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Does It Really Matter?

Warriors, it’s the day AFTER the biggest election we’ll see for another 4 years. Did your anti CCSS candidate win? While the dust is settling, let’s please remember we have SERIOUS issues, especially when it comes to education.
I realize I may lose some followers after this article, but I feel we MUST look at the entire scope of who’s leading in D.C….and in your States.  Warriors, we must not let our guards down. The CCSS Machine is JUST as much in the Republican party as it is the Democratic party. With both Chambers of Congress, we’ve seen a tea-totaling sell out to federally led education, NOT less! Are we really so caught up in the moment we are forgetting that while our President is important, it is Congress which is participating with the CCSS Machine evenmoreso?

As anti CCSS Warriors, we oppose not only Common Core, but:

CTE, Career Tech Education; which has been proven to be not only the adult form for the express purpose of skilled laborers to boost the national and global economy but has been tracked to trickle down from jobs to higher education all the way back down to early learning.

ESSA, Every Student Succeeds Act; which mandates MORE federal control; gives power to the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services; embeds skill based education for post-secondary readiness (embedding the U.S. Dept. of Labor); mandates STEM {Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math}, which embeds the U.S. Dept. of Education, the U.S. Dept. of Energy, the National Science Foundation, the U.S. State Dept., and more; re-brands Common Core as “Challenging State Academic Standards”, “College and Career Readiness”, “21st Century Learning Skills”, etc.; states that ‘region specific’ education is to be taught; makes teachers and school leaders into puppets for the CCSS Machine agenda; be it in the career and college readiness trap OR the ‘let’s all micromanage education by becoming pseudo doctors so we can  diagnose students of all ages and abilities. That way, the federal government can justify giving more Title One Funding with oh, so many MORE strings!’

WIOA, Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (which embeds U.S. Dept. of Labor into the education of our nation at ALL grade levels and consumes EVERY school choice!)
You’ll also find certain mandates from WIOA woven into ESSA. Without CTE, WIOA would be hard pressed to even exist as a federal law. Those mandates include: massive data collecting, tracking, and streamlining (the CCSS Machine uses the phrase ‘personalized learning’ to hide this) education NOT for academic and proper critical thinking, BUT, for ‘learn to earn’ (aka: workforce education) students capable of replicating orders. Other mandates include massive assessments for skill based learning, which lead to not so much diplomas, but certificates of national level. The higher the certificate’s level {literally platinum, gold, silver, or bronze}, the better job. The problem? No certificate, no job!
At least that’s how the skill-based assessment publishers have it rigged.

Warriors, in the months which have led up to this important election, I have repeatedly showed you how the CCSS Machine has carried out, via the U.S. Congress, their continued grinding down of education in the form of workforce based education. ESPECIALLY Career Tech Education!!!

Whatever amount of money each of the Congressional members may (or may not) of received; whatever special favor, or under the table endorsement; no matter what racket has corrupted them, the CCSS Machine is resting easy. But it will be cranking up again SOON. 

Why? If you’ve not noticed, many of the CCSS Machine groups aren’t terribly ‘loud’ right now..BECAUSE they don’t have to be! The ‘bang for the buck’ payoff is this: Congress’ Ed/Workforce Committees in BOTH chambers AND including ALL political parties are being extremely loud right now.

Congressional Message from early November 2016:
Released the day BEFORE these crucial elections was the Joint House/Senate statement of ‘disdain’ for the U.S. Dept. of Education’s overreach. Yet, not one murmur about their own overreach! (If you missed it:
https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2016/11/07/edworkforce-false-positive/ )

Congressional Message from Election Day 2016:
Another unabashedly ‘pro CCSS/CTE’ plug by Congress!


Yes, this is from my email, just like the one I showed you in the 11/7/16 article.

Congress is being a great megaphone for the CCSS Machine.

Here is what else the latest plug for illegally based education (yes, since CTE is Common Core, it too, is illegally based. It’s also been codified, thanks to OTHER Congressional laws.):

1) The Ed/Workforce Committee cites a quote from IBM. If we didn’t already know it, IBM is a HUGE CCSS/CTE Supporter!! Here’s an excerpt about IBM’s love for CTE, “By linking local employers with education leaders, CTE can lead students into successful, life-long careers and fill local economic needs. Take IBM. Through the Pathways in Technology Early College High Schools (P-TECH) education model, IBM has helped graduating students secure paid internships and mentors from local businesses who can offer career advice, guidance, and support.” (*Note: this is also in the email I received.)

2) The email also brags about the HR5587 (I embedded my exposure of just how awful this bill truly is for America in the 11/7/16 article. However, you can also find it here:
https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2016/08/09/congress-loves-cte/ )

3) That quote from the Daily Mining Gazette featured in the screen shot? The paper is based in Michigan. Michigan has had a huge sell out crowd to the CCSS Machine when it comes to workforce based education and CTE!

