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Not For The Faint Hearted

Author’s note: This article contains unpleasant material. Please remember, the evidence and research are provided for you to decide.  We must be prepared and informed Warriors, not reactive Warriors

Oh, my fellow Anti CCSS Warriors..We have seen so many awful things happen to education in the past few years together. We’ve seen an increase in the ‘workforce training’ being passed off as ‘academic prowess’.

We’ve seen shifts in how the attitudes, values, beliefs, and, thinking have become so twisted we may not recognize who our children are. Because ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) codified CCSS, we will continue to see unwelcome changes in our nation.

However, what’s changing our children right before our eyes?

Globalism, collectivism, Communism, Socialism, and…………


Because Globalism and all the other ‘isms’ are tied to Common Core (remember, the roots of CC are in the United Nations, which has  been traced to demonic activities and beliefs.)

Part of the ‘sales pitch’ surrounding all this? “Fun”. One of my previously published articles showed you how the ‘fun’ was a guise devised by Robert Muller to steer our children to workforce based education for a socialist benefit. While the article was pointing out how homeschoolers are being pulled into this.

Back in 2014, I wrote an article about Evil having no place in education. It shows you the awful connections between Bill Gates, UNESCO, the World Core Curriculum and the Lucifer Publishing Company.

However, it’s what follows, which is the truly unpleasant (downright disturbing) educational activities you need to know about.


Warriors, that’s the abbreviation for the After School Satan Clubs in America. Maybe you remember the news from 2016 about the school district in GA which was being asked to start up an ASSC.

According to CBN’s (Christian Broadcasting Network) website, Clubs (as of 8/17) are in Los Angeles, Pensacola, Portland, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Tacoma and Springfield, Missouri. Below, in the screen shot, notice the ‘fun’ pictures used to draw our children’s attention to the ASSCs:

(*Note, as of this writing, Satanic Temples are in TX, GA, NY, OR, CA, LA, FL, AZ, MA, CO, MI, and WA. Coming soon: MO and OK. Where there’s a Temple, the ASSCs will also be. According to all the sources, ASSCs are targeting similar Christian Clubs. I did not find any mention of any other faith based clubs being targeted.)

Warriors, according to all the information I found, these Clubs are available to all school choices, not simply public school children.  If the two smaller versions (above) don’t look ‘fun’ enough, look at the way the Satanic Temple ASSC’s page on their website has depicted the ‘mascot’:

Warriors, if you choose to investigate the website, notice that in the cartoon, the ‘hip devil’ is holding what resembles a candy cane.
I’ve provided you a look (below) at the permission slip with some added emphasis:


Why the red and orange circles? The CCSS Machine has gone to great pains to sell the nation on how ‘great’ the critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and character building are with the aligned curriculum and resources. These resources include after-school programs.

The 4Cs (collectivism, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity) are the anchors of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math). The 4Cs are the anchors of Common Core, Career and College Readiness, Next Gen Science, Career Tech Education, STEM, C3 (College, Career, and Civic Life) and whatever else CC’s been re-branded as (ie: “Future Ready”)

The 4Cs, College/Career Readiness, STEM, and all which connects them are embedded in ESSA, too! More globalism ties in ESSA include the “UDL”, Universal Design for Learning”, Universal Preschool, and, massive data mining to track students from cradle to grave.

You may also notice there’s a “Protect Children” campaign that also is a Satanic Temple project. It’s against corporal punishment. Below, is a picture of the letter they have available to send to your School Board against any type of corporal punishment, including isolation rooms:

(*Note: from the “Protect Children” page, this disclaimer,Please note that this tactic has not yet been tested in court. If a student who registers is subsequently harmed and we launch a legal challenge, the State would need to argue that their right to abuse children supersedes the religious rights of students.”)

Warriors, the video contained in this undated  Newsletter is downright chilling. Not because of the images, the background ‘song’.

According to the Forbes article about the ASSCs, the writer also thought the video was chilling. Temper that with this article from the Federalist. It carries the tone of  ‘let’s step back a minute’. While I think what the author is sharing is worth listening to, I know, as a Mom, there is MUCH to be watchful of anytime Satan enters the picture.

Warrior Concerns:

Why did I include the video, if it’s so creepy?

1) We need to know! How can we protect our students from the CCSS Machine if we do not know all the ways IT seeks to destroy our children? After all, so much is available to them on-line. Have they seen this video?! We must know! It must be discussed.

2) Warriors, we need to understand with Satanism comes mind control and mental health concerns (The Temple has a group known as the Grey Faction).

