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“The Prudence Files: Part Five”

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, we’ve made it! The final installment of my “The Prudence Files” series. Before we go on, I want to pause and thank those who’ve sent information, especially for Part Four. I want to thank each of you for coming back to find out the real truths not being given via mainstream media, too.

In this article, the last 2 Presidential hopefuls; private citizens. Howard Schultz (Former Starbucks CEO ) and Andrew Yang (Venture for America). Will either of these 2 offer We the People a glimmer of hope, as far as education? Let’s see what we can find out.

Schultz’s Bid:
, while some sites say Mr. Schultz is considering running, the original source I used in Part One is where I learned he was. I did find his campaign website, so I’m pretty sure that’s a ‘winner’. Below is a picture of the website:


Schultz is running as a ‘Centrist Independent’ candidate. In his words that means ‘governing from the middle’. According to the Centrist Party, these citizens and/or candidates have no party lines. As such rather than go with what’s popular, they go by what is right. Below is their stance on education.


, it’s very important for me to say that Mr. Schultz is NOT the Centrist Party’s candidate. However, I wanted you to see how the Party leans. By contrast, the American Independent Party is completely different. They believe in the Judea-Christian values of our Founding Fathers (Schultz is Jewish). They also believe in States Rights for education. Again, Mr. Schultz is NOT the Independent Party’s candidate either.

So, I think it’s safe to say this ‘Centrist Independent’ COULD be a mix of the two principles. But, we also have to factor in Mr. Schultz has been a Democrat for many years.

I think you’ll understand why I wanted you to have some context before I show you what I found about Schultz’s education stance.

Where was his education stance ‘hiding’? It wasn’t in his pillars. No, it can be found in the “Howard’s Story” page on the website. I’ll admit the video has a catchy tune, there are bright colors and smiling faces. It’s all designed to ‘build you up’.


Warriors, if you didn’t know it, ASU has been involved with some pretty horrid things for K-12th grade education. Back in 2016, I wrote about their part in a YouTube Red Channel movie called “The Thinning”. It was all about students literally dying or someone they loved die if a certain score wasn’t made on the standardized test.

If you didn’t see it, I also wrote about Starbucks and the PBIS system.

Finally, on this candidate, I’ll share this with you:

If you’d like to see the rest of the stances Starbucks takes on other ‘hot button’ issues, visit here.

Mr. Yang:

Warriors, if you’ve not heard of Venture for America, that’s ok. I’ll be sure to link the evidence for you.

(Main Website)

To access the 2016 Annual Report, go here.
Warriors, if you use Netflix and have seen “Generation Startup” that’s the feature film about what VFA does. Jobs/economic for the community’s sake. While that’s good, the tag line for the movie has to do with ‘learning to fail’. That’s a key concept the CCSS Machine loves to use. By the way, Netflix is among the CCSS Machine members/groups seeking to destroy local control.

So, you know a bit about the company Yang founded. Let’s look at his 2020 Presidential campaign.

To see all his policies/issues, visit this page.

Warriors, if you read “Andrew’s Story”, he’ll tell you he was raised to go after the American Dream. You’ll learn his ties to Brown Univ. as well as Columbia Univ. (Both universities are CCSS Machine member organizations. In Part 4, I shared both their ties to the Tavistock Inst.)

You’ll also see he tells you he had an education company, but doesn’t share the name or what other group(s) bought him out. Look below:



You may find this related article helpful in connecting Yang’s for profit testing company to Knewton.

Warriors, I hope you see the toxic ties to the CCSS Machine very clearly. It appears neither of these is the Anti Fed Ed champ we need.


Warrior/Citizen Actions:

Well, Warriors, we’ve done it, taken 5 articles to lay out education/educratic stances of the 20 candidates (and possible candidates) running for President in 2020. As you know the campaigns are on-going. As you know, they will only step up in appearances.

So, what DO we do with all the information I’ve given you? Yes, it’s been grueling to slog through all their websites (or lack of), but the reason I wanted to do this for the nation, especially you, my fellow Warriors, is we HAVE to make as much noise as possible!

I told you in Part One I wouldn’t tell you whom to vote for. However, whomever you see you most like among the 20, do this:

1) Attend as many meetings of his or hers as possible. Forget party allegiance, the politicians certainly have. Is this risky? Absolutely, BUT, gladly risk your comfort zone for the children, I am. So can you. Don’t develop tunnel vision, watch for debates, shows, etc. Listen to what’s said (or not said).
2) We all know in war (War Vs the Core) you have to hang out with the enemy from time to time. Just be prudent and don’t go alone. Whatever you do, be respectful, there is going to be enough strife. If you are rude in making your points, you’ll be discounted. Remember, these are people, not punching bags (words or fists).
3) Take the points about the candidates which trouble you the most and speak out! Steer the conversation, don’t give up! (Written ones are the best and provide a copy with facts and links to point to Anti Fed Ed truths.)
4) Write open letters, letters to the editor, call in to like minded radio shows, no matter how big or small. Request private media shows centered around these Anti Fed Ed truths the nation needs to know and hear. Make your own video and share.
5) Speak up, hold them accountable! That is part of a prudent voter/Warrior’s ‘job’.
6) Write to them, show them the roots to the agenda, the globalization of our nation via education, let them know, it’s unconstitutional, it’s criminal and they shouldn’t be a part of it!
7) Don’t kowtow or get star struck by these candidates, don’t worry about making a scene. Remember who you are fighting for: our kids, our young people, our freedoms, our choices.
8) Pepper their websites with Anti Fed Ed truth, not mainstream subjective BS.
9) Participate in citizen forums, round-table discussions. If you didn’t know what you know now, think about all those around you who will remain clueless, unless you speak up. Use your circle of influence. Stay in communication. Host ‘Did Ya Know?’ type neighborhood events. While we’re about serious business, we can have some fun, too.
Use this type of event to bring to light the candidates on education. Compare notes and discuss maturely.

(Think along the lines of “Horton Hears a Who”, ALL our voices, united against the CCSS Machine is imperative!)

hortonhears(photo courtesy of Clipart)

What if you don’t like any of the 20 candidates?
1) Choose the one most closely related to your beliefs and WORK with them to bring them around to the truth.
2) These people MUST be reminded they are seeking to represent WE the People, not the special interests groups, lobbyists, or Big Corporations.
3) If the candidate isn’t willing to work with you or accept the truth, then you know they are ‘bought and paid for’ by the CCSS Machine and move on.
4) IF you find that out, share the news, so others will know. It’s better to be called an idiot for being right than a silent partner in the grinding down of American education.
5) Apply any of the other action steps above you desire.
6) Inform and ‘use’ your circle of influence. Provide updates for them.

Upcoming Election Resources:


As of this article, I can find no Republican Debate schedule. Back in 2018, the National Republican Committee voted to disband the Debate organizers and team. That doesn’t mean there may be no debates, but it means we need to be watching for them.

I did find this website, which has both the Ds and Rs information in one location. Use at your discretion.

Use the Commission on Presidential Debates for news updates. I’ve embedded the link to their Debate Applicant locations. (*Note: no 2019 or 2020 sponsors have been announced, but look at previous sponsors. Are there CCSS Machine member groups represented? If so urge a non-bias organization to step up.) You can also access previous Debate transcripts. These might be helpful in writing your letters.

The location for the Republican National Convention is Charlotte, NC.
The location for the Democratic National Convention is Milwaukee, WI.
(*Note: Are there any Warriors near either of these cities? If so, we should plan to meet somewhere. I live in NC, and, it just so happens not too far from Charlotte. I’d love to see a group near Milwaukee, too. We could do live presentations or updates.) 

The Democrats will conduct their Convention in July 2020.
The Republicans will conduct theirs in August 2020.

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RMT Sunday: Who’s Minding Those Minding Education?

Ah, a new week begins. On this RMT Sunday (Riddle Me This), let’s look at who’s minding the education ‘store’ in your state. In other words, how well do you know your state level of education; state level department of public instruction. Answer this, if you can: Does you state have separate departments, branches, etc. for non public education (such as private schools, homeschools, etc.)? Or, is everything educational based in your state under one authority?

This is what my state of residency looks like. What's your state look like?
This is what my state of residency looks like. What’s your state look like?

Do You Know?

Do you know how powerful your state level education authorities are? For the answer, look to your state constitutions. Laid out in them are the parameters for how the state education decisions are made. Yes, it requires digging into ‘dull’ law books. Yes, you need a dictionary at times to decipher the vernacular. However, consider WHY you are investigating all this. a) because the education train wreck, Common Core, is happening day in and day out in our schools. b) because of the train wreck, our kids are being harmed. c) these kids can be young or adult, but they are still OUR kids; d) Common Core mocks the U.S. Constitution, the legal system, your vote, and your tax dollars.

I live in NC. Not being a lawyer or a politician, I never expected to become an activist. So, when the educational system began its march to the droning messages behind Common Core, I got nosy. I discovered most of the statutes that backed the decisions made. For example, to help back up not only education as it is here, but to build that workforce and boost that global economy, we have Workforce legislation:  GS_115C-64.15 Education and Workforce Innovation Commission This document not only creates yet another government entity, but assigns it to be housed in the Governor’s Office. The Commission has many members from the educational system that is statewide, such as the NC Dept. of Public Instruction, NC State Board of Education, the NC College System and the NC Community College System among others. The Commission gets money to make decisions that drive the entire mission: an education and  workforce program. Great, the Commission to oversee the Education & Workforce initiative has been put into place.

So our next question: Just WHAT is the Education & Workforce program??