3a) Daily Mining Gazette is owned by Ogden Newspapers Inc (ONI). ONI has other small newspapers around the nation, as well. West Virginia for example. Workforce based education, aka CTE; as well as other connected programs are a big deal in this State.Their website can be found: http://www.oweb.com/newspapers.html
(*Note: ONI also is involved in healthcare! See: http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=901889 )

3b) You may also like to know that the ONI is held by the Nutting Family based in PA. According to what I could find out about this family, they own the majority of the Pittsburgh Pirates. See:
From the Pittsburgh Pirates’ website, here’s an excerpt proving their alignment to CCSS/CTE/STEM
Fantasy Baseball Math Opening Day: Wednesday, April 11 marks opening day for Fantasy Baseball Math, presented by Pirates Charities and Pirates GM Neal Huntington and his wife Becca, at selected Boys & Girls Club sites and five schools within the Diocese of Pittsburgh. The program is a comprehensive curriculum-based program that teaches children math skills using baseball statistics. This program aligns with Common Core Standards for math and promotes higher order science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills in preparation for math-based careers.

Resources For Your Proof:
1) To see the entire letter from Ed/Workforce:

2) I showed you in the 11/7 article how healthcare and CTE intersect. However, if you missed it: https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2016/08/16/ctes-health-country/

3) To see my P-Tech article: https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2015/06/25/tech-thursday-p-tech-its-here-its-now-and-its-part-of-the-p3-ccss-machine/ (*Note: if you’ve heard of the “Reinventing High School” document, this is where you can find it and SO much more. It also has information which will take you back in time to at least 2006.)
The Answer, As Far As I Can See It:

Warriors, in the title of my article, I posed a question. So far, I’ve not given a clear cut answer. What I have given you is plenty of evidence for you to draw your own conclusion.

From my researched findings, it does indeed appear that in spite of who will be our next President, Congress has laid out enough damage to TRUE American academic-based education, that it will not matter. Too much has been spent; too many laws (legal or illegal) have been made/broken; and, too many backroom deals have been crafted.

What has troubled me throughout this election is that Mr. Trump’s VP, Mr. Pence is an acknowledged ‘champion’ of CTE (Ed/Workforce Committee has even trotted out parts of Pence’s 2015 CTE speech in their propaganda blitzes.) Compare that to Mrs. Clinton’s well documented love for Common Core. Neither fact is very comforting, nor reason to lower our guards.

As far as what CTE propaganda Congress spits out today?  I’m sure we’ll know soon.
If you’d like to check the Ed/Workforce Committee on Twitter (where you can see all kinds of CTE propaganda):
https://twitter.com/EdWorkforce (*Note: The Senate HELP Committee needs to also be checked up on.)
SO, am I suggesting that because America is so far down the education reform road we will not be able to turn back?! No!! Remember, America (other until otherwise noted) is a Constitutionally based Republic. IF you look at the definition of ‘republic’, you’ll find the CITIZENS are to be the ‘supreme power’, NOT the federal government.
, in plain speak, that’s ‘there are more of us than them’!! By the fact of sheer numbers, we CAN beat back this reform! Will it be a tough battle? Most assuredly. We will give up? Not likely until we die. Why? Our children (babies, teens, and adults) will face awful consequences if we don’t!

One more thing: we cannot rest on any laurels. Our work in not over. As long as there is federal abuse and overreach into education and all that goes with it, we have far to go.


“Fed” Triples Up

My fellow Anti CCSS/ESSA Warriors, while the U.S. Dept. of Education is anxiously waiting for the public comment period on the ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) Proposed Regulations to END, they are also busy pumping out MORE CCSS Machine rhetoric.

This time it is celebration of the 2nd anniversary of WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act). What does WIOA have to do with ESSA? After all, ESSA was supposed to impact K-12th grades only.

Well, if you haven’t been following my blog or research long, you haven’t seen how I was able to uncover how WIOA is written into the ESSA’s language; is now a mandated part of ESSA; how it ties CTE (Career Tech Education), CCR (College and Career Readiness), AAI (American Apprenticeship Initiative), CP (Career Pathways), CC (Career Clusters), and CBE (Competency Based Education) BOTH the laws together. You also haven’t seen how BOTH the Laws are also tied to the HEA (Higher Education Act), or, how HEA is also full of the alphabet soup names you see above.

What does the WIOA have to do with the Proposed Regulations for ESSA? Put briefly, plenty. The Regulations mandate that in the name of ‘State Accountability’ TO the ‘Fed Ed’, how ALL students must be shown as on track for College/Career Readiness; that ALL teachers MUST teach to post-secondary readiness, and more.

My point? Simple: We are getting a triple hit of ‘education reform’ via the CCSS Machine’s grasp in D.C.! WIOA is a law the U.S. Dept. of Labor is under. We know ESSA is the law the U.S. Dept. of Ed is under. So which federal agency is the third portion of the triple hit?
The U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services. HOW? The HHS is in ALL the Laws anywhere near this shift in education FROM academics TO workforce based.

The Previously Published Evidence: 

These will help you connect the dots between then and now.