3) I am not stating mental activities will be carried on during an ASSC gathering. But look at the ‘art’ pages below in the pictures. Strong mental images.

4) Knowing how damaging the SEL (Social Emotional Learning) is and how much of it is codified in ESSA, we should be VERY active in finding out what’s in our schools. With ESSA’s mandate for MORE after school, community wide programs, we MUST be very diligent in finding out what groups like the ASSCs are out there, how will they have access to your students? With the recent new appropriations from Congress which increase the amount of mental health ‘activities’ in/outside schools, we must DEMAND we be informed before any actions are taken!

For example, look below:

Warriors, let’s remember, the Clubs have access to young minds. Once they ‘see’ something like this (below), how will they ‘un-see’ it?? In 2014, I showed you a similar issue with a children’s book of ABCs.


Warriors, this is the flag of the Satanic Temple from Facebook. Remember, they are the same group running the After School Satan Clubs:

A Last Concern, based on Evidence:

Warriors, I know this is quite a bit to process. Believe me, I know. However, remember when I shared near the beginning that the CCSS Machine is rooted in the UN? So much of what’s above is also in the CCSS Machine. Is Satanism present in the United Nations?

From 2009, this article reveals the symbolism found in the New York headquarters. From 2016, this article from the New American Magazine ties the UN, Satanism, and the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) together. The ‘common’ bond? It appears to be the combined efforts of Robert Muller and Alice Bailey (a known occultist).


Warriors, due to the season we are in, so close to Halloween, keep a watchful eye for anything which seems to harm your family (pets included). We know the CCSS Machine is full of tricks. We know ESSA is no gift of greatness for our education system. We understand the dangers of any ideas which do not fit our family belief system, MUST not be indoctrinated. 

Monday Musings: What’s CC to You?


If you’ve read my anti CC (Common Core) blog for a long time, you know I’ve featured some pretty fitting visuals pertaining to what part of CC I was referring to. You also may remember the pithy comments, the out and out pokes I’ve taken at the Core. As an example (in case you’re new to my blog), consider the first time I featured the above photo. The caption read “Let’s make applesauce of HR5!” From my viewpoint, I’m a bit bummed the apple became a scapegoat so to speak for CC. I happen to really like apples. For me, applesauce would be ideal as a scapegoat. WHY? Think about it…apples which aren’t fit for any other purpose but to be reduced to a mushy consistency are used in the actual process of making applesauce. Think about the creators of the CC, isn’t that in a way what they are doing with education? Taking it from its intended form and reducing it down to mush?! Look at it this way, there’s only so much you can do with applesauce. The same can be said for CC. Applesauce isn’t as popular as some other apple recipes. Common Core isn’t popular at all with those who really know education. I’m heading somewhere with all this, so read on, please.

Today’s Purpose:

I want to inspire you. If you’ve not taken the time to ponder about what you envision when you hear the term “Common Core” or any of its others names, this is a great day to do it!

Why? When you fight as hard and as long as we have against injustice, you can become quite jaded IF you don’t take the time every so often to formulate some tangible creation of all you’ve been harboring. Think of it as cheap therapy.
Think of it as a healthy way to keep your brain at its best. We can only be so effective in this war IF we are at our best. When we have a lot of mind clutter, especially when day in, day out, we handle so much information that burdens us, we can become overloaded. When we get overloaded, we break down; we become cynical; we don’t fight as hard. Any warrior of the CC needs to remember: this war is long NOT quick; this war takes strength AND wisdom NOT brashness and speed.

We’ve seen plenty of great ideas of what others see CC as, but what do YOU see? Don’t get me wrong, there are some great letters, visuals, and cartoons out there that express some of what we feel about all this federal overreach into education.. BUT, I ask you, do they truly capture what you feel?
Do the creative expressions already out there truly fit what you’re experiencing in fighting CC? While some warriors will be quick to say ‘yes’ (or perhaps “I don’t have the time for this.”), I want to encourage you to not be so quick AND to TAKE the time. Why? Because, holding toxic or negative warfare mindsets wears you down.
Think about the best surgeons on the TV show “M*A*S*H”. They were constantly on their feet, working tirelessly for others, and seeing horrible conditions all around them. If they didn’t blow off steam every now and then, they wouldn’t be fit to serve. Do you remember some of the silly ways in which they detoxified their minds? Sometimes it was a rowdy song or a practical joke. Sometimes it was making a new machine out of junk (yes, the still in Pierce’s tent). My point is simply this: having a bit of fun about what you’re fighting against will be extremely cleansing to your mindset.

