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Who’s Watching?

Warriors, It’s becoming increasingly clear that the leaders in D.C. have gone as far away from the protections of our U.S. Constitution as humanly possible.
HR1313 is in the news right now, but what about BEFORE HR1313? What is HR1313?
(*Note: While I am not the first person to write about HR1313, I will be the first one to come at it from an anti CCSS viewpoint.)

Our Task:

From the title of this article (and hopefully the featured picture), you know this will be about data mining. But, my fellow Warriors, it will go beyond ‘just’ data mining…down to our very DNA. Our task, Warriors, is simply this: learn all we can from the researched facts and share it.

The Force Behind the Bill:

The Bill, HR1313, is known as “Preserving Employee Wellness Programs Act”. It’s sponsor is ‘our’ sold-out CCSS Machine member, Rep. Foxx from NC. Mrs. Foxx is the lead Chair of the U.S. House of Representatives’ Education and Workforce Committee. While Mrs. Foxx has claimed she isn’t a fan of CCSS, she sure does love its ‘alter ego’, CTE (Career Tech Education). While she’s claimed to not be a fan of the U.S. Dept. of Education, she sure doesn’t appear to have a problem with accessing their shared data.

Foxx, in case you didn’t know it, was key in helping get the 2014 Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) to become a federal law. Since CTE  is woven into WIOA at least 21 different times it’s easy to see WHY she has been quoted as saying ‘All education is Career Tech Education.’ 

(*Note: In researching WIOA, I found an alternative phrase used in the place of ‘Career Tech Education’; CP or ‘Career Pathways’.)

If you access the highlighted key’, or ‘all education…’ above, you’ll also learn that Foxx is a fan of ESSA. Needless to say, she ignored every single bit of voter/anti CCSS or anti Fed Ed contact urging her to vote ‘no’ on ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act).

What’s So Damning About HR1313?

First, Foxx’s ties to the CCSS Machine.
Second, the data mining will extend from the U.S. Dept. of Labor to the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Treasury.  What federal agencies AREN’T mentioned should be on our radars. They also share data with agencies mentioned. An example would be the data which flows freely between the HHR/Labor/Education. But, does the data pass between the Dept. of Ed and the Treasury? Look below:


We Need To Stay Diligent:

Another thing that should be on our anti Fed Ed Watch is the fact that the LADDER Act would create a NEW National Workforce Council where each of the federal agencies (picture below) would have more access to your data.
(*Note, they can access it now, but the Council would have even greater access.)

While HR1313 is geared towards those with jobs, we need to remember with the CCSS Machine’s shift TO a work-based education, it is all about the jobs and the economy, NOT education! So combine HR1313 with the Ladder Act and the control/data mining will increase at an insane rate!


More Troubles With HR1313:

The most troubling about HR1313, is the biometrics it will use. On Pages 1 and 2 of the Bill,  you’ll see the words ‘assessment’ and ‘biometrics’.

Warriors, I am not the biometrics expert on education. However, I find a connection to education via ‘biobanking’.  Microsoft’s data collection is linked to the Special Olympics. The Special Olympics uses ‘biobanking’. So does the Dept. of Health and Human Services through their sub-agency, the NIH (National Institutes of Health ). If you aren’t sure what ‘biobanking’ is, here is the definition from my previous article, “What is ‘biobanking’? It refers to banks where human tissue samples, their DNA, and other such personal items are stored.”

 Here’s the entire article: NIH data mining

According to this 2011 Biometrics Research Paper, the technology behind invading our privacy will increase, become more important, and..impossible to lose.

While HR1313 is targeting adults, let’s not forget that the CCSS Machine is a ‘seamless transistion’ intended for cradle to grave. So, what happens at the beginning, happens repeatedly.

What has already happened in data mining for our K-12 students, is happening with our adults. SLDS (Student Longitudinal Data System) and WQDI (Workforce Quality Data Initiative) take care of that. It’s happening with biometrics as well.



See these excellent connect-the-dots resources on the damages of intrusive data mining:
1) For our Students:
a) Michelle Malkin’s
2013 article on the collection for federal control.
b) Michelle Malkin’s article on eye scans taken without parental permission.
c) “What Is Common Core?” blog articles for CEP (Commission on Evidence Based Policy Making) which uses student data/biometrics.
d) From the New American Magazine, this 2013 article, shares a mom’s real life story of biometrics. (*See the screen shot below.)

If you are concerned about the amount of ‘research’ ESSA will meter out to your student or your family, read this. Be sure to look for the “Brain Initiative”. Since it’s a White House led program Obama started, will Trump extend it?