One of the most eye-opening articles about WIOA, which will pre-date ESSA’s passage and HEA’s renewal (for funding purposes only) is this one , below. Sec. of Labor Perez is gloating about how this (then) new Law would revolutionize education. See: http://preventcommoncore.com/?p=1187

This article will show you how Sec. of Ed Duncan and Sec. of Labor Perez visited MA to put on a dog and pony type press conference promoting the united efforts of the Ed/Labor through CCSS and more. See: https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2014/10/16/tech-thursday-duncan-goes-to-massachusetts/

Another related article details how the President put the Vice President in charge of a workforce based shift for education which includes not only the federal departments previously mentioned, but shows you what other federal agencies are involved. See: https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2014/11/02/rmt-sunday-vp-common-core-and-jobs/

This article has a variety of workforce based education facts, see: 

Also related is the article where you can see how the Health and Human Services was taking advantage of the shift for workforce based education. See: https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2015/09/27/weekend-news-tracking-the-ccsscteworkforce-aligned-society/

From Dec. 2015, when the ink from signing ESSA into law was barely dry. How ESSA and HEA are connected and how WIOA ties them together for a seamless bridge from cradle to career.
See: https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2015/12/05/weekend-news-essas-untold-ties-to-hea/

From Jan. 2016, one of my first after digging through ESSA. It connects WIOA and ESSA, as well as shows you how both are to create a new kind of American citizen.
See: https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2016/01/05/essa-ties-to-wioa-2014-and-new-citizens/

Related is this one where you can see how the federal agency, Housing and Urban Development is behind the ESSA/WIOA/HEA laws. See: https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2016/05/10/silent-partners/

You may also like this one from earlier this month. Since the ESSA is trying to mislead us by switching language from the Common Core State Standards to College and Career Readiness, I look at the push for how the States are redefining WHAT CCR means. See: https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2016/07/09/ready-or-not/

The Latest Rhetoric:

Release just a few days ago, is this Press Release from the U.S. Dept. of Ed about WIOA’s ‘virtues’http://blog.ed.gov/2016/07/5-things-know-wioa/
You can be sure the current Sec. of Ed, Dr. King is ‘partying on’.
Among those 5 things ED wants to know and celebrate (but haven’t told you to down sides about each) are in bold type, my ‘down’ side to each will be italicized.

a) education reform for 21st Century skilled labor
b) a job network across the nation relying upon massive data mining/sharing
c) the job network will ensnare anyone looking for work and align them via training or re-training
d) community-wide, P3 involvement for reform (by the way, ESSA mandates region specific educational tracks)
e) evidence-based research and benchmarks (in other words subjective and selective resources to fit the reform agenda). (*Note: as far as ‘benchmarks’ for career/workforce based education, see what I found out about them back in 2014: 
https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2014/09/25/tech-thursday-cte-career-technical-education-workforce/) According to the National Association for CTE, the last time the information for benchmarks was updated was 2014. See:

Aren’t you ready to break out the confetti and balloons?!

Here is the slick video sales pitch for how great WIOA is about connecting the nation via education, data, and more.

If you would like to see this older slide show about WIOA being implemented in your State:

If you would like to see how I have been able to connect the Workforce 3in1 (now called by a newer name) to those job centers ED is so excited about and are mentioned in the above video. https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2016/05/02/makeover-for-workforce/


As the march toward a complete implementation of ESSA, we will see more rhetoric like above. We must be consistent in exposing the rhetoric, Warriors! So know that all the WIOA/ESSA/HEA laced education is awaiting our nation in the upcoming 2016-17 school year.

One way to help exposure from our side of the War Against the Core is to publicly comment on the Proposed ESSA Regulations, especially where the connections between education and workforce exist. From the researched evidence for the ESSA Proposed Regulations, the anti Fed-Ed group, US PIE (United State Parents Involved in Education)’s special team found the following.
1)   “ESSA is supposed to give flexibility and more control to States by decreasing the burden of reporting requirements. Proposed regulations 299.13 and 299.19 will expand data reporting for “States and LEAs in order to provide parents, practitioners, policy makers, and public officials at the Federal, State, and local levels with actionable data,” which will entail additional costs for States. These reports must include accountability indicators to show how the State is aligned with a College and Career Readiness Standard (Common Core).” 

2)  “Proposed 200.21 through 200.24 require LEA’s to include evidence-based interventions in order to receive improvement funds. Such interventions include the safe and healthy school environments and the community and family engagement plans. These plans include the heavy use of surveys—student surveys and home surveys.”

3) “Proposed 200.14 states assessments provide information about whether all students are on track to graduate “college-and-career-ready” (Common Core).”

To see the entire document of federal overreaches from this special project: http://nebula.wsimg.com/c3dbda7825b179bb2ad5358ef3acc6a4?AccessKeyId=13C8A0E7EBB1F1E5E658&disposition=0&alloworigin=1

To publicly comment against the ESSA Proposed Regulations:

If you are interested in my formal dissent comments on the ESSA Proposed Regulations:

Are you ready for a ‘Triple Hit’ of our own? I am!




Silent Partners

Yesterday, anti CCSS/Fed Ed Warriors, I stated we would look a bit closer into the CCSS Machine to find out about a ‘silent partner’. Before we look at who or what group is revealed, let’s continue with where I left off, the U.S. Dept of Labor’s involvement.

‘Building Youth’ via the U.S. Dept. of Labor:

If you have not heard of the YouthBuilder Grants from the U.S. Dept. of Labor, now is our opportunity to learn just how these are tied to the CCSS Machine.