We are all so different and unique. That’s what has been so joyful about teaching for me. Seeing those differences and unique insights from my students. No two people fighting CC will have the exact experience as the other. However, in times like these, when we share our unique journeys, we discover a connection. A connection that inspires us to move on, to be the best we can be, and to do all that we do with a purposed determination. Don’t let CC steal that from you! So, if you envision CC as a watermelon which needs to be smashed (think the comedy routine of Gallagher), do it! If you feel CC needs a “Dear John” letter, write it! (I did, it was really helpful. It can be found: http://ladyliberty1885.com/2014/07/29/guest-post-a-common-core-dear-john-letter/) If you’d love nothing more than to bake an apple pie and then throw it at a picture of your CC nemesis, do it! If you feel a picture or video portraying a sentiment is worthy of helping you unleash the yuck of the battlefield we face, go for it! As long as you don’t endanger yourselves or others, have a grand time! Remember, our fight is against the CC and all that goes with it. One of my best ways to poke fun in a meaningful way is to use the phrase “CCSS Machine”. In my mind, that’s what I see. I don’t see people, I see a vast machine, grinding up everything it its path. My wish is to be the one with the wrench that will be inserted in just the right spot to completely halt that Machine!

I’d love to see your creations, if you’d like to share them. Who knows, your expression may be the one that really speaks to a new warrior, a nervous parent, or that stressed out student who desperately needs some release from CC.

Who I most identify with in this CC War.
Who I most identify with in this CC War.

Would You Believe It?! Fun: Common Core Style

It’s Wednesday & that means something about Common Core you just have to research to believe. (in other words, so ridiculous it appears made up, but then isn’t!) Today’s topic: FUN!!!

Common Core is fun! It's free & for your student!
Common Core is fun! It’s free & for your student!

Search, I dare you!

Let’s say we’re playing a game of hide & seek. Our goal is to find the ‘Common Core fun’. If you find it for ‘free’, that’s a bonus, right? If you have your Smart Phone or other portable internet capable device handy, go to the ‘playstore’ and let’s ‘shop’. I have an Android (hey, it works for me). By searching ‘Common Core Standards’, I have over 250 apps available, over 100 books I can download. Most of these are ‘free’!! Now, drop the ‘Standards’ and search again. This time I got over 77 types of music for downloading. Most to the music is fee based.

Searching  for STEM (also intertwined with Common Core): I tried “STEM for Fun” (it’s so popular it has its own category). The results? At least 100. The kicker, while some were very clear about their names, many looked just like the more traditional video games/apps we’ve seen for years now.  **This is not a scientific study nor method. just a general search**

There are other national standards you will find games for, even Physical Education is now Common Core aligned. However, I’m not spending any more time searching, it turns my stomach to see all those cute animal with such a wicked agenda hidden behind them.

Games, games and manipulated marketing:
According to http://www.gamesandlearning.org/category/markets/, games, while fun, are being used to craftily amass data, conduct assessments, etc. Here’s what it stated about games/assessments: “The most important foundation for a learning game or game-based assessment is that it possesses the ‘stars align’ principle. Under this principle, the very actions and decision points in the game that are compelling as an experience (the things that keep the player at play and coming back to play) are directly relevant to the learning and assessment goals. That means that if the assessment goal is to find out if a player is good at collecting coins and breaking bricks on a 2D platform in order to rescue a princess, then the game has to be about collecting and counting coins, and rewarding the collection of coins to arrive at a score or ranking. Simple enough.” (source: http://www.gamesandlearning.org/2014/02/19/when-the-stars-align-connecting-game-play-to-assessment/) You’ll need to read the rest if the assessment is to be more in-depth.

Bonus: The entire website: “Games & Learning”? Gates Foundation funded! (‘The site is operated by the  is operated by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop and is a project of the Games and Learning Publishing Council. The Council and the Site are made possible by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.’)

Venture Beat website predicts by 2017, the educational game market will top 2 billion dollars. If you read my post yesterday, you’ll know that much of the capital for the games will come from locations like Silicon Valley. That’s a tremendous amount of gaming to use for Common Core, STEM or other national educational standards.  (see: http://venturebeat.com/2013/08/16/with-a-mobile-boom-learning-games-are-a-1-5b-market-headed-toward-2-3b-by-2017-exclusive/)

According to Serious Game Market’s website, consumers are driving up sales. “Consumers are by far the major buyers of mobile edugame digital content in Canada and the US and they will continue to dominate throughout the forecast period. The majority of consumer purchases fall into the two ends of the age spectrum: math and language learning for young children.” The rest of the article, http://www.seriousgamesmarket.com/2014/06/consumers-to-fuel-demand-for-mobile.html

Wait, isn’t playing a good thing?

