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Monday Musings: Anti CC Phrases, Galore!

After much research, time, and effort: my 2014 jpeg creation showing CCSS is preK to post-secondary.
After much research, time, and effort: my 2014 jpeg creation showing CCSS is preK to post-secondary.

This Memorial Day Weekend, the anti CCSS Warriors have been super in participating in the #my3anticcswords or #myanticcswords campaign.! We know the Core stinks! We know the damage the entire educational reform is reeking on our students of ALL ages and educational choices. If we’re not seeing it in our current educational choice, it’s there waiting in the next chapter of our education. NO! This is NOT right.

We should have freedom to choose our education choice, we should be free from massive indoctrination, over assessments, aligned careers to suit corporate America and not our own desires.

We’d had enough!!!!!!!

All this weekend (ends at midnight tonight), your anti CCSS words have been collecting. Some have chosen to reply directly to this blog in the comments. Some are firing back to the posts on Facebook. Others are ‘re-tweeting’ posts on Twitter. The point is

You’re expressing what the legislators need to know!

Below are just a FEW of the responses you’ve shared. THANK YOU for speaking up to make a difference in our students/teachers lives. THANK YOU for standing up for America. THANK YOU for speaking truth to drown out the lies the CCSS Machine spins daily.

Cheryl wrote via the blog, “Destroying children’s choices.”
Rhiannon shared via the blog, “NCBL, my ass.”; “Lost IEP rights”; “Special Education ruined forever.”
From Twitter, Luz wrote, “punitive and ineffective.”
Groovy shared, “unconstitutional spirit breaking.”
Missy tweeted, “sadness, madness, illness.”
On Facebook, Jeremiah posted, “illogical disguised as logic.”

There are many others that are out there. If you can, head over to Twitter now and see for yourselves. If you’re not able to, that’s fine. I can share more later. Thank you for proving the idea of when parents speak up, we roar!

Lies won't stand on their own for long.  Truth, however, does. You've shared your truths. Thank you for your courage.
Lies won’t stand on their own for long.
Truth, however, does.
You’ve shared your truths. Thank you for your courage.

RMT: What Say You, Anti CCSS Warriors?

CCSS Machine: hear us roar!
CCSS Machine: hear us roar!

This Memorial Day Weekend: Join the other anti Common Core Warriors at #my3anticcswords OR #myanticcswords (on Twitter). All weekend (from Saturday to Monday) we’re collecting each other’s words (can be 3 word phrases or simply the 3 most appropriate words you can use to describe your feelings towards Common Core.

Maybe you’ve discovered that you’re not in favor of the birth to pre-K educational alignment to Common Core. Maybe it’s the post-secondary realm of education you can’t stand seeing aligned to Common Core. No matter where you are on the spectrum..


Why?? After this weekend is over, everyone will have some great ‘ammo’ to use with their local legislators and/or those who represent us in D.C. This is urgent because both the re-authorization for elementary/secondary AND post-secondary bills (HR5 and HEA) are due to be voted on (pro CCSS side is almost certain they’ll win) before the fall of 2015!.


Why only 3 words? We want our message ┬áto be sharp. We want our words to be few and direct. We don’t have much time for long speeches. We must be quick, precise, and powerful. We are citizens of the United States of America. We don’t stand for tyranny..especially when it comes to our students, no matter how young or old. All students in American deserve an education that isn’t based on lies, indoctrination, and knowledge ‘less than’. I can think of no better way to honor those who’ve served our nation than to use our patriotic mindset to stand and fight for our freedom in this


If you don’t use Twitter, that’s fine. Leave your 3 words here and I’ll make sure they get to those who need it most.

Thank you, warriors for participating.

Thank you, citizens for wanting to see our educational system to be the best it can be, not sub-par.

Thank you, all for being American-minded. Three words, five minutes of your time (estimated length of time you’ll need to share your powerful words), and an everlasting impact.

Sic’ ‘Em Saturday: The Power of an Anti CCSS Warrior

In a war, togetherness is a great weapon.
In a war, togetherness is a great weapon.

Hi, my fellow anti CCSS Warriors! I’ve got a great idea for us to band together this Memorial Day weekend. We all want to see CCSS end, right?! We can do this in less than 5 minutes..How, you ask?

Simply use the #myanticcswords on Twitter or Facebook (or other social media) this weekend.

Together our list will grow from the 3 sets of words I’ve used to be the examples. Then, when this weekend is over, the list will be able to be sent in one giant message to those in our state and federal legislative bodies in time to put a serious dent in any re-authorization plans for the ESEA and HEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act and the Higher Education Act). Both are being overseen by Sen. Lamar Alexander. Both are full of more federal overreach into our lives; more CCSS and CTE college/career readiness agenda; data mining; workforce training, and more!!

We MUST act as one AND we must act quickly!

Here’s the shot I took of my 3 tweets (with 3 words each):

Celebrate Memorial Day by helping me get the Anti CCSS words off the ground and off to D.C.!!
Celebrate Memorial Day by helping get the Anti CCSS words off the ground and on to your states capitals and D.C.!!

Just think: 3 little (or big) words can carry SO much power… ‘I love you’; ‘Here I am’; ‘I want to help’, etc.

Three words can carry an image or stir feelings…’I hate tyranny’; ‘I am a patriot’; ‘Common Core Standards’; ‘Career Tech Education’; ‘breaking the law’, etc.

Three words can send a distinct message when they are joined by others. For example, when I was setting up the hashtag, one anti CCSS group picked it up immediately and retweeted it to others. It’s a small start, but it’s a start that will only continue to grow.

So, join me, anti CCSS warriors!! This weekend, tweet as many 3 word phrases as you can so we can retweet them to others, and use them to make such a distinct message of the people’s voices as together we fight the Common Core Machine!

Always hang on to this, my fellow Americans, we’ve been sold a load of ‘snake oil’ via CCSS/CTE and all the other connections. Let’s show the salesmen what they can do with their product!

Let's do the patriotic thing this weekend, fight for our country.
Let’s do the patriotic thing this weekend: fight for our country.