The website: https://www.doleta.gov/Youth_services/YouthBuild.cfm

Their mission for your students in their words, “The Department of Labor has administered the YouthBuild program since September 2006. The YouthBuild program is administered by the Employment and Training Administration’s Office of Workforce Investment, Division of Youth ServicesYouthBuild is a community-based alternative education program that provides job training and educational opportunities for at-risk youth ages 16-24. Youth learn construction skills while constructing or rehabilitating affordable housing for low-income or homeless families in their own neighborhoods. Youth split their time between the construction site and the classroom, where they earn their high school diploma or equivalency degree, learn to be community leaders, and prepare for college and other post-secondary training opportunities. YouthBuild includes significant support systems, such as a mentoring, follow-up education, employment, and personal counseling services; and participation in community service and civic engagement. There are over 220 DOL funded YouthBuild programs in 43 states serving over 6000 youth per year.”

To see the Fact Sheet (where you will find WIOA as a featured bonus of the CBGs):

If you are interested in the 2015 CBG Awarded Grants:

As further evidence of the connection between WIOA and YouthBuild, look at the screen shot below from the Dept. of Labor:


If you enlarge the screen shot, you will notice the HUD (Housing and Urban Development) is also on board with the Program. Does that mean the U.S. Dept. of HUD is a CCSS Machine member, too? Yes! However, before we get to HUD, let me finish the U.S. Dept. of Labor by linking you back to two very important articles:
a) This article details the U.S. Dept. of Labor’s Secretary Perez, the U.S. Vice President (Biden), and a think tank organization with ties to the global aspect of workforce, global education:
b) This article ties the alignment of Common Core to Career Tech Education as well as reveal a well known supposed anti CCSS Warrior and some other organizations you may not know are in the CCSS Machine:


HUD, A Silent CCSS Machine Member?

Knowing that I have shared with you many times, in many articles how the U.S. Dept. of Labor is ruining quality education, I haven’t shared what I have found out about HUD. That ends now.

HUD is a part of our government which seeks to equalize neighborhoods across America. While that is a good mission, it is not necessarily up to our federal levels of government to oversee, at least from what I have found out. However, we have seen the federal government overtake healthcare and education, so I guess overtaking the neighborhoods stands to reason.

HUD uses Community Block Grants (CBG) and Promise Zones, which include Promise Neighborhoods. Promise Neighborhoods are embedded in the ESSA (see: https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2016/01/04/meet-your-new-neighbor-essa-seriously/)
Part of being eligible for a CBG is developing a ripe economic environment (aka: creating jobs). See the screen shot below for HUD’s Economic Success example:


Also part of being eligible are ‘national activities’. While ESSA does not spell out what ‘national activities’ IT will require, it is worth noting that ESSA, does, in fact, mandate national activities. Activities on a national level are to target teachers and entire families, as well as students and communities. (*Note: Section 4601 in ESSA Final Conference Report is where you will find the family involvement. Section 2201 begins the teachers national activities.)

To learn all you can about CBGs: http://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/HUD?src=/program_offices/comm_planning/communitydevelopment/programs

While education is not specifically mentioned (that I saw) in the paper about the HUD’s New Core Shared Service Project, some of the same CCSS Machine member organizations ARE involved in this community wide, encompassing Project.


To access the HUD paper:

To access the Official Report HUD has where they announced the New Core Services:

If you are curious about the Promise Zones featuring Promise Neighborhoods:
1) They are a White House led Initiative (meaning another top-down set of programs, laws to support them, etc.)
2) The first 5 Promise Zones were in TX. PA, CA, Southeastern KY, and the Choctaw Nation in OK. Below is a screen shot from the White House.

PromiseZoneTo access the rest of the facts from the White House:

To see a Report on the Promise Zones (and when Promise Neighborhoods was a proposal in NJ) from the Center for  the Study of Social Policy: Promise-Zones
(*Note: The Center for the Study of Social Policy has some well known CCSS Machine member organizations including the U.S. Dept. of Education, the U.S. Dept. of Justice, the United Way, the Promise Neighborhoods via Policy Link, and the HUD. See the entire list: http://www.cssp.org/about/major-funders)

To see the other social policies the Center studies: http://www.cssp.org/about
Look below to see one of the Center’s highlighted news items (click to enlarge it):


Related Resources:
1) To see the Federal Register’s information on the Dec. 2015 Promise Zoneshttps://www.federalregister.gov/articles/2015/12/18/2015-31884/promise-zones-initiative-third-round-selection-process
2) To see what information you may need on Promise Neighborhoods; pipelines for students:


I hope you have been able to see the connections between the U.S. Depts of Education, Labor, Housing and Urban Development; the White House overreach; the CCSS Machine and the alignment to workforce based education. When you expand the screen shot below, you will find Youth Build in the upper left hand corner. You will find SNAP (it was the featured news NOT circled in the screen shot about the Center for the Study of Social Policy.). If you go back and look at the many programs HUD has for job training, you can probably spot them below, as well. Since all these agencies are involved in the education reform, alignment to workforce based education via WIOA and ESSA is a given.


While the 9 federal levels are easy to spot, look at the variety of other agencies which are not easy to identify as connected.
While the 9 federal levels are easy to spot, look at the variety of other agencies which are not easy to identify as connected.


FOM: Trying to Turn the Tide to CCSS

It's Friday, you know what that means! Time to measure what's truth, what's fallacy/fib or what's in between.
It’s Friday, you know what that means! Time to measure what’s truth, what’s fallacy/fib or what’s in between.

