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Blindly Leading

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, “Earth Day” was just a few days ago, and “Earth Week”  ended on April 19th, 2019. While I will eventually tie this back to education and the CCSS Machine, bear with me…

Both “Earth” events are totally in sync with the UN’s SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals). If you didn’t know this, “Earth Week” has been around since 1988. “Earth Day”, since 1970.


But, wait, the SDGs came years later, how can any alignment be true? According to the “About Us” on the official Earth Day website (embedded above), the entire movement went global by 1990. About 190 countries hopped on the ‘environmental savior complex’ bandwagon.

In 2005, this archived blog article mentions the march to climate change’s root: The Earth Summit of 1992 in Brazil. (Where Agenda 21 first surfaced).
****Let me pause here to state that I am not suggesting we have no environmental issues. We do; however, prudent and wise ways in which to deal with them have been replaced by quasi-scientific, subjective findings which millions are swallowing just as quickly as if it were the best drinks in town.

There are also two facts which have been totally overlooked and proven by Christian scientists and Bible experts:
a) God created this world and as such, supplies all the natural resources. Residents of the Earth, were told misuse of natural resources wouldn’t be good. However, no where in Scripture did it state running OUT of natural resources before the 2nd Coming of Christ.
b) God charged us with stewardship of the Earth (ie: taking care of it). Believers were also encouraged to do so out of love, not coercion.
Sustainability is totally different. It is forcing an agenda of ‘innovation’ for new ways to create resources. Resources we have no business creating. Ways which are proving to be more harmful or dangerous than helpful.

This article from Technocracy News even gives you ways to spot the climate change propaganda. It also shares WHY the UN is pushing this envelope.

Even for some of those who do not believe in ‘God’s supply’ have acknowledged that sustainability tied to the climate change is a farce and will harm us tremendously more than if we simple exercises stewardship.

This website even calls climate change a ‘culture war’. One which 2019 politicians are all too happy to magnify.


Warriors. For the remainder of this article, I want to lay out a a trail for you which leads us to the 116th Congress and Senate Bill 729 (Sen. Schumer, NY).

From 2008:

Seeking to find the truth after former Vice President Gore declared a ‘global emergency’, was this Senate report. Very credible scientists were included.


(Source; emphasis added is mine)

Sure, we know VP Gore was a Democrat, but look at the 116th Congress and BOTH Republicans AND Democrats are preaching the gospel of peril and doom for the world. WHY? What’s changed?

Evidence suggests it’s a combination of influences. (subjective research, propaganda, and fear.)

We have seen Congress go from ‘let’s find the truth’ to ‘let’s censure truth’.

From 2019:
Sen. Schumer
(NY) is the sponsor of this bill. There are 16 co-sponsors. Two are 2020 Presidential candidates (Sen. Booker and Sen. Klobuchar). This Bill has no short title, but is worded so that the Senate AND the House will unite on this. So, what IS the name of S729?


S 729 doesn’t allow for research which would confirm or deny TRUTH. It only wants the ‘scientific consensus’ about climate change to be the truth. Why is that a problem? Because, as in 2008 until 2019, the scientific consensus has not been 100% united in findings or beliefs!

Right now, Sen. Schumer’s bill is on the Senate Calendar, item #35.


Congress.gov has a website video explaining what it means when a Bill is on the calendar. According to the video, calendar items may or may not ever be heard on the floor, BUT, it depends on the topic. Warriors, it doesn’t take rocket science to know ‘climate change’ is a HUGE topic. We also know (as it was featured in my “The Prudence Files” series) that ‘greening up the US’ (‘climate change’) is a BIG issue for all 20 Candidates, including our current President. If you look at their platforms, each of those seeking the Oval Office have a plan for their ideas. Take the time to read those ideas and they are ALL the same!


What Does S 729 Do?

Warriors, beside from prohibiting use of taxpayer funds to study the validity and course of action based off results, S 729 ties back to 2 other federal laws
A) The Solid Waste Disposal Act of 1965, amended 2018.
B) The United Global Change Research Act of 1990

What did “A” set out? A plan for the US to find ways to reduce waste, especially dumping sites. By being amended, that ‘innovation’ shift was added. This means that not only do we need to reduce waste, we need to re-purpose the waste. It also put the EPA in charge as the ONE agency which would administer any programs, initiatives, or activities for solid waste.

