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The “Low Down” in the NoLa

In my last article, Warriors, you got quite a bit of information on STEM, STEAM, and how it’s taking over education.

The “T” stands for ‘technology’. We know the CCSS Machine’s grasp on education cannot survive without technology. We also know the most common form of technology is the computer. Where there’s a computer, there’s data to harvest, transfer, and sell.

In the past, I’ve shared with you the International Data Mining Conferences. If you missed this article of mine from 2016, I urge you to go back and read it. Your freedom of speech in 2017 is connected.
From earlier this year (2017), I showed you how the international data miners use those student profiles. Again, massively important to connect back to ESSA.

Coming  Soon To New Orleans:

“The IEEE International Conference on Data Mining series (ICDM) has established itself as the world’s premier research conference in data mining.” This excerpt is the first sentence you read on the 2017 Conference page. However, the vibrant photos of New Orleans may distract you. What does “IEEE” stand for? “The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.”


So what will the 2017 ICDM bring? Below is a screen shot of the full day workshops. I added short descriptions of each workshop. (*Note: to see the IEEE Educational Partners List, go here. Several schools/businesses from across the world will be presenting work at the 2017 Conference.)

Here are the half day ICDM topics:

icdm17halfThe 2017 Conference’s Keynote speakers are from Harvard (a huge CCSS Machine member school), a Berkeley University AMPLab co-creator, SUNY, NSF, and the WHO. (*Note: look under the “Program” tab for the Keynote Speakers. You can also find the accepted papers from the workshops there.) 

The IEEE also is key to the Smart Cities (part of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals). Smart Cities also bring us community alignment. ESSA has community alignment, too.

While my town isn’t among the IEEE’s Core Smart Cities, it is among the smaller communities being aligned right under our noses. Kansas City, MO is an IEEE Core Smart City. The U.S. Dept. of Transportation also has a list of Smart Cities. As of this year, there are 7 major cities (Kansas City, MO is among them). From one of the UN’s own Power Point presentation’s:
To access the other UN “Smart Cities” resources, go here. If you’d like to see the UN Web TV’s video on New York City’s being transformed to a “Smart City” to align to the UN’s SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), click on the highlighted word ‘video’.

How do the IEEE and UN connect?


To access the website, go here.

In August of this year, IEEE embraced the UN’s SDGs during the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). (*Note: IEEE’s archived documents contain a pdf version of the possible UN approved official language called “UN-Speak”.)

WSIS is also aligned to the UN’s SDGs. When you visit the website, look to the right of the WSIS logo and you’ll see the SDG circle logo. Below is a screen shot of the WSIS actions and how they mesh with the SDGs:

To see the entire Matrix document, find it here. Here’s a ‘flyer’ version of the Matrix.


Warriors, I hope you see how much we need to continue to fight the CCSS Machine when it comes to data mining. It won’t be going away anytime soon. If you’ve not heard of the national grassroots campaign to “Repeal ESSA and Restore FERPA”, I urge you to visit the website. As long as FERPA stands as it is RIGHT now, the data mining of our students will not only continue, it will increase (as evidence shows above). As long as ESSA stands, the alignment of education to a UN-inspired workforce base continues (and increases as well). What’s happening is Big. Fighting it? It’s not Easy.


FTF: Anti CCSS Files Recap

It's been a good year, so far, to fight the CCSS Machine!
It’s been a good year, so far, to fight the CCSS Machine!

In continuing to look back at the anti CCSS year so far, today’s article will share the best files I’ve been able to offer you in aiding your battle against Common Core.

In no particular order, here are the ‘files’ most important and worth sharing again.

American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education:

This info packed article from March, 2015 gave you an in-depth look at how aligned to not only Common Core, but, Career and Technical Education this group is. In it you’ll find connections to Pearson Publishing, Linda Darling-Hammond, Stanford University, and Sage Publishing to name a few pro CCSS supporters. You’ll also have access to the letter the AACTE wrote to Sec. Arne Duncan!

To access all the files related to AACTE, see: https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2015/03/24/ftf-tuesday-aacte-and-common-core/

AIR and the ‘Pathways To College’:

What do the massive data miners AIR (American Institute of Research) and an on-line library have in common? “Pathways to College” , as well as the Alliance for Excellent Education! You might recognize Pathways to College is very similar to those  like ‘Career Pathways’, ‘College and Career Pathways’, ‘Career Clusters’, and ‘Career and Technical Education’. Yes, ALL of these names are connected to Common Core. The online library featured in this article from February of this year will also share with you how Horace Mann’s philosophy of education is tied in. You’ll also get to know much more about those high stake assessments, too!

To access this all important set of pdf files, see: https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2015/02/03/ftf-tuesday-comprehending-assessments/

Our Students as Part of the “Talent Supply Pipeline”:

From January, 2015, here’s another article with Linda Darling-Hammond, Career and Technical Education, and what is known as “Adult Common Core”. Yes, you read correctly..’adult CC’. You’ll also note, as I’ve stated many times, that while all 50 states may not of adopted CCSS, ALL 50 states have Workforce training, Career and College Readiness plans. In this article, I shared with you North Carolina’s current status in all this as an example of what to look for in your state; the Adult CC Caucus information on a federal level was also revealed in this published article. There’s lots to delve into the learn all you can about the plans to turn ALL our students (regardless of educational choice or age) into ‘talent supply’ to churn down the CCSS/CTE/CCR (Common Core State Standards/Career and Technical Education/College and Career Readiness) pipeline!

