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Weekend News: “No”, a Powerful Word!


Anti CCSS Warriors, have you noticed how “no” is working in our fight to free our nation of all things ‘Common Core’? Slowly, but surely, our voices are proving effective. However, we have a lot more speaking to do! In this edition of my Weekend News, I have some ways in which we are proving ‘no’ is succeeding in chopping up the CCSS Machine!

Just Saying “No” to Dr. King:

A few days ago, someone posted on Facebook to use the hashtag: #saynotoking on Twitter. There have been a few comments shared. We need many more Tweets, Warriors!
Another hashtag which needs more comments and is related: #sayno2king.
You can post your anti-King comments on the account #noking, but be warned, there are many other comments referring to more sexual topics than anything else. The same will ring true for the hashtag #no2king.

Of interest and can be related to saying ‘no’ would be to ‘crash’ the NEA Summit’s Trending Twitter account, happening this weekend. NEA (National Educators Association) is a well known member of the CCSS Machine and was totally supportive of the ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act). Let ’em know, we the opposed, are saying ‘no’, ‘no’, and a ‘thousand times, no!’ to Dr. King AND ESSA!


Every Congress member should know our position when it comes to fed led education!
Every Congress member should know our position when it comes to fed led education!

The Devil is in the Details:

While the date of 2/25/16 was widely shared as the confirming/denying vote for Dr. King, little was shared about the the ‘quiet approval’ of the U.S. Senate HELP Committee (Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee) on the 25th of February 2016.

Since it is, in fact the entire U.S. Senate who must confirm or deny Dr. King’s appointment as the U. S. Secretary of Education, let their Twitter feed reflect our ire and disgust! Use #USSenate! To date, there is only one Tweet devoted to saying ‘no’ where Dr. King is concerned. Let’s see if we can increase that number exponentially, shall we?

We must use the days between now and 3/9/16 to continue to raise awareness, to speak louder to EVERY U.S. Senator in saying “no”. How do I know the vote was cast? A pro-side CCSS Machine member’s Tweet:
By looking further into the Tweet, I found the U.S. HELP’s proceedings were quick (about 2 and 1/2 hours) and another step in the WRONG direction for education!
Follow this link to get the EdWeek viewpoint (will be the second article you see) Then go to the hearing itself from the HELP Committee.
The EdWeek link: http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/campaign-k-12/
See: http://www.help.senate.gov/hearings/nomination-of-dr-john-king-to-serve-as-secretary-of-education
(Warning: Sen. Alexander begins the entire hearing, so have a punching bag ready! You will also need to hear the new Coalition Alexander spews off in his opening comments.) While it painful to listen to, as an anti CCSS Warrior, you must! It gives us plenty of clues as to where to target our ‘no’ voices!

To see Dr. King’s prepared statement given before the U.S. HELP Committee:
(Note: Dr. King directly points out the work to be done to update the HEA, Higher Education Act. Big warning for MORE alignment to the CCSS Machine, Warriors!!)

To contact your Senators directly, use the U.S. Senate contact pages:

To help put together a Twitter rally and/or Facebook campaign of urging the Senators to ‘just say no’ to Dr. King and his reign of pain in education, help me urge your state groups or national groups against CCSS, to get this ‘no’ effort to increase! If you have ties to the Patriot Journal Network and are familiar with their awesome Twitter rallies to bring attention to a cause, let them know we need help immediately! Together, we CAN do much! Together, we can say “NO” forcibly enough Washington will have no choice in confirming Dr. King, they will have to deny him! Are you with me?! Great! Keep saying NO to federally led education! Keep saying NO to the embedded CCSS in the ESSA, in spite of what lies you hear that it isn’t!! Help us unite to say ‘YES’ to Stop Fed Ed!!

Monday Musings: Your Help is Needed

When fighting the Common Core, you ARE a winner in a student's eyes!
When fighting the Common Core, you ARE a winner in a student’s eyes!

Common Core Warriors, listen up! An exciting opportunity awaits you. “Prevent Common Core” (website, Facebook, and Twitter) is looking for dedicated writers who want to help spread the word about why the Core has GOT to go! (website: http://preventcommoncore.com/)

I’ve been honored to be a part of the writing trio for almost 1 year. Between my partners, and myself, we’ve dedicated ourselves to spreading as much about HOW Common Core is preventable. Each of us donates our time, writing gifts, and research in the efforts of helping others become equipped with knowledge. 

So far, we’ve covered data mining in Common Core; Common Core being embedded in the E-rate legislation; Common Core aligned sports; Insurance companies invested in Common Core (and the ties to health care that suggests), and SO much more!
We have tons of resources you can access for FREE. too. Why do we do this for no money? While I can’t speak for my fellow writers, I can tell you why I do it for free. No amount of money equals the gift of righting a wrong. Especially when that wrong dishonors our U.S. Constitution, break federal laws, cause P3s (public, private partnerships) to run education, when frankly, they shouldn’t. I’m sure, you as an anti CC warrior, you can add to the list of reasons why no money could equal what’s good, right, true, and virtuous. Common Core is NONE of those qualities and in my opinion, will NEVER be able to teach those qualities.

So, How Can You Help?

The guys (Jonathan and Mark) and I are looking for warriors who a) can write short articles focusing on Common Core and all that is attached to the CCSS; b) use WordPress or is willing to learn; c) can be a ‘team player’ (meaning we help edit each other’s work); d) is able to donate time and articles; and d) will provide fact based evidence and resources dedicated to revealing the truth about CCSS and all that goes with it. How often would you need to write articles? That is up to YOU. We know life is busy We know fighting the Core is even busier. So, our present rule of thumb: about once a month. We’d love to see the Prevent Common Core website take off and step to the next level of warring against the Common Core Machine. We’d love for you to help us out in this respect.

So, go to the website, find out about each of us at PCC. See why we want you to join us.

Thanks to Jonathan Carroll and Mark Hare, "Prevent Common Core" has been a force against the Core. Thanks, guys!
Thanks to Jonathan Carroll and Mark Hare, “Prevent Common Core” has been a force against