In S 729, Sect. 1004 of The Solid Waste law is cited. That section is the definitions for every conceivable way in which waste disposal and all that connects to it can be adjusted to fit an agenda.

What did “B” set out? This law created 4 year reviews of the effects on global changes. What would be reviewed? Agriculture, the natural environment of America, our energy production and use, our land and water resources, our transportation system, Americans health and welfare, American social systems and our bio-diversity. Here’s the 2014 (latest available) of the US Assessments by region.
IF you are curious how much the research for global change has cost We the People, this is the latest set of figures.


In S 729, Sect. 106 of the Global Change law is cited. That section is described directly above. What’s troubling, is the 1990 Act required research to be conducted, yet S 729 is prohibiting federal funds. Does this mean corporate or private funds CAN be used? If so, how will the objectivity be assured for the nation?

If you’d like to see the Climate Science Watch’s 2017 Report showing the (then) latest information from the 4 year review, go here.

Sen. Schumer’s Globalism Roots:

Warriors, it’s no secret that Sen. Schumer supports global citizenship. Back in 2017, I showed you the party outside the G20 meeting.  That party featured singer Shakira as a global citizen ‘ambassador’. In my follow up article to that, I showed you Sen. Schumer’s big tent outside that same G20 meeting. In both those articles, the ties to our students was very obvious.

schumerFrom Open Secrets, you can find that before the President became the President, he regularly financially supported Sen. Schumer.
Also from Open Secrets, Sen. Schumer’s biggest campaign donors included: Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Big Insurance, Big Lobbyists, Big Law, Big Investors, and, Big Pharma

Related Resources:

If you’d like to see how the SDGs are becoming the ‘new’ social contract, watch this video. You’ll see a representative of Goldman Sachs, actor Forest Whitaker,  a representative from Unilever, and, Shakira.

If you’d like to see Sen. Schumer’s full support and advocacy of the New Green Deal, go here.

For how Unilever is in on the SDGs and mental health overreaches (inside and outside education), go here.

How the Green Deal, new or not, has and is impacting education.


Lastly, from the Earth Day website, this about Next Gen Science Standards (oh, and they love CCSS, too.)



Warriors, I’m all for reducing our taxpayer abuse, however, I do not feel Congress should prohibit study funds in this instance. If we’re going to skew our laws to only fit one side of the coin, how is that liberty? How is it exercising truth and justice? Where is our freedom to know and decide for ourselves?

When truth is one sided, how does this help our students?

So, if you or someone you know wants to accept the global warming truth, that’s your choice, but it is NOT the government job to dictate it to us.



Sic’ ‘Em Saturday: The Power of an Anti CCSS Warrior

In a war, togetherness is a great weapon.
In a war, togetherness is a great weapon.

Hi, my fellow anti CCSS Warriors! I’ve got a great idea for us to band together this Memorial Day weekend. We all want to see CCSS end, right?! We can do this in less than 5 minutes..How, you ask?

Simply use the #myanticcswords on Twitter or Facebook (or other social media) this weekend.

Together our list will grow from the 3 sets of words I’ve used to be the examples. Then, when this weekend is over, the list will be able to be sent in one giant message to those in our state and federal legislative bodies in time to put a serious dent in any re-authorization plans for the ESEA and HEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act and the Higher Education Act). Both are being overseen by Sen. Lamar Alexander. Both are full of more federal overreach into our lives; more CCSS and CTE college/career readiness agenda; data mining; workforce training, and more!!

We MUST act as one AND we must act quickly!

Here’s the shot I took of my 3 tweets (with 3 words each):

Celebrate Memorial Day by helping me get the Anti CCSS words off the ground and off to D.C.!!
Celebrate Memorial Day by helping get the Anti CCSS words off the ground and on to your states capitals and D.C.!!

Just think: 3 little (or big) words can carry SO much power… ‘I love you’; ‘Here I am’; ‘I want to help’, etc.

Three words can carry an image or stir feelings…’I hate tyranny’; ‘I am a patriot’; ‘Common Core Standards’; ‘Career Tech Education’; ‘breaking the law’, etc.

Three words can send a distinct message when they are joined by others. For example, when I was setting up the hashtag, one anti CCSS group picked it up immediately and retweeted it to others. It’s a small start, but it’s a start that will only continue to grow.

