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Sap Damage

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, you may wonder what sap (that gooey stuff found in certain types of trees) has to do with education? Well, that kind of sap doesn’t, but there is a ‘sap’ which directly applies to education. 

If you’ve not heard about it, there’s a new magazine from SAP (Student Achievement Partners) have loads of propaganda. Propaganda, they hope will stick to your view of how ‘great’ the CCSS Machine’s type of workforce prep can be. (*My thanks to KB for the tip)


Core Connections, as the new magazine is called is to be published quarterly (4 times a year). The Fall 2019 issue is the first issue.

ccmagTo learn more about SAP (Achievethecore), visit the website.

Warriors, the magazine’s on-line version is a bit difficult to read, so use a magnifying option.

From what I could read, upcoming webinars from Core Connections, are Sept. 2nd, ‘formative assessments’; Oct. 2nd, ‘CCSS Math’; Nov. 6th ‘foundational skills’; and Dec. 4th, ‘math modeling and equity’.

For teachers/educators, from Oct. 15th to Nov. 26th, a series on how fractions can lead to student achievement.

Also, among the 32 pages of propaganda are all kinds of cheerleading type of articles. There’s even an opportunity for educators to win a $25 gift card for sharing their love of the CCSS Machine.

I saw ‘news’ for ELA (English Language Arts). What news? Mini assessments, as if the students are assessed enough. (Page 16) Not to be confused with ELA, on the same page is ‘news’ about ‘Coherence maps’.

What are those?! That’s SAP’s convoluted approach to math. Somehow, the shift in math is supposed to make more sense when ‘it’s across grades and topics’. The real SAP goal of ‘coherence’ is CCR , College and Career Readiness. However, Warriors, I ask you, how can any student be CCR with CCSS Math? (By the way, the propaganda spin is that CCSS Math is the ‘most misunderstood standard’, but it’s not their fault.)

Warriors, we KNOW, that CCR is not anything but re-branded Common Core. While SAP is applying gooey lies, we know that CCR is assigning our students to 3 different ‘readiness’ tracks: college/jobs/military. No more, no less.


Core Connection Partners:

Warriors, in the first issue of Core Connections, you’ll also find ‘shout outs’ for the SAPpy Partners. Groups from the CCSS Machine for sure. Achieve, Inc; ANET (Achievement Network)EdReports; TNTP (The New Teacher Project); IBM, and Learning Forward.

Leadership for ANET is Harvard University tied. As we know, Harvard is a huge CCSS Machine member.

You’ll find Zuckerburg is tied to TNTP, in this 2017 article from the news section of TNTP. Zuckerburg’s interest? Personalized learning (PL). Joining Zuckerburg in this? College Board. As we know, CB is Coleman’s ‘baby’.

As far as Learning Forward and EdReports, I’ve written about each of these groups recently. LF can be tied back to the UN and the Schlechty Center; ER can be tied to the Annenberg Foundation. Warriors, IBM’s alignment is easy enough to trace, but if you’d like my latest article about their ‘sappy’ propaganda, you’ll find it in this 2019 article where IBM can be tied to Lenovo and GIGA data centers.

Warriors, sap can ruin clothes. The CCSS Machine’s SAP is ruining our children. It’s ruining true teaching, too. Both major teacher unions in the US are SAP partners.
What will the second issue of Core Connections bring us in propaganda? We’ll have to ‘stay tuned’ to find out.



Ed’s Potpurri

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, while the main stream news tries to overload us with ‘squirrels’, the U.S. Dept. of Education is carrying on the status quo.

Should THIS be main stream information? I believe so. Why? Because everyday the status quo in ‘education’ is carried out, millions of lives are being harmed.

THAT, my fellow Warriors, should be OUR only news!

I believe if it were our only news, we’d be more inclined to jump in and save our nation’s citizens.


Think of it this way. Potpourri is used to help rooms smell good. Some potpourri mixes are pleasing to our noses, while others assault our noses with a bad smell. Not everyone can be around potpourri, if it contains something they are allergic to.


When the CCSS Machine rolled into America, it replaced the good, quality education (pleasing potpourri) with a stench SO bad, it’s smelled world-wide. The abysmal education we see trotted out isn’t for everyone, either, however, it is all we’re getting.


For the remainder of this article, I’ll share with you some of the latest news from the U.S. Dept. of Education. I warn you, the ‘smell’ is vile.


Ed’s “Smell” in Transmedia circa 2015 To Present:

In an email from the U.S. Dept. of Ed, sent last week (Aug.2019), several items were brought up.
While a new TV ‘transmedia’ (short for “transmitted media”) was released, the link used in the email took you to what you see below. There was no press release date, so it wasn’t until you began to read the information about ‘transmedia’ that the 2015 date shows up as ‘new’.
By the way, the RtL (Ready to Learn) TV can be seen on PBS (already a CCSS Machine member group). To see the entire page (be sure to read the ‘about RtL’ portion at the bottom of the page. You’ll spot the source of the ‘smell’: school readiness.)


Ready to Learn TV got its start based off money and policy. It also gears itself around the ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) mandate for 365, 24/7 access to educational media. This ‘access’ is to encompass EVERY school choice, even homeschools.