Just released from the Common Core Standards laden group, Foundation for Excellence in Education, is a report titled (and this is NO joke) “Turn and Face the Strain”. The report is a true ‘gloom, doom, and we’ll all perish UNLESS we adhere to FEE’s way of aligning education’..This one’s going to be good, so, let’s crank up the Fib-o-Meter, shall we??!!

The Website Address: 

You’ll want to download the reports, I’m sure, so here’s the official website for all things Strained, http://excelined.org/FaceTheStrain/

The Truth?! Are You Kidding Me?!

Before we begin the Fib-o-Meter, let’s take a couple of minutes to see the 2 foundations behind this ‘grinding, binding, and trying to frighten us’ report. First up, Foundation for Excellence in Education. If you’ve been following the CCSS saga long, you’ll know that Jeb Bush is responsible for this organization AND is a huge voice FOR Common Core! The other foundation is the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice. According to their website they state school choice is their stance. That stance includes private schools, homeschools, however, look at the graphic they use:



If you haven’t clicked on the picture above to enlarge it, you’ll miss the ‘smoking’ pro CCSS gun: “ESAs”. How do I know this? When you type in “Education Savings Account Common Core” into your general internet search bar, the results are astounding. Credible groups, one after another, have written how this ‘false choice’ is NO choice BUT CCSS. (for example, see these 2 stories:
http://dailysignal.com/2014/12/20/why-even-common-core-supporters-are-changing-their-minds/ OR http://www.educationviews.org/establishment-educators-maintaining-pro-common-core-position/ )

That brief look at the groups behind the report should help you understand the agenda behind the report. Even the title of the report is designed to be incite a fear tactic. I guess they think the CCSS bandwagon is parked outside our doors, ready to swoop us up and carry us away. Sorry, Foundations for CC, not today, you don’t!

Fib-o-Meter, Take One:
One of the first sentences from the Strain that we’ll pull through the Fib-o-Meter is this one,

‘fierce battle looming between the needs of public health care and education’ I have a question for you..did you know we have a fierce battle between the two topics?? I didn’t think we did. I mean we know both are important issues BUT a battle?? This one gets a ‘Total Fallacy’ just for the appeal to fear logic. What IS “Total Truth” about healthcare and education IS that via CCSS they are united. It’s hard to have a fierce battle when you’re on the same team, now isn’t it? Dr. Duke Pesta and Mary Black do an excellent job of tying the two together in the presentation from Freedom Education Project

There are others who’ve written about the co-joining as well. I’ve featuring my stories about the CCSS laden health care reform here. See: https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2014/09/30/from-the-files-health-care-gets-a-common-core-transfusion/ (titled “Health Care Gets a Common Core Transfusion”) or these 2 about the federal budgets that ties health and education together:
https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2014/12/13/sic-em-saturday-more-fed-budget-watch/ and https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2014/12/12/fom-friday-2015-fed-ed-budget/

Fib-o-Meter, Take Two:

Here’s the next sentence the Fib-o-Meter will measure:
‘A crisis is fast approaching that makes comprehensive improvement of America’s public schools more important than ever.’  Yes, another statement that forecasts dire doom for us all IF we don’t reform, reform! “Total Fallacy” for the appeal to fear (again). A related “Total Fallacy” that has been misrepresented AND exposed is the jobs for those graduates who will be caring for an aging population. “Restore the GED Fairness” has at least 2 great articles about HOW we’ve been mislead with those U.S. Dept. of Labor unemployment numbers. (it creates the illusion we’re worse off as a nation than we truly are). Here’s one of the articles,  http://restoregedfairness.org/latest-news/32-common-core-and-the-pearson-vue-ged-an-economic-con-job From their “Latest News” page, this graphic:


Fib-o-Meter, Take Three: 

Census Bureau data..yes, all that data. What’s worthy of the Fib-o-Meter is that this report relies so heavily on data presented as hard evidence for reform, reform and more reform! Think about it. Our last US Census was 2012. Those numbers were hit with tons of controversy over their factual existence. So, suddenly I’m to trust the data from the Census because it was in this report?! (see: http://nypost.com/2013/11/18/census-faked-2012-election-jobs-report/)

So (and I’m guessing here) that by the report using 2010 data in their large printed paragraphs and blurbs to get your attention is to help you feel better about the 2012 data NOT being used. But then, the report says it’s using other years of data to..all to make the ‘facts’ and ‘figures’ add up to their agenda.

On page 17, 2005’s data is introduced. Here’s an excerpt,  “The 2005 Census Interim Projection forecasts an increase in population ages 5-17 of 8.4 million and 11.3 million for ages under 18 between 2010 and 2030. The more recent Census Bureau 2012 National Population Projection forecasts that the country will gain more than 4.6 million residents age 5 to 17 and 5.4 million age under 18 during that same time period.” 

The Fib-o-Meter doesn’t take kindly to smoke and mirrors, fact twisting, or the like. The point of the “Fallacy” by the data is simply this: your most recent past figures should be the ones used, not bits and pieces from several years and then continuing to feature only one year as your ‘projection base’ (ie: 2010 figures projected to the year 2030)

Fib-o-Meter’s Fifth Measure:

Read this excerpt: ‘Regardless of which of these projections ultimately proves more accurate, millions more students will be hitting American classrooms. Given the challenges looming with the elderly, it seems safe to say that K-12 education faces huge challenges as well.’ 