So, join me, anti CCSS warriors!! This weekend, tweet as many 3 word phrases as you can so we can retweet them to others, and use them to make such a distinct message of the people’s voices as together we fight the Common Core Machine!

Always hang on to this, my fellow Americans, we’ve been sold a load of ‘snake oil’ via CCSS/CTE and all the other connections. Let’s show the salesmen what they can do with their product!

Let's do the patriotic thing this weekend, fight for our country.
Let’s do the patriotic thing this weekend: fight for our country.

Mom’s Musings: An Open Letter, Revisited

The following is an open letter I first published in November 2014. As the “Common Core Diva”, I, like all moms out there, am hopping mad about the overreach into our children’s lives. Yet, my mother’s heart still yearns to protect our kids. I wish for all the moms out there to have a great Mother’s Day 2015!!

The original intent was to address the generation of not just my children, but those even younger. I had been especially saddened by Common Core’s alignment with the UNESCO, UN, and the Green Movement motives. In my research, I’ve found it  has ruined everything it in education it touches.

My daughters, my loves..
My daughters, my loves..

Dear Daughters,

As a teacher, I beseech  you to consider ‘social justice’ from the way you were taught and not from the way the world has recreated it to be. As your mom, my heart is burdened for the ways in which the worldview is tainting so much for your futures.

Why is ‘social justice’ on my ‘hit list’? It no longer means we learn that by being the best ‘us’ we can be, we can help change the world. No, it now means we are so globally minded we must embrace everything. By not learning the individual parameters in each of ourselves; by downplaying the importance of family first, world second, we’re seeing values erode. We seeing love being replaced with bitterness, we’re seeing open and warm hearts being reshaped into ones hostile to those who dare to think differently.

Our world, both as an entire planet and our immediate circle of influence cannot live long, live well, or live freely with this mindset or black hard-heartedness.

My heart longs for those who are not only your ages, who are young ladies and gentlemen, but for those who are just starting out, like your cousins. This Common Core aligned ‘global awareness’ will soon find us so open-minded, we’ll not have any sense of good, decent; or wrong, immoral. I shudder to realize this is the goal of those who have so painstakingly crafted our educational system.

Social justice, when taught well, lived out well is a fabulous activity, NOT a lifestyle. Many of our great historical moments down through history have been the results  of correctly carried out SJ movements. However, what I’m seeing in schools now, no matter what grade level, is not well taught. How can we be families who love each other if we’re turning each other in for what the school says we shouldn’t have in our homes? How can we have impacting peace in our communities when they are being aligned with programs rooted not only in lies (remember, Common Core is illegally in our lives), but with ‘nanny state’ mentalities?

I am reminded of some of the turmoil back when I was growing up. The hateful protesters over the Vietnam War; the malice, the envy, the overwhelming strife that would permeate the air. This is what I want for you as you continue to mature? This is what I hope the world will benefit by? NO!! NO!! A thousand times, no!

I know the world, in its quest to be one giant community is turning its agenda on us all, but please remember this, my daughters…you CAN make a great difference in life: use truth; live out wisdom; resist bitterness; know your personal boundaries and that as a wonderfully made child of God, YOU matter! That ‘collective, greater good’ is not a 24/7, 365 daily mantra. There is a time, place, and duration for that. All other instances…are YOURS to exercise as you wish, not what someone else manipulates.

You have been taught exceedingly well how to be socially minded and that justice is not always ours to carry out. Don’t forget that, no matter how much ’21st century, globally minded citizens’ rhetoric you hear, you are strong, you are independent, you are an American who is free! Know what you stand for so you do not bow to everything.

Each of you know how hard I fight for your futures, know that I’m far from alone in this endeavor. I thank each of you for how you’ve fought for the same things as well. I urge you to continue on. To whom much is given, much more is expected. You each have a legacy to live out..may it be as it should be, not as mandated by others for you.

Know that each of you are so precious. I love you, Mom.

Be as wise as a serpent, be as gentle as a dove, my loves.

Monday Musings: An America Free of Common Core

America, home of the ‘free and the brave’,

America; home of those, who, the future’s way will pave.


We’ve a long history of educational greats;

regardless of neighborhood, race, or fates.


Our students, our children- the loves of our lives,

how we want for you to survive:

FREE of ‘Common Core Standards’

that seek to destroy, to crush,

to divide…

FREE of government overreach!


How do you envision a ‘Common Core Free America’? Leave a comment!