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I See, Do You?

Over the weekend, I shared some globally impacting education news. For today’s article (Monday Musings),  I have even more to share. Anti CCSS Warriors, hang on, there are sure to be many parts of the CCSS Machine exposed.

The Webinar, Again:

In case you didn’t read my Weekend News, here is the link.
The Webinar I am discussing in today’s article, is embedded in the News and can also be accessed: http://www.edweek.org/ew/marketplace/webinars/webinars.html#archived

Hosting the Webinar was EdWeek (Gates Foundation funded) and the ISC (International School Consultancy). The topic? Global businesses in education and their profit potentials, especially with the ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) now law.

The ‘Hosts With the Most…’:

1) The most educational P3 (public private partnerships) in mind, not the academic quality of your student’s education.
2) The hosts have the most diabolical workforce based credentialing system in place and are using it without abandon, globally.
The fact that the US now has federal laws* which not only support workforce based education, but mandate it, should be of no surprise to us, as those opposed to the CCSS/Fed Ed Machine. We should be able to see that many key events, organizations, and agenda points are geared carefully for the continued shift in American education.

(*Note: WIOA, Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014; ESSA of 2015; HEA, Higher Education Act of 2008 and is being re-written now to be passed into new federal law soon. All 3 laws have the CCSS embedded. You will find it under Career Pathways, Career Tech Education, College/Career Readiness, STEM, post-secondary readiness, and/or Career Clusters. Of special note, ESSA uses ‘challenging state academic standards’. The CCSS agenda is STILL there, just a name change to try to fool us.)

Seeing Through the Hype:

As a long time researcher against Common Core and all that goes with it, it takes a tremendous amount to shock me when it comes to the vastness of the CCSS Machine, as I refer to the education reform. While most of the Webinar’s attendees appeared to be blown away by the information packed into all those PowerPoint slides and spoken words, I was not. I was disgusted. I know you are too, Warriors.

Seeing Through ISC:

As I stated above, ISC (International School Consultancy) was a co-host. What or who is behind ISC? Let’s see what we can discover. Below is what the home page looks like. Notice the number of country flags you see.

The website: http://www.iscresearch.com/
The company is big on educational research for not only K-12, but post-secondary, too.
ISC is based in the United Kingdom, but has offices all over the globe. They also partner with some well known CCSS Machine members. For example, College Board is one. Why? All that data mining information! However, before we delve into the CCSS Machine partners, take a look at this one minute video about ISC.

As far as those CCSS Machine member partners….

1) To see all of them: http://www.iscresearch.com/company/partners.aspx
2) ECIS (European Council of International Schools), ECIS also is a member of the Council of International Schools, CIS.
3) CIS has a specialized Child Protection Task Force where you can also find the U.S. State Dept.’s Overseas Branch for Education as a banner member.
(Task Force’s website: http://www.cois.org/page.cfm?p=2465, as seen below in the screen shot.)


4) As far as the U.S. State Department’s education branch, it has an OSAC (Overseas Schools Advisory Council). That Council? It is FULL of Private businesses!!

5) This Council also partners with the National Association of Elementary School Principals Foundation. NAESP is tied to the CCSS Machine in many ways.
They are the ones who gave us “GRIT” in our schools, which positively championed for the ESSA’s passage, and more disgusting education reform moves. Here is one of my previously published articles on the Principals. See: https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2015/10/18/weekend-news-ccss-school-officials-alignment/
5a) As far the Foundation portion of the Principals? Tied to the United Way, UW.
United Way is also internationally tied to the CCSS Machine! Here is just one of the UW articles I have. You can usually find UW where you find Promise Neighborhoods (now, a mandated part of the ESSA.) See: https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2016/04/30/weekend-news-for-the-war-against-the-core/

6) College Board, we already have lots of information on them.

As you access some of the previous research I have done, notice the OTHER federal level American government agencies; the repeated use of some of the same CCSS Machine members; and, how all this fits oh-so-nicely with the global information research.

Is There More?!

