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Monday Musings: Fightin’ Mamas

Not just the NC moms, but USA moms battle CCSS daily.
Not just the NC moms, but USA moms battle CCSS daily.

For this first Monday of October 2015, I am giving a shout out to anti CCSS warrior moms nationwide. I have a special spot for the Moms and grandmamas throughout NC. I have had the honor of standing with them, helping them, and most importantly, joining them in their disdain for all things connected to the CCSS Machine.Before I share with you what NC fightin’ mamas have done, check out these fightin’ mad moms from other states.

Well Stated:

Here’s a quote from my dear friend, Rachel. She lives in NY. She runs a business, manages a huge anti CC group on Facebook, and thinks nothing of being a booming voice against the anti-Americanism going on in the classrooms.

“My hubby tells me that I am angry a lot and my best friend tells me that I am “not the same person I was four years ago”. I told them that Common Core has made me the person I am today. I HATE COMMON CORE and what is being done to our children.
I LOVE OUR NATION AND OUR CHILDREN. So does God. I pray like I do every morning…. “Please God, give us the miracle needed to rid our children of Common Core”, amen.”

If you’d like Rachel’s attitude, check out her group, ‘Choose to Refuse Common Core’ (see: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CHOOSETOREFUSECOMMONCORE/)

If you are new to fighting CCSS, you may not know about one of the first anti CCSS Facebook pages I joined. Called ‘Moms Against Duncan (MAD)’. The 5 leaders of this dedicated group are all fantastic anti CC warriors I trust without a doubt. Together, they are a force like a tidal wave. Here’s a quote by Teri, one of my favorite GA moms, “The front line in the battle to Stop Common Core is in the STATES! Congress, State Legislatures and Parents were by-passed in the hurried adoption process!” Check out the MAD moms and dads. (see: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MomsAgainstDuncan/)

These are just two of the many ‘moms’ groups warring against the Core…

NC Fightin’ Mamas:

My fellow NC moms are quite something. They have been faithful in attending hearings, meetings, and standing up to school officials. They have demanded justice. They have produced evidence of data mining, inappropriate lessons, and been forthright in their disgust of the state leaders who have knowingly embedded every aspect of the CCSS Machine into our preK through 12th; post-secondary, and workforce areas. These moms, many of whom I have met, don’t hesitate to tell it like it is.

However long it is determined for me to be a resident of NC, I will carry on being deliberate in this mission to wagw war against the CCSS Machine.

Your Moms:

We know many mamas and grandmamas like our NC moms. If we don’t have Warriors like these, we are doomed. We need MORE moms, mamas, dads, papas; citizens of all kinds! Know a dedicated anti CC person or group? Let me know! It’s always a great day to meet new folks/groups fed up with the illegally based education reform! Let’s all become ‘patriots’ for our students. (fyi: did you know there’s a Facebook group named “Patriots Against Common Core”? See: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AMERICANSAGAINSTCOMMONCORE/)

One of my most distinct messages I've created to express my ire toward the CCSS Machine.
One of my most distinct messages I’ve created to express my ire toward the CCSS Machine.

Sic’ ‘Em Saturday: Do You Know NASBE?

This national group has deep pockets..and lots of hands in them.
This national group has deep pockets..and lots of hands in them.

Before the CCSS, a Brief History:

The National Association of State Boards of Education is a public policy, non profit group since 1958. They are dedicated to helping your state B of E be even stronger. Given CCSS’s grasp on our state Bs of E..we’re in trouble. (more history: http://www.nasbe.org/about-us/about-nasbe/)

Enter, Mr. and Mrs. Gates:

Well over $1 million dollars from GF to NASBE. So much for objectivity in education.
Well over $1 million dollars from GF to NASBE. So much for objectivity in education.

Click on the screen shot above to see just how many dollars the Gates have granted the National Association of State School Boards of Education. Here’s a very brief description of each of the years. Website address is on the left hand side of the screen shot.

2005’s grant: to redesign high schools via leverage tools

2006’s grant: to address those high school redesign priorities

2009’s grant: regional meetings across the nation to ‘increase knowledge’ about CCSS

2011’s grant: building capacity to implement CCSS across the nation

2013’s grant: more implementation money for CCSS to survive and thrive

2014’s grant: money for student data safeguarding

Jump In, the Rest of the CCSS Gang is Here!

By no means are the folks at Gates Foundation the only CCSS supporters who are unabashedly partnering with the NASBE. Here’s the short list of the Backers for the Common Core with their hands in your state’s Boards of Education:

Pearson Publishing, Inc.

The Wallace Foundation


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishers

CTB-McGraw Hill

K12, Inc

College Board

ACT, Inc

See the rest of the gang at: http://www.nasbe.org/about-us/partners/   *Note: you’ll be sure to recognize almost all of the logos of those who support Common Core, don’t forget those who are included and don’t have a logo featured.

Navigating the Website:

Now that you know how subjective this non-profit is toward education and Common Core, be sure to look into their policy briefs. Handy for your research are downloads galore.

Topics that need our action on a citizen level (our action steps for today’s post) include:

Focus on the ‘curriculum and instruction’ topic (the most recent information is 2013), the ‘assessments’ (includes the Next Generation Science Standards), ‘standards and accountability’ (repeats some of the other downloads), ‘teaching’ (includes calling students ‘human capital’). What’s truly sad is there is absolutely NOTHING in the ‘education data privacy’ topic!

What may be  surprising (especially if you’re new to fighting the Core): The Centers for Disease Control partnering with NASBE. Think there’s not a connection between CDC and student data? Here’s a pdf I found from the Stop Common Core New Hampshire’s site: Wellness-Evaluation
To see what the Stop CC NH folks have, be sure to see their website: http://stopcommoncorenh.org/sccnh/category/privacy/page/3/   *Note: look for the “Gilman Health and Wellness Survey” post.

To see the CDC’s other data mining tools:  http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/surveys.htm 

Some related articles:
https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2014/09/30/from-the-files-health-care-gets-a-common-core-transfusion/ (my article where I show you the Mayo Clinic’s involvement and more)

Freedom Project Education’s You Tube video with Dr. Pesta and Mary Black, features where in the health care reform Common Core is primed for action. (see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OPpbQWg9X8 )

What You Can Do Now:

If you live in a state where your state level education people are elected, great! You are the TRUE power, not these CCSS bloated organizations! If you live in a state where those in charge are appointed, work to take the power of the people BACK to the people! Get to know how the State Board of Ed interacts with the state government. They MUST work together somehow. Is there a link your anti CCSS group can use a grain of sand that will quickly gain speed? If so, jump on it! If not, continue to beseech your officials to LISTEN to the people. Continue to use all the evidence you can to show those in charge. Many have very little clue as to just WHAT Common Core is OR the fact that it is in SO many places we were not informed of. We can’t afford to be blindsighted anymore than we’ve already been by the CCSS Machine!

A special shout out to all the Patriots Against Common Core.
A special shout out to all the Patriots Against Common Core.