From this point in the report, the rhetoric shifts a bit to the massive amount of state debt we’ll see surrounding education spending. Add to that all the elder care money, and we’re all sailing down the creek without our proverbial paddle. The “Total Truth” of this excerpt is yes, many students will be in American classrooms. Does that mean it has to be the CCSS classroom, though?? NO! Again, more ‘Total Truth’ about Common Core, there are several U.S. Federal Agencies hooked into the Core, the top three: U.S. Dept. of Education; U.S. Dept. of Labor AND the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services!! Of course they findings, reports, and resources all point to the ‘fierce battle’! If these departments can divide us in a false battle, we’ll be easier to be distracted about what’s going on. We must be attentive in our fight against Common Core. Don’t just take one side’s information and assume it stops there!

How do I know the 3 are co-joined? Refer to the 2015 Federal budget articles presented above. If you’ve already read those, here are 2 more from “Prevent Common Core” website, http://preventcommoncore.com/?p=1187 (titled “Common Core and the Workforce”) and http://preventcommoncore.com/?p=1201 (titled “More Common Core and the Workforce”)

The Report Goes Downhill Still:

As if, by now, you haven’t had enough Fib-o-Meter detecting, I’ll leave the rest of the report for you to dive into. Note though, that it’s from the above points to the conclusion that the mindset you are to glean is one of ‘we must act now’! How do they try to sell it? Minds-are-horrible-to-waste, our-system-is-flat-lined-in-education, our-global-competition-game-needs-some-moxy, we-must-rely-on-the-twisted-NAEP-scale-to-measure-our-schools, and more. “Total Fallacy” enough to keep your Fib-o-Meter churning for hours.

The download: ExcelinEd-FaceTheStrain-Ladner-Jan2015-FullReport-FINAL2
For further research:
Here’s a related one tying the U.S. Dept of Health/Human Services to CCSS:

Here’s a related one tying the U.S. Dept of Labor, as well as state level departments to CCSS: https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2014/11/06/tech-thursday-workforce-commissions-education-and-common-core/

Here’s a related one I wrote tying the Vice President to the Workforce that’s CC aligned and is designed to ‘bring on jobs’:


As we shut down the Fib-o-Meter for another week, please know that I do understand we have many problems in America that do need serious attention. Education is at the top of the list. Certainly caring for our families is of even more importance than education. At least from my backyard view, it is. However, I cannot understand how aligning all that we do and all of whom we are is the sensible solution. We must remember that CCSS is a violation of our U.S. Constitution! We must realize our federal government has already so grossly abused its power in BOTH healthcare and education that the fierce battle isn’t between education and healthcare, it’s between a country and her people. It’s us against Common Core. The battle IS there, the warriors ARE here, but let’s be frank Foundations who created this report: you didn’t speak the truth about WHERE the battle lies! So, they want to turn the tide to CC, we can turn the tide AGAINST CC!

A strained face you can believe. This "Strained Report", notsomuch.
A strained face you can believe. This “Strained Report”, notsomuch.

Monday Musing: An Interview You MUST Hear!

Share this post, share this interview!
Share this post, share this interview!

Usually my Monday’s posts are about my feelings on Common Core situations. Today, however, I’m featuring an interview one of my fellow warriors shared with me. As a fighter against Common Core, I urge you to listen!!! Many of the comments you’ll hear from her are specific issues about CCSS that many of us warriors may already know (or in my case, researched, written about). However, how Mrs. Hoge details it IS a ‘must hear’!!

The Interview:

“Caravantomidnight” (website: http://caravantomidnight.com/) show from 1/21/15 featured Anita Hoge. A well known education researcher, among other areas of knowledge. If you don’t know much about Anita, I found a brief bio of her at “Freedom Outpost”. (see: http://freedomoutpost.com/author/anitahoge/)

When to listen:

Begin at the 28:10 minute mark. Here the host will tell you about Anita’s topic. Then Mrs. Hoge explains how and why she began fighting against educational reform that was the precursor to where we are in the fight against CCSS today. From there she’ll mention Charlotte Iserbyt; Pennsylvania’s role in being a guinea pig for the National Assessment, etc. At the 45:00 mark, data collection and The U.S. Dept. of Ed.; 57:00 The government’s creation for compliant citizens; 1 hour mark gives you how Mrs. Hoge defines CCSS; 1:08 ‘what’s your worth (human capital wise) to the nation?’ and the massive agenda that EVERY child is educational deprived, so they MUST be corrected. When you are at the 1:17 hour mark, listen to the way state grants will use ALL students (regardless of where they attend school) are entered into the P-20 data stream (Preschool to age 20); Listening at 1:26, be sure to note the ‘wrap around mental health’ interweaving into schools; Workforce alignment is at 1:33(to include all citizens from preK to retirement); At the 1:36 mark, a short break where you’ll hear Pink Floyd’s “Brick in the Wall”.  After this the Gov. of PA discussion resumed; next is the critical thinking via CCSS about 1:47; The ESEA reauthorizing and Lamar Alexander’s Title One debacle at 1:49 (I just wrote about this last week); School choice and your taxes used for CCSS will kill all private education, 1:51; 1:54 homeschooling impact via failing standardized tests, thus being denied work or college; 1:57 Mrs. Hoge brings back up the Title One funding will kill public schools in your neighborhood..so where does the local school board go? AWAY! What will replace, charter schools with NO elected school boards. Therefore no representation for local education! Near the end, 2:02 the Senator’s bill with NO number is on the fast track for vote in March 2015. “Charter schools are public schools”, 2:05; 2:07 a bypass of states rights!! “Free day care” gives us data collection, 2:08; toddler and kindergarten behavior assessing via teachers/caregivers (who are not licensed mental health professionals), 2:10; Mental conditioning for toddlers, 2:12; redefining what special needs is in education will continue mental conditioning, 2:15. At the 2:20 mark, how the U.S. Census will be redesigned to help data collection along. Weak links include data collection, HIPPA not covering educational records, follow this topic. Listen to 2:30, how in some states schools are being taken over and converted into charter schools because assessments aligned to Common Core were failed!