Here’s the NC State Statute link: (http://www.ncga.state.nc.us/EnactedLegislation/Statutes/HTML/BySection/Chapter_115C/GS_115C-64.16.html) In layman’s terms, here’s what the Program is supposed to do: 1) lead students to become ‘college & career ready’; 2) have schools compete against each other for funds; 3) partnerships with other schools and/or corporate businesses must be formed; 4) aligned pathways to employment; 5) align K-12 and post secondary education; 6) use technology as a leverage tool; 7) promote ‘career clusters’. You should read the legislation, it has many other parameters built in. A question I pose to you: Does any of this sound familiar? Think back to some of the federal parameters Race to the Top imposed on the states themselves.

Not the Only One Watching:

From the NC Chamber of Commerce’s website (http://ncchamber.net/issue-advocacy/education/):

“The North Carolina Chamber is focused on ensuring North Carolina’s education and workforce development systems are effective, agile, accountable and continually produce a competitive, world-class workforce.

  • Effective public schools (K-12) that help prepare students for 21st-century jobs and help produce a globally competitive workforce
  • A strong community college system that works with public schools and the higher education system to develop and prepare a world-class, globally competitive workforce
  • A world-class university system that is demand-driven, engaged in the success of North Carolina businesses and leads in innovation and transformation.”

Related to all this:

“Our Kids Won’t Wait: They Need World Class Schools Today”:

This was a 1 year study published back in 2011 that was led by businesses, educators and the state government of NC. (see the entire report here: http://d2lvn0a00hwoiz.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/StudyGroup_final.pdf) I’ll give you the biggest takeaways  in the order they were laid out: 1) by 2018 uniform framework established and alignment throughout education via state leadership with some local input; 2) by 2020, 80% of NC teachers will come from the top 1/3 of each graduating college class and be trained to teach by a NC accredited university; 3) by 2016, those studying to become majors in teaching will have more rigorous requirements. Administrative level and teaching training for at-risk youth will be required as well; 4) by 2016, NC will have comprehensive staff development/assessment for a continuous ‘self sustaining pool of school leaders’; 5) establish and accelerate regional leadership academies by 2017-18 (originally funded by Race/Top, now NC Gen. Assembly’s job to fund); 6) by 2012-13, use technology to fill current staff development voids (will ramp up considerably in coming years); 7) by 2016, rewarding those teachers and schools with better scores by giving them better flexibility and more money; 8) by 2018, 100% of NC students identified as ‘at-risk’ will be in Smart Start and/or More at Four and by 2020, the graduation rate will be at 90% (Smart Start is a model of the 21st Century Community Learning Centers and More at Four is Common Core aligned Pre-K); 9) by 2017, elementary and middle school students in ‘dropout factories’ will receive a longer school day. By 2020, all NC public schools will increase to a 190 day calendar by control of the NC State Board of Ed); 10) Adopt policies enabling schools to cope with less money, push for digital technology and increase education/workforce training. Laid out in the report & one of the best ways to pull all this off? NC New Schools (by the way, Gates Foundation has given NC New Schools over $15 million in funding since before 2009). Another way this is to be accomplished? Teach for America (another Common Core/Gates Foundation funded group). Somewhat related, the federal level is proud of NC’s efforts. (see: http://www.ed.gov/blog/tag/nclb/)

GED makeover:

Lastly, let’s say I didn’t make it in the public school system and I have gone the GED route. (GED stands for General Education Diploma among other names). Well, in NC (you’ll need to check your state), ours received a makeover. Not only a new name, but a Common Core Standards alignment!! Old name officially was: NC State Board of Community Colleges General Educational Development Diploma. New name: NC State Board of Community Colleges High School Equivalency Diploma. This name change happened Feb. 2014.  (see the attached PDF: gednamechangenc

Why the change? Pearson Publishing (a huge Common Core Standards supporter, profiteer) now owns the GED (the branch of Pearson Publishing known as “Pearson VUE” owns the assessment). As owner, the company has the copyright. If you’ve studied CC enough, you’ll know how protective those involved are over the copyrights. What this means for those taking the GED? In a word: trouble.

Wrapping it all up:

So, back to the Riddle of the day, how well do you know who’s minding education in your state? Gather a like minded group who’s helping you fight Common Core Standards and look into this. How big is the State Board of Ed? Do they practice transparency or do they keep things to themselves? Who’s in charge of the community colleges (in NC our community college advocate is a representative for the Gates Foundation and to date has received Gates funding since 2008 or 2009)? Are the same people being appointed or voted into power in your state? Is there any citizen recourse available? Who’s in charge of the more traditional colleges and universities? Work together to cross every ‘t’ and  dot every ‘i’ in your search. Know where the money is, yes..however, know who holds the money in your state. Also know, the true power of each state is not its Governor (who is to simply enact legislation) nor is it the state level Congresses (their job is to make the legislation), BUT it’s the people of each state! Our job is to express our will, our ideas or suggestions to the local and state levels governments who THEN, create legislation BASED on OUR will.