To access the ‘game changer’ article, see: https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2015/01/20/ftf-tuesday-career-readiness-and-data/

The SBA and Common Core:

The discovery of the Small Business Administration and its ties to Common Core, set a few readers and/or followers aback with shock. I shared all kinds of news, findings, and documents back in February 2015. So just  how is the SBA tied to the CCSS Machine? Funding initiatives, business ventures, and capital investments. You’ll see pro friendly CCSS corporations like Apple, Intel, and Hewlett-Packard.

To see how this federal agency is helping spread educational overreach, see: https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2015/02/10/ftf-the-sba-and-common-core/


Are there aspects about anything related to Common Core you’d like me to investigate to see what files are available? I’d be honored to dive into it for you, if you’d like me to. As you’ve been able to see from each of the articles above, I don’t tell you what to think, I point you to where to look so you can use what you need for your state’s fight in this war against the Core.

What most pro CCSS groups would like us to look like and believe.
What most pro CCSS groups would like us to look like and believe.

FTF: The SBA and Common Core

The SBA (Small Business Administration) is helping led the way for Common Core.
The SBA (Small Business Administration) is helping led the way for Common Core.

Common Core and the SBA:

For this “From the File” Tuesday, I have a ‘hum-dinger’ for you. The SBA (as in the ‘Small Business Administration’) has been supporting Common Core. How do I know? A Oct. 2014 National Summit.

The Summit:

Titled the “National Summit of Middle Market Funds” (see: https://www.sba.gov/content/national-summit-middle-market-funds), Maria Contreras-Sweet (the SBA’s administrator) addressed those in attendance how the SBIC (Small Business Investment Company) has been giving us ‘common sense financial reform’.

Refer the the above website for the entire speech text. *Note: while the speech does spell out what SBIC/SBIA stands for, I looked them up for you. I hope you learned something new. I sure did. I had no clue the SBA had a ‘alliance’. But, hey, how much else have we learned in fighting CC that ties one group to yet another.

Okay, so where’s the Common Core? Wait for it…it’s coming.

First, however:
SBICs have helped Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, and others with over $67 billion dollars. Did you catch those names? There are others, too.

Here’s HP’s Common Core support proof: http://h20195.www2.hp.com/V2/getpdf.aspx/4AA5-3577ENUC.pdf?ver=2.0

Here’s Apple’s Common Core support proof:

Intel’s Common Core support proof, an excerpt from “Education Week”.
“Carlos Contreras, the director of U.S. education for tech giant Intel, said his company has been discussing the importance of the common core at forums for its employees, with the idea that those workers will become ambassadors for the standards.” (see: http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/marketplacek12/2013/09/business_execs_fight_for_common_core_before_its_too_late.html)

So, is that all the CC/SBA proof you’ve got, Lynne? Not by a long shot, folks!

SBA funding venture capitalists:

Maybe not a secret, but many VCs (venture capitalists) are those P3s (Public Private Partnerships) which we’ve seen run amuck with Common Core. I’m not saying every VC or P3, but I think you know the ones I’m referring to. Here’s what the SBA Admin. said, “Many of the first venture capital funds in the United States were SBICs. This program is one of the most successful private-public partnerships in existence. I always tell people SBICs are the best deal on the market. We provide the capital you need to employ your investment strategy, but we don’t take any carry, so you can reap the full benefits from your investments.” 

Why this type of thing is a BIG deal for those fighting Common Core:
In case you weren’t following me ‘way back when’, here’s what I uncovered about some of those venture capitalists dreams for education. Again, I have no clue if the ones I discovered are ones which have benefited from the SBA’s foray into VCs, but consider this truth, no matter the source, there are VCs out there intent on reforming education. See:

SBA’s funding the Core activities:

Thanks to the speech’s text, you can find many nuggets in what was stated. For example, the 2011 Impact Fund, which has recently been extended beyond it’s original stop date of fiscal year 2016. Where’s the money going? Here’s an excerpt, “The SBA launched our Impact Fund in 2011 as a five-year pilot to support President Obama’s vision of a more inclusive and sustainable economy. The Fund was set to expire at the end of FY2016. Last month, we announced plans to continue and expand this fund as vital and ongoing part of our SBIC portfolio. What we’re focused on with this fund is investments in underserved areas, and we want to work with fund managers with expertise in clean energy, education, and advanced manufacturing. We know you’re all investing in a competitive environment, and it can be challenging to find the right business to differentiate yourself. Our goal is to provide you with more flexibility to facilitate returns in places you may not traditionally look. Impact investing can help you find that gem off the beaten path, one that hasn’t been over-shopped. There’s money to be made in impact investing and some real good to be done, as well.” *Note: while we know education is CCSS’s area, when you consider CTE, or Career Tech Education’s Clusters, you know energy and manufacturing are in CCSS’s area, as well.

Then, the ‘smoking gun’ for the Core:

One of the BEST examples of the 2011 Impact Fund was this from TX. “In Texas, SJF Capital Funds is investing in a company that’s using educational technology to implement Common Core and raise the math scores of our K-12 students so they can compete for 21st century jobs. They’ve invested in gaming software that allows students to design their own “avatars” and compete in math against their own classmates and other kids across the state. Schools using this technology are reporting double-digit increases in their math scores. That’s the kind of innovation that our SBICs are making possible through impact investing.” *Note: notice the push for more money, more people, especially women; more alignment.

Related resources: 

To learn more about the SBA’s Investment Company:

To learn more about the SBA’s Investment Alliance: http://www.sbia.org/ *Note their website page brags about their educational investments. Be sure to look at their ‘Congressional Action’ page, lots of research worthy educational stuff there. See how powerful this Alliance is.

To find the SBA’s venture capitalists: https://www.sba.gov/category/navigation-structure/starting-managing-business/starting-business/loans-grants-funding/venture-capital