What you need to take away from this:

Collectivism training (If there was an old lady would you push her in the road OR throw rocks at her?) No individualism will be tolerated.

Career Pathway (don’t pass the test at 3rd grade, don’t move on; don’t graduate…)

Blueprint for Learning a Living, SCANS report: http://wdr.doleta.gov/SCANS/lal/lal.pdf

B. F. Skinner’s Plan (radical behavior plan)

Functional Literacy/what are you teaching my child?/how can you assess honesty?

Mental health agenda IS the main point of education reform! FERPA monster moves.

Common Core: transfer of power from local to federal for data’s sake so you can be measured by your attitude.

National I.D. System: http://www.newswithviews.com/Hoge/anita112.htm

See what the information will look like:

E-Scholar, a leader in educational data mining, website: http://www.escholar.com/ {impacts ANY student 29 years and under in all types of schools, not just public}

Interpersonal training at home (passed off as ‘parent involvement’)

Standards Aligned Systems from Pennsylanvia (http://www.pdesas.org/module/sas/aboutsas.aspx)

Title One will follow the child via scholarship or vouchers. Totally changes how your property taxes are assessed via CCSS.

Effective domain: http://serc.carleton.edu/NAGTWorkshops/affective/index.html

Pyramid Model for Educational Mental Conditioning: http://serc.carleton.edu/NAGTWorkshops/affective/index.html

My article about Sen. Alexader’s massive bill: https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2015/01/18/rmt-will-you-help/

Activist steps:
Listen to the list Mrs. Hoge gives, 2:33

1) Charlotte Iserbyt’s website: http://abcsofdumbdown.blogspot.com/

2) Change HIPPA to include educational records.

3) Parents write letters for informed consent to Superintendents/Principals .

4) Use the Data System resource mentioned earlier to know what items to ‘opt out’ of.

5) Every state has RTI (Response To Intervention). STOP IT!

6) PPA (Protection of Pupils Amendment) will stop the psychological abuse!

7) Watch your property taxes and what happens with the funding, is it staying in my community or is it going to Regional Workforce, State level organizations.

8) Contact your federal legislators and tell them to seek anti Common Core warriors like Mrs. Hoge, Mrs. Iserbyt to appear BEFORE the Sen. Alexander bill can be voted on!!

Sic’ ‘Em Saturday: More Fed Budget Watch

Where there's money, there's power. How is it being planned in relation to CCSS?
Where there’s money, there’s power. How is it being planned in relation to CCSS?

Yesterday, we looked at the plans the President is desiring to have in place for education in America. We may see that  Congress’ budget decisions may OR may not align with the CCSS, CTE, CCR (Common Core State Standards, Career Tech Education, and College/Career Readiness) agenda embedded in those plans. However, we must leave NO stone un-turned! Today’s alert? Workforce as it aligns with not only CCSS, but massive data mining for our students.

First up, where to look:

Yesterday’s in-depth look was in education. Today’s is Workforce. To tackle Workforce (which aligns to CCSS/CTE/CCR beginning in secondary school and moving beyond into post-secondary), we need to see what’s in the Labor budget. After all, if you’ve been following my trail of Workforce articles, you know that’s where we discovered the Workforce Quality Data Initiative’s hidden-in-plain-sight ‘marriage’ to the Dept. of Ed’s Student Longitudinal Data System (see my earlier posts, first from Prevent Common Core, then the one link that has all the articles concerning this, found here on my blog: http://preventcommoncore.com/?p=1223; http://preventcommoncore.com/?p=1187; https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/?s=workforce+quality+data)

That being said, let’s see what the President’s Dept. of Labor budget looks like, labor2015
In the “Opportunity, Growth, and Security Initiative” section, more funding for community colleges, “Investment in a Community College Job-Driven Training Fund, which includes grants that would support doubling the number of apprenticeships in America over the next five years.” (as you’ll find in my earlier published posts, apprenticeships, community colleges are cast in the CCSS/CTE/CCR net). In the “Reform” section, more “Workforce Innovation and Opportunity” rhetoric complete with more incentives. (think about the articles above, where it ties the 2014 Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act to CCSS)

The numbers you need to know:

So, just how many tax dollars will this arm of CCSS aligned education take?! I’m so glad you want to know!!