2) For Our Adults:
a) This 2016 Slate article is jam packed with evidence about the falsehoods of the incentive-driven wellness programs HR1313 wants to mandate. It points out how the government is pushing companies (never a good sign) to use wellness programs to save money, yet the truth appears to be while the healthy workers get a discount, the non-healthy absorb the costs to make up any differences. On paper, everyone wins. In reality, only a select few.
b) “Total Wellness’s” website published this article questioning how legal employer based wellness programs are. (*Note: Be sure to read the comments about real life experiences.)
This 2013 Joint Concensus Journal explains biometrics and the need for them in the workplace. The evidence is based on the following definition, “The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines biometric screening as the measurement of physical characteristics such as height, weight, BMI, blood pressure, blood cholesterol, blood glucose, and aerobic fitness that can be taken at the worksite and used as part of a workplace health assessment to benchmark and evaluate changes in employee health status over time.” (*Note: Refer back to the NIH embedded article to see how the CDC is included in data mining.)
 d) COABE_stratg_broch_v4 From my 2015 article, this document gives the strategy for using research data (includes biometrics) to spread WIOA’s influence in your community. Note that the CCSS Machine member organization, McGraw-Hill underwrote the document.

Other warning signs about HR 1313 include:
Page 3, with its’ ‘Uniformity Across Federal Agencies’ clause.
Page 7, gets into family genetics and personal information your employer can access.
Page 8, ‘earn a reward’. The government’s idea of a bad joke?


This last article shares that HR1313 is following political party lines. Rep. Foxx’s party, the Republicans, are ‘winning’ so far. Warriors, as we know the fight to save our students has become a fight to save our citizens. Why? Because, as has been pointed out, it’s no longer about education, it’s all about the jobs.

Up to Speed

Now, more than ever!

Greetings, Anti  CCSS Warriors! Anti Fed Led Ed Warriors! As we saw and heard yesterday, we have much work to do. While the CCSS Machine continues its course on grinding down our nation, we know the ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) will indeed play a massive part in the process. We know that the upcoming re-authorization of the HEA (Higher Education Act) will also play an equally massive part.

While the U.S. Senate listened to the citizens (or didn’t listen), our first action is to ensure their return to the Senate after the November 2016 races DOES NOT happen. Why? Look at those who voted to usher Dr. King in as the next Secretary of Education. Most are career politicians! If they aren’t career members, they are folks who have sold out to the Status Quo for education. Let us join together to make sure their Status Quo stance is no longer acceptable! To see just who voted for Dr. King, who didn’t, and who skipped the opportunity to vote, see:  https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Cdi1wmJVIAAcr8V.jpg
A bit hat tip to Michelle Malkin for this.


A huge thanks to every Warrior who voiced their dissent publicly via the #StopJohnKing Action Page. We have a big hat tip for the U.S. PIE (United States Parents Involved in Education) and the PJNET (Patriot Journalists Network). Both these groups joined forces to create the campaign. Thousands of messages were sent to the U.S. Senate! We were successful in this campaign on several levels. 1) We influenced 6 members of the U.S. HELP Committee to change their first vote of confidence for Dr. King to a ‘no’ vote at the second meeting. 2) Several Senators have voiced big concerns and think Dr. King is the wrong man for job. This means they are listening! 3) Public records will now reflect our voices and will be superior evidence. When Senators seek our votes, we can use our evidence to hold them accountable!!

A big thanks, to you my blog followers for being patient with me as I put aside the blog long enough to help lead the #StopJohnKing efforts. Trust me, as big, deep, and wide as the CCSS Machine is, there will still be plenty to research and write about.

In the meantime, I am embedding the last two articles I wrote before the Twitter campaign. They were ‘hot’ enough to get me blocked on Facebook both days. The articles will discuss the movements of the CCSS Machine in aligned education in ways you wouldn’t think matter.
The Pearson article: Gender Intelligence and Career Tech Education, CCSS alignment.
It is a 2-in-1 article.
See: https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2016/03/07/pearsons-gi-more-alignment-in-the-workplace/
Then, the connections between voting for education bonds in your state (using NC as the example) and the CCSS Machine. It includes a video presentation which is great on information and definitely not a slick production. My goal was to get it out there before the NC Primary (3/15/16), but as important as voting is, we need to know what our local governments are trying to pass over us as if we couldn’t see the connections.
See: https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2016/03/10/update-ccss-cte-stem-and-connect-nc-bond/

Thank you for your continued trust in my research. Thank you for your teamwork.eddesserts

Sic’ ‘Em Saturday: Google’s “CS First”


Have you heard of “Google CS First”? Well, by the end of the anti CCSS “Sic’ ‘Em Saturday”, you’ll know plenty. Thanks to one of my avid followers, I was pointed to the program. Before we get too far the “CS” refers to Computer Science, but it could be code for Core Standards, too. What’s more, it’s a fun, free way to introduce us to those 21st Century Community Learning Centers.