While we can trace the money back to the CCSS Machine (includes WestEd), where did the policy come from? Northwestern University! Back in 2015, I shared with you  the Northwestern University’s Kellogg Center CCSS Machine ties. For RtL TV, the Northwestern department is the Communications Dept.

Warriors, let’s also see if we can spot the agenda’s smell by the term ‘transmedia’. With all the confusion surrounding ‘trans’ in other education subjects, won’t a move like this help further the confusion?

Ed’s Globalistic “Opportunity Zones”:

Also from that email last week, was the news that Sec. DeVos wants to enfold the Presidential Initiative for Opportunity Zones into education.


Warriors, this absolutely smells of treason!! How? First, ESSA is a K-12th grade law which codified WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act). WIOA had Opportunity Zones already in place! ESSA also mandated regionalized education. Regionalism is 100% United Nations. As far as education goes, across our nation, the regionalism is well entrenched through College and Career Readiness hubs. Secondly, this move to align education to job opportunities supports the G20 ed/labor document DeVos signed on behalf of our nation.

Warriors, we have an opportunity to weigh in on DeVos’s desires, but we MUST act by August 28th!! As of this article, only 3 other citizens have spoken out. Two of those 3 are citing corruption. Mine cited the uniting of education and labor is treasonous and illegal. You’ll find the Federal Registry link above (opportunity zone initiative is highlighted for you). 


Ed’s Update To Data Mining:

Warriors, we know the ‘smell’ of data mining well. Of all the rotten potpourri scents, this one is the stinker of them all!

(Original source)

Warriors, to further learn about the Ellucian Banner System (supposedly will make higher education stronger), go here.


Ed;  As If America’s Not Global Enough Already:

The folks at the U.S. Dept. of Education are laying out what they hope is a teasing scent to entice us to look toward International Education Week (11/18-22/19).


When you visit the embedding link (above), be sure to listen to the Secretary of the State’s video message. In it, he claims international education will help promote American values all over the world.

I ask you, Warriors, how is this possible when our very values are being thrown away and replaced with the United Nations’?

The, if you can actually stand listening to Sec. DeVos, you need to. Her fragrance of globalism almost wafts off the screen! Listen for ‘lifelong learning’ and being career ready. DeVos’s direction in education is steering right into the global workforce.
(Note: Below, OECD is the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)



Warriors, if your nose if full of bad smells by now, I’d like to invite you to refresh your sense of smell with some truth.

1) We the People are more in number than the US federal government; we need to act on this.

2) Everything the U.S. Dept. of Education is doing, has done, and is planning is illegal. Everything they are doing spills over into every other federal agency.
We should revolt against this.

3) We are governed by the U.S. Declaration of Independence, NOT the United Nations declarations of conformity. We need to be persistent with this message in reaching our officials.

4) We should no longer call any educrat, regardless of office status, a ‘leader’. Where they are leading is NOT where we should go.
Leaders should be honest and respecting of their followers.
No one in the CCSS Machine is a leader to us. No one in the CCSS Machine respects us.
They are underminers of our nation and destroyers of our future as free citizens. They are our enemies. We need to act like it.
We will change nothing in this War Vs the Core by playing nice.

5) We are the protectors of our children, we cannot allow them to suffer under this educratic takeover anymore.


*Join me on 8/14, at 3:15 pm (EDT) on Facebook Live! Just go to my Common Core Diva page. We’ll be discussing how the CCSS Machine see your child. It’s an interactive discussion. We’ll use this worksheet, so print it out and let’s gather together to fight back.

Sic’ ‘Em Saturday: NC’s CCSS Survey Now Open!

Now's our opportunity to speak up for NC!
Now’s our opportunity to speak up for NC!

One of the great things I’ve learned about fighting Common Core across the globe is when we warriors get to help each other out. If you’ve been able to access other state’s surveys when opened to the public, you know what I mean. For example, when one of my warrior/followers alerted me to the survey in her state about what the Dept. of Education needed to glean from us, we let them have it! We stormed the questions with valid reasons WHY CCSS had to go! We now have the opportunity to help NC do the same. The NC Dept. of Public Instruction (NC DPI) has FINALLY made a general public survey available on-line for us to have the opportunity to share WHAT WE can DO BETTER in education than CCSS.

Here’s a statement from the NC DPI’s page about the announcement, “Parents know first hand the impact that standards have on student learning and the importance of having clear, rigorous and reasonable standards.  Community/Business stakeholders care deeply about preparing our students for careers and college,” said State Superintendent June Atkinson. “We need to hear from parents and the broader community as we move forward with reviews of our content standards to make sure that standards help students reach high goals and prepare for the future.” To see the full statement, http://www.ncpublicschools.org/newsroom/news/2014-15/20150216-01  (*Note: if you didn’t know this Atkinson is the current president of the CCSSO (Council of Chief State School Officers) which is half owner of the copyrighted Common Core Standards.)