*Opportunity, Growth, and Security Initiative, gives $1.5 billion to four year institutions and $6 billion to community colleges to purposefully seek out more P3 relationships (Public, private partnerships) to combine/align education and job skills. “The fund will also help to
create common credentials and skill assessments to allow employers to more easily
identify and hire qualified candidates.” (Think “WorkKeys” assessment; the National CCR credential where if you don’t have a national certificate number, you don’t get a job)

Could the following include data mining as part of the ‘service’?  “$60 million in the Workforce Innovation Fund to support innovative State and regional approaches to service delivery.” We’ll have to keep an eye out, won’t we? I can share with you that just a few sentences later, the word ‘incentivize’ is used in relationship to the states.

Other aspects we’ll need to follow is the ‘new Career Pathways’ the Budget includes for. Not yet (at least that I have been able to find) related to CCSS, but also included:  “The Budget also provides $2 billion in mandatory funding to encourage States to adopt
Bridge to Work programs.”

Enter, the Dept of Health/Human Services:

We anti-CCSS warriors have been able to learn that not only the U.S. Dept of Ed, the U.S. Dept of Labor are involved in aligning our education and workforce, but ALSO the U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services. (you can find out how in some of my previous posts/articles mentioned above) So, let’s dive into where and how much is in this part of the President’s Budget.

* Under the “Opportunity, Growth, and Security Initiative”, ‘Preparing our children to succeed in life, by providing high-quality early learning opportunities.’ How, you ask? Early Head Start/child care partners, of course.

Could the above be included in  “The Budget includes $77.1 billion in discretionary funding”? Why would I pose that question? Because the Dept of Health/Human Services is the principal agency in America to oversee health and well-being..including mental health. With all the social-emotional agenda components to CCSS, we need to know what’s up as well as what’s being planned. We already know a universal PreK is in the works. We know home visits are a distinct possibility, as well. Part of the discretionary funding taps ‘biomedical research’ (think all that biometric data mining going on)

*As part of Affordable Care, “14.6 billion over 10 years to implement innovative policies to train new health care providers and ensure that the future health care workforce is prepared to deliver high quality and efficient health care services.” (remember those Career Clusters? A big one, health care) $5.2 billion is marked for ‘incentivizing’ physicians. A little bit further on, “The Budget also invests more than $3.9 billion over the next six years in the National Health Services Corps to place 15,000 health care providers in the areas of the
Nation that need them most.” There’s more: ” The Now is the Time initiative includes
$55 million for Project AWARE (Advancing Wellness and Resilience in Education) to help States and communities implement plans to keep schools safe and refer students with behavioral health challenges to the services they need, as well as to provide Mental Health First Aid training in schools and communities to equip adults who work with youth to detect signs of mental illness; $50 million to train 5,000 new mental health professionals to serve students and young adults; $20 million for Healthy Transitions to help support transitioning youth (ages 16-25) and their families in accessing and navigating behavioral
health treatment systems; and $5 million to change the attitudes of Americans about
behavioral health workforce needs.” With all the ‘one-size-fits-all’ attitude, who’s to say what will and not be deemed as needing treatment?

*Biomedical research, to get ‘$30.2 billion for NIH to support research at institutions across the United States.’ While this portion of the Budget report says it is to tackle things like Alzheimer’s, I would suggest we watch this one, especially knowing how much biometric data is being reported or finding us being warned about (Dr. Duke Pesta/Mary Black’s presentation about the dangers of CCSS highlighted this very reality. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epo2oWoL7ZE)

*For those with little ones, this might be of interest, “The Budget supports initiatives that will help every child reach his or her potential and strengthen the Nation’s competitiveness. This includes $650 million in the base Budget and $800 million in the Opportunity, Growth, and Security Initiative for Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships.” Those home visits we’ve heard about? Well, who’s to say just HOW they would be in reality, but here’s what the Executive Summary states, “Further, the
Budget provides discretionary and mandatory resources for States to support higher-quality child care, and dedicates $200 million in discretionary funds to improve the quality of child care. In addition, the Budget invests $15 billion in mandatory funds over the next 10 years to extend and expand evidence-based, voluntary home visiting programs, which enable nurses, social workers, and other professionals to connect families to services and educational supports that improve a child’s health, development, and ability to learn.” Again, who’s to say, but consider this, where are the parental rights? What if the family is choosing to home educate? Why does it appear everyone must fit the same mold? To see the entire Health/Human Services Budget outline:


Bottom Line:

While all of this MAY or MAY NOT be what Congress actually supports is not yet 100% clear. However, knowing what we know about the vast overreach, the control from top down, AND the public private partnerships involved. We MUST not rest for one moment or assume that because the plans didn’t go as laid out, that they won’t at some point surface again..maybe in some new bill or act. It certainly is a trick that has been used before.
In fighting against CCSS and all that goes with it, we must be wise as serpents, sharp as foxes, and gentle as doves.

What about the States? With federal money and all the plans between yesterday and today’s posts revealing what the agenda is, we know the states will be pressured (incentivized) into conformity. We MUST interact with those in authority.  We MUST keep an eye on the appropriations funding. We can’t afford to be REACTIVE. We MUST keep a pro-active stance in our children’s futures, no matter where they are as a student.