Oh, yes, Warriors, there is. Much like the ‘Song That Never Ends’, the CCSS Machine grinds on.
A couple of odd notes from the Webinar you may want to investigate on your own.
1) The OERs, Open Educational Resources are becoming big profit makers for those making money off our schools and at our students/teachers expense. One of the EdWeek’s favorite resources for OERs is known as CMX powered by EdGate. EdGate is a division of EdMin.
To access the OERs for CMS, See: https://correlation.edgate.com/cmx/login.php
This OER website is for teachers AND students. It aligns with not only CCSS, but CTE (Career Tech Education), too. CTE is embedded in both the WIOA and the ESSA.
2) To see EdMin’s tie to international workforce based education, see the screen shot below.

Link to the international CTE information: http://www.edmin.com/news/cte-cctc-international-and-supplemental-standards-added-edgate-repository-standards
3) The International Teacher Standards were also featured in the Webinar.
To access these, see: http://www.theptc.org/ttc-standards/
One name to note: Bambi Betts. Her name is also seen above in the CIS screen shot, but with a different named organization. In the CIS shot, she is representing the Academy of International School Heads. Her connection to the International Teacher Standards is organization which has the Standards, the Principal’s Training Center, PTC. PTC is based in Florida. To see PTC’s member schools (all with international education in mind),

(*Special note, when visiting the PTC website, be sure to scroll over the “Standards”. You can select International Teacher, Principal, or Counselor.)

To understand why I pointed out Betts to you, see below:


You can also tie Betts back to the ISC (International School Consultancy). She authors a regular column in TIE ( The International Educator), a partner group of ISC. If you would like to see Bambi Betts’ brief bio: http://www.theptc.org/bambi-betts/ (*notice the absence of American education positions.)

Betts and her PTC organization are hosting a workshop in July 2016. It is geared for school leaders, but targets student assessments. Use this link to find out how the workshop is described, then be sure to click on the web/print resources. It is here you will find many CCSS Machine member assessments. See: http://www.theptc.org/ptc301/
In case you cannot access the separate web/print resources, http://www.theptc.org/assess-resources/



Ed For Sale

Greetings Anti CCSS/Fed Ed Warriors! The Weekend News is here! What can we learn from the CCSS Machine? In a short sentence: how the global education business market is growing.

A Recent Webinar:

Just a few days ago, I was among many who joined in a pro CCSS backed group’s webinar for how educational business/services can a) capitalize on the recent passage of (Every Student Succeeds Act, ESSA); b) go global with education; c) make big sales for their companies; and d) drive education as we know it straight down the tubes.

Which group was hosting? The Gates Foundation funded EdWeek, of course! What global educational consulting firm also joined the frey? The ISC (International School Consultancy). If you haven’t heard of ISC, they are based in the United Kingdom and are the oldest global education consulting group of their kind. Because of this, it was shared in the webinar, the ISC has the historical educational data to back why going global is a great thing for all of us. Among the nations attending this webinar, the most were from the U.S.A., while the next 2 biggest attendees were the U.K. and the United Arab Empire.

About 2 months ago, EdWeek launched its Marketplace, where educational business, services, and those seeking such, can get information. I was invited to join the Marketplace, so I could get all kinds of research. However, at $750.00, I decided to pass. Besides, why in the world would I support the Gates Foundation’s backed group by purchasing their research?

It was the Marketplace portion of EdWeek presenting in this webinar. According to Kevin (from Marketplace), the virtual store is where gaps of what K-12th education needs meet business providers. Thus a harmonious bridge is created. Aren’t we so lucky….Among some of the provisions are Next Generation Science Standards/Assessments, Data Mining tools, etc. Kevin also stated the ESSA is for business ‘a canary in a coal mine’ opportunity. WiseGeek.org says that for governments and businesses the phrase means a ‘harbinger of the future’. (See: http://www.wisegeek.org/what-does-it-mean-to-be-a-canary-in-a-coal-mine.htm)

According to one of the slides from the Webinar, Bill Gates has predicted the education businesses (especially digital) will increase by 50% or $1.1 billion dollars. Driving the sales? Ed Tech (supposedly higher quality education/more personalized learning/evidence based results based on proven technology)

What I Have Seen/Heard:

As one who has researched the stuffing out of the ESSA, I can tell you, the increased amount of P3s (public private partnerships), businesses/educational services will increase dramatically. LEAs (local education agencies) and SEAs (State Education Agencies) will be able to open their federally provided funds up to anyone offering any type of business/service which can be related to student success (aka: student outcomes, competency based mastery, college and career readiness, post-secondary readiness, and student achievement).