Accessing the survey is easy. However, taking the survey (which MUST be completed by 4/30/15) will need to be completed in one session. To give you an example, when I clicked on the ELA Standards, I got several grade groupings to choose from. I began with the Kindergarten portion. It had 26 questions. Each asked something a bit different, but all the questions asked if I thought the Standards were fine as is OR what changes I’d make. If you can’t complete the entire ELA survey questions in one session, my suggestion is to bookmark the survey and go back as often as you need to so you can complete ALL the grade groupings, questions. See the screen shot below.

This is just for the ELA Standards.
This is just for the ELA Standards.

Here’s the Math portion:


Survey website address: http://ncdpireview.weebly.com/community-surveys.html

Survey introduction (where it will ask you to define your roll as a participant): http://ncdpireview.weebly.com/

REMEMBER, this is only open until 4/30/15. Act today, give the NC DPI hell about selling out to CCSS!

Fib-o-Meter Friday: Math via CCSS

It's Friday, you know what that means! Time to measure what's truth, what's fallacy/fib or what's in between.
It’s Friday, you know what that means! Time to measure what’s truth, what’s fallacy/fib or what’s in between.

How many of you like math? Of all the subjects I had to learn, Math was not my favorite. My students, also, weren’t huge fans. However, knowing math is crucial, we carried on and were successful. Common Core Standards and math has been written about repeatedly. So, I’m not going to tackle it in depth. I WILL share a refreshing video I found on You Tube. A weather lady from WA takes on some of the CCSS aligned textbooks used in current classrooms. She exposes the fallacies, fibs, and missteps of TERKS and Everyday Math.

While her presentation speaks much truth and shares information you can use, please note her recommendation of Singapore Math (about 14:40) is my only problem. Why? Because Singapore Math has CC aligned textbooks. **NOTE, not all Singapore Math is aligned, however, you must read carefully IF you wish to avoid the CCSS.

http://www.singaporemath.com/v/PMSS_comparison.pdf (gives you a side by side comparison of where CCSS is and isn’t)

EnVision Math:

While not mentioned in the YouTube video, I have the Kindergarten book as part of my CCSS evidence. On the cover is a bright and colorful fish. Here’s what the kids are expected to do: 1) make sense of patterns and persevere until all work is completed, 2) reason abstractly and quantitatively, 3) construct viable arguments and critique others reasoning, 4) model with math, 5) use appropriate tools strategically, 6) attend to precision, 7) look for and make use of structure, 8) look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning. Since Pearson Publishing owns EnVision, you can go to their website and read about how much research the program is based on. (ha ha, guess where the ‘Fib-o-Meter’ would place those claims?!) However, read this eye opening truth from an elementary teacher: “About halfway into the year (or maybe it was around March), parents of the second graders started coming to me complaining about the way EnVision teaches subtraction. Kids and parents alike were struggling with it. They use a strange system of a visual tool they created (gotta come up with something original, after all) that I think was called “10 cards” or “10 spot cards” or something of the sort. It’s positively awful. The parents were clueless. I struggled for quite some time to figure out what they were doing in the illustrations. I then compared it side-by-side with Singapore and the flaws in the Envision method were numerous and obvious.

What Works Clearinghouse (a part of the U.S. Dept. of Ed, states that EnVision falls within the Standards. See the entire report: 


Sorry, ‘What Works’, you are full of fibs! Check out what these parents said,
“While the focus on conceptual understanding may give the impression of being more rigorous, we find enVision is lacking in depth in many topics (e.g. multi-digit addition and subtraction) and does not provide adequate practice to ensure procedural fluency (e.g. doing multiplication and division word problems prior to mastering the basic facts). Over the past 2 years, we have questioned how to do HW(homework) and test problems, where the answers seem to disagree with our calculations. As we progressed, we realized that many of the enVision math topics are being presented differently than we learned, such as multiplication as repeated addition and division as repeated  subtraction. While it is true that some multiplication problems happen to be repeated addition, this is not the main purpose or property of multiplication – proportion is the main idea, but enVision drums it into the kids’ minds to think of multiplication in this limited way. We have noticed with concern that there is a focus on how to think and not primarily how to solve math problems. Our problems are not limited to Xxxxx’s classes, but to other grades as well, such as the pre-testing done at xxxxxx, which takes an entire class period to test the kids on topics they have not yet learned in order to place them in groups when you, the school/teachers, have enough data to predict who belongs in which level group. Some of these problems or errors could be the result of enVision being a very new program and the bugs have not yet been discovered and corrected, and some the result of apparent disagreements among math professionals.”

If you’d like to see more about Everyday Math, EnVision,


CCSS fibs:

A well known CCSS supporter, Mike Petrelli was featured on an ‘IntelligenceSquared’ debate recently. Here’s what he had to say about Common Core and students, “Common Core helps narrow the achievement gap.” He went on to say that when you embrace the Common Core, you are embracing schools with standards; that kids will be ready for what’s next when they graduate high school, either college or a good paying job–radically different than how we’ve done things in the past. Really??

Sorry, Petrelli, you are busted on the ‘Fib-o-Meter’!

Before I leave you for today, be sure to view this video about Math in a classroom: https://www.teachingchannel.org/videos/teaching-number-patterns