Hidden Message:

If you look at the wording of the very general description for Google’s CS First, you may not see the 21st Century Community Learning Center, but the intent is there. How? That line about increasing learning after school, weekends, etc. That leads to how do 21st CCLCs mean Common Core? P21 (Partnership for 21st Century Skills) has plenty on how. So does Knowledge Works “Strive Together” programs. I’ve written about both before (as have others). The idea behind 21st CCLCs is to do away with local schools, school control and replace them with community centers where health care, education, job training, and more are completed. Of course, this program doesn’t (at least on the surface) look menacing, and it may not be. However, the CCSS Machine (of which Google is a part of) dangles free stuff, offers ‘the you can’t miss this’ stuff to us. We are so enamored we don’t see the the ball and chain attached. When we do, it’s too late, we’re stuck. More hidden agenda right before you? “Coding”, ‘targeting 9-14 year olds’, and needing community volunteers to run the ‘clubs’. If you look into the ‘clubs’ much deeper, you’ll even see the clubs have ‘agenda timers’. To see the ‘harmless’ overview, visit: http://www.cs-first.com/overview To find those ‘agenda timers’: http://www.cs-first.com/training/using-agenda-timer?works=1&logistics=1&scratch=0&tips=0

Scratch That!:

 Google’s CS First uses “Scratch”, Scratch looks fun, it really does. That’s the appeal to draw you in. Look at what higher learning CCSS friendly, supportive university houses the ‘Scratch’.. MIT! How do I know MIT is into Common Core? The research trail led me to them at least one other time: https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2015/02/20/fom-friday-ccss-and-test-prep/

"Scratch" is part of the "Code to Learn" Foundation.
“Scratch” is part of the “Code to Learn” Foundation.

The Gates Foundation gave a $20 million grant in 1998 for the development of  their Computer Science Lab. ‘Scratch’ was created at MIT in the Computer Lab in 2007. (to see the Grants Foundation link, http://www.gatesfoundation.org/How-We-Work/Quick-Links/Grants-Database/Grants/1998/02/OPP495) To see the 2007 ‘Scratch’ information, see: http://codetolearn.org/what-we-fund (scroll down until you see the name) So how is the “Code to Learn Foundation connected to MIT? Who funds the Foundation? MIT alumni head up the Foundation. Funds come from a variety of organizations and people. Both more in-depth answers can be found: http://codetolearn.org/about-us I can share with you that Pearson Publishing is among the many sponsors. Oh, there’s also a Scratch, Jr. out there.

Those Google CS First Clubs:

Going back to the Google CS First program, let’s take a closer look at the clubs. Headed by volunteers known as ‘gurus’. Seriously, gurus. I thought no one younger than 40 would recognize that word. If you’re wondering what the word means, it means ‘teacher’ or ‘master’. It is especially used in Indian religions.
The Google Gurus will be leading from pre-written scripts when conducting club time. I don’t know about you, but the clubs I belonged to, as well as the ones my students were involved with, didn’t have scripts. They had interaction. Besides, a true master of a subject shouldn’t need a script. The true educational masters out there, speak freely about their knowledge and are flexible enough to know that many different styles are needed to reach as many students as possible. If you view the video about the ‘important topics’ for this club, you’ll hear the very first item on Google’s wish list is that you change a child’s perspective of computer science. Why? To point to careers. (as in Career Pathways thinking, Career Tech Education plans) After all, all those career assessments in younger grades have to taken by these students. We wouldn’t want them to be steered in the wrong direction, now would we? See the embedded video: http://www.cs-first.com/training/cs-first-important-topics?works=1&logistics=1&scratch=0&tips=0 (it’s at the bottom of the page) Your other really important guru job? Teaching the students about coding. Unless computer programming has really stepped it up, my courses were BORING, dull, and awful..so much so, I switched my degree.

Google’s Common Core Union:

If you search the internet for “Google Common Core”, you’ll receive a bevy of results. The first one that caught my eye was my friend’s article. Michelle Malkin wrote in 2014 about Google and the Standards, http://michellemalkin.com/2014/01/08/common-core-and-the-edutech-abyss/ You’ll be amazed at the other results. There are tons. Then factor in all those apps. There are tons! See the screen shot below:

Search your smartphone's app store, how many CCSS results do you get?
Search your smartphone’s app store, how many CCSS results do you get?

Action Steps:

1) If you have a Google CS First Club in your community, visit it, see exactly what those scripts contain!

2) If you have Google Plus you can access the scripts on-line. Remember, agenda will be there, hidden in plain sight.

3) Help leaders of these clubs understand the connection to Common Core. Are they okay with helping support CC in this way?

4) If you want to learn more about the connections between CC and CTE or Career Pathways, I invite you to search my blog for CTE (Career Tech Education) or Career Pathways. I’ve got a tremendous amount of research invested in these topics. The CC and CTE/Career Pathways are indeed joined together for one smooth track for your students.

5) Choose to refuse Google CC apps! Again, agenda hidden in plain sight. While the app may or may not say CC on it, read the description. Does the description say anything about helping or understanding CC? Does the description mention it is written to align with CC?

6) If you don’t know P21, or Knowledge Works, you can also use my blog’s archives to see what I’ve unearthed or search for them on your own. Either way, you need to know their parts transforming not just education, but America as we know it.