Warriors, we should NOT be the last to know this information! Why do I say this?
a) The EdWeek Research arm recently partnered with the National School Superintendent’s Association to conduct a study on ESSA friendly PD (Professional Development).  I have shared with you in the past how aligned to CCSS, the School Supers Association is.
b) a recent meeting I attended hosted by the North Carolina Dept. of Public Instruction was full of folks from P3s either imploring the DPI for ESSA federal funds or employing more people from those P3s (and new ones) for educational purposes! Among the most sought after? SEL (social emotional learning) My point? The pro side is wasting NO time in getting the message out. Since the state I live is in already hopping on the bandwagon, yours probably is too!

More We Need to Know From Both Hosts:

The CCSS/ESSA slanted Webinar also shared the following information:

1) Educational business and services are golden opportunities for America.
2) School leaders WANT more personalized learning (as based off Digital Promise research). (*Note from my research: Digital Promise is a huge portion of ESSA.)
3) With more personalized learning comes better data tracking via student CBE (competency based education) progress.
4) SC, MS, ND, KY, and KS lead the nation in ELL (English Language Learning) digital education content.
5) Professional Development for teachers is slowly embracing the digital shift.
6) OERs (Open Educational Resources) are popular with teachers now and are better aligned to the CCSS than previous resources. OERs also are a great business profit maker because your company can help purchasers save school funding.
7) The ESSA will give educational businesses not only more money, but give schools better accountability, too. (*Note from my research: ESSA’s main damaging points are the national assessments, the accountability of the States to the U.S. Dept. of Ed and the funding which unites all this.)
8) Non-academic education businesses/services will also have opportunities to cash in.
9) Consider all of the above as opportunities for experimentation in education, especially how our students/teachers are measured.
10) EdWeek is helping the gradual building of international education marketing and trends. In 2015, around $15.2 billion was made by those participating. ISC shared that the tuition market for profits is about $39 billion and will increase to near $90 billion by 2026. Fee based education is a huge portion of the global education aspect. All this means the global economy is very healthy and that enrollment population is increasing.
11) English is being considered the language of business, therefore the need for ELL alignment is paramount for globally recognized credentials. In the screen shot below, notice the EMEM (Engish-Medium Education Market). This is something we will see increase via ESSA and other moves.


12) Global education has 4 benefits, the top 2: labor/quality learning
13) Inclusion is a top need for those being globally educated. Globally educated students are best fed by curriculum which supports inclusion.
14) There are over 200 International School Associations.
15) UAE (United Arab Empire) leads the world in the most international schools.
16) Curriculum trends find that UK based resources and IB (International Baccalaureate) are among the most used. (*Note from my research: IB Curriculum is not only UN/UNESCO based, it’s main contributor is a noted leftist.)
17) ISC noted that the most measured global assessments they track are the IGCSE*, the IB Diploma Program, the PSAT and SAT, and the GCEA*. (*IGCSE stands for “International General Certificate of Secondary Education”.) The University of Cambridge developed this over 25 years ago. To learn more:
(*GCE stands for General Certificate of Education; the GCEA, from what I can find refers to only one level of GCEs. There are GCE-As, GCE-A2 levels. Combined, the 2 levels have 31 career based tracks you can earn your Certificate in. There is also a GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education). There are 41 career based tracks available at the secondary level.)

Warriors, does this sound familiar?! Career Pathways, Career Clusters, Career Technical Education….all part of the CCSS Machine!! To see more about GCEs:
http://ccea.org.uk/qualifications/gce; to learn more about GCSEshttp://ccea.org.uk/qualifications/gcse


I will be taking a more in-depth look at the ISC and reporting what I find in the upcoming week. In the meantime, here are some resources you can access:
The EdWeek/ISC Webinar slides: ISCed
How GCEs are tied to PearsonNEA1516 (*Note: NEA stands for ‘Non-examination assessments’)