In an answer, yes. However, as with anything connected to Common Core, ‘simply’ doesn’t exist very well. Many studies have been conducted proving the value of play when it comes to education. All ages, learning styles and capabilities are able to learn much more when things are fun. Yet, let’s contrast the concept of play & learning without the CCS filter in place and then with it.
Non CC play minded:  Psychologist Peter Gray, 2011: “As free play has become less common in the developed nations of the world, kids have become more troubled. Anxiety,depression, feelings of helplessness, and narcissism have increased in young people in an apparently linear manner that seems to mirror the decline in play.” He goes on to share: citing  the work of Jean Twenge, a researcher who has tracked changes in public mental health over time. “According to Twenge, rates of anxiety and depression among children and adolescents were far lower during the Great Depression,World War II, the cold war, and the turbulent 1960s and early 1970s than they are today.” That doesn’t prove that lack of play has caused emotional problems. But it makes sense that play might protect kids from developing these problems. Gray noted that play helps kids learn rules, practice self-control, make decisions, regulate their emotions, and cooperate with others. And in case we needed to confirm it, social play makes kids happy.  Gray describes a study that asked American tweens and adolescents to log their activities throughout the day. Kids said they were happiest when they were out of school, talking and playing with friends. Watching TV was linked with happiness, but to a lesser degree. It’s not rocket science. When people are happy, they are less likely to feel anxious, depressed, or helpless.” (article source: http://blogs.babycenter.com/mom_stories/8-26-2011-lack-of-free-play-is-harming-our-kid/)

CC/STEM play minded: Dr. Rachel White, 2012 “Power of Play” for the Minnesota Children’s Museum, wrote, “Recently, the field of education has experienced a push to develop the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills that are important to success in the 21st century. Through play with objects – blocks, sand, balls, crayons, and paper – children begin to understand logical scientific thinking, such as the concept of cause and effect. They also practice mathematical skills such as measurement, quantification, classification, counting, ordering, and part-whole relations (Gelfer & Perkins, 1988; Ginsberg, Inoue & Seo, 1999; Piaget, 1962; Ness & Farenga, 2007). The informal understanding children gain through experimentation, observation, and comparison in play lays the foundation for higher-order thinking and later learning of formal STEM concepts.” (Bergen, 2009; Ginsberg, 2006; Shaklee et al., 2008 as cited in Fisher et al., 2011; Tepperman, 2007)   (rest of the research summary MCMResearchSummary)

Game Savvy:

Going back to our original idea of ‘hide and seek’, how would you know which games, toys, apps are CC/STEM aligned (include those other nationally standardized subjects and thus aligned, as well) or not? Read labels, for starters. The graphic above (Splash Math) was easy, the website clearly stated the games, etc. are CC aligned. However, let’s say your at the big toy store, and you pick up a “Leap Frog” game or toy for learning. Did you know they, too are CC aligned now? Yes! By searching their website via the toy/game store , you won’t see it in plain language like “Splash Math”, but when you really dig…(http://www.leapfrog.com/en-us/learning-path/articles/common-core-nation.htmlWhat’s more, it is intentionally planned, Dr. Jody LeVos, manager of LeapFrog’s Learning Team. “One exciting aspect of the CCSS is the deliberate attempt to connect topics and have children think across curricular topics, such as writing a narrative about mathematical problems and drawing pictures to represent what children think.”

A great rule of thumb? If the game or toy is educational and from before 2008, you should be good. If, however, it’s an app, you’ll really need to get to know the company, who’s funding it, look at the content or learning strands. Buzzwords like, “meets national standards”, etc. need to be looked for as well.

Some websites have several aligned resources in one place (like this one: http://kidscreen.com/2013/04/22/50-games-with-stem-education-features/and will make researching a bit easier. Others will be produced or published by the now, well known backers of national standards like PBS, Amibent (or Amibent Insight), etc. Don’t be shy when it comes to gift giving occasions to request non CC/STEM or other nationally standardized games, toys,  and apps. Don’t assume toys, games, and apps made for those in private, home or parochial schools are off the CC/STEM or otherwise national standardized hook. Those outside traditional schools need to be just as savvy and diligent as the rest of the consumer markets. For example, “Simply Fun” is a company which offers games, toys to all kinds of schools (homeschools included), yet is CC aligned: http://www.simplyfun.com/pws/homeoffice/tabs/national-core-standards.aspx

Another tip: go play outside! Be free & have fun!