to qualify for and succeed in entry-level, credit-bearing post-secondary coursework without the need for remediation.
(*Note: this is from Achieve,Inc. To see the rest of their CCR views, http://www.achieve.org/college-and-career-readiness)

2) From the U.S. Dept. of Ed, the push to re-authorize the old Elementary and Secondary Education Act via HR5(Student Success Act) or S1177(Every Child Achieves Act) will most assuredly give us CCR.
“Rigorous College- and Career-Ready Standards. Following the lead of the nation’s governors and state education leaders, the administration is calling on all states to adopt state developed standards in English language arts and mathematics that build toward college and career readiness by the time students graduate from high school, and high-quality statewide assessments aligned with these standards. States may choose to: either upgrade their existing standards, working with their four-year public university system to certify that mastery of the standards ensures that a student will not need to take remedial coursework upon admission to a postsecondary institution in the system; or work with other states to create state-developed common standards that build toward college and career readiness.” To read the rest of the document promoting CCSS: college-career
(*Note: the real strings that will bind us to the CCSS Machine’s planned agenda will be in the sections detailing support, accountability, and assessing.)

3) The College and Career Readiness Center (which is part of AIR, Inc. and funded by the U.S. Dept. of Ed), is 100% devoted to not only CCR, but Career Tech Ed, outcome based education, and competency based education for not only preK to grad school, but teachers and leaders, too. Here is their document made for all  those SEAs (State Education Agents (which means any group, organization, or individual your state has authorized to be involved in education) has access to. Why would they need this guide? It helps them plan alignment to the ‘standards and assessments!! Measurement Practice Guide Chapter 1_0 To see more about the CCR Center, https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2015/02/11/wybi-jhuy/

These are helpful, but is there even more we can learn about the CCR Standards?!

The  Education Delivery Institute:

Website, https://www.deliveryinstitute.org/delivery-resources/college-career-readiness-standards

Included in this non-profit institute are the P-20 data mining, the usual main financial backers of Common Core, the SBAC and PARCC assessments, and more. (see: https://www.deliveryinstitute.org/our-partners) Sitting on the Board of Directors is Sir Michael Barber of Pearson Publishing. He is also the founder of the Ed Delivery Institute (see the origins, https://www.deliveryinstitute.org/origins-delivery)!!

Knowing who has funded CCSS, is a member of this Institute, AND is guiding states toward THEIR agenda, is it any wonder our states seem to be deaf to our citizens?!

Watch this one from Ed Delivery and you will hear that STEM jobs being filled is the goal.

Why is the fact STEM is the goal of college, career readiness so relevant? One of my very first published blog articles shared with you the 2010 Presidential Report, “Prepare & Inspire K-12 Education in STEM for America’s Future”.  Who wrote this report? PCAST, President’s Council of Advisors for Science and Technology “The goal of the PDF[report} was a then, new strategy for improving K-12 education. Notice in the introduction of the report these key items: the 2 prongs and 5 overarching priorities therein to transforming education (we must prepare students & inspire those motivated to the point of STEM for life) via a) federal leadership in education must be improved; b) federal government supportive of a common baseline via the new state led initiative; c) recruit more STEM teachers; d) STEM outside schools; e) federal government support the states and schools as they transform. Here’s the closing statement the co-chairs of the PCAST made, “We are confident that the report provides a workable, evidence-based roadmap for achieving the vision you have so boldly articulated for STEM education in America,” There is much more about PCAST and this report, https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2014/09/02/from-the-files-pcast-stem-and-common-core/

If you’d like more information on how CCR your state is, check out my previously published college, career readiness consortium:

When I first wrote about the CCR Center, https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2014/11/13/tech-thursday-collegecareer-readiness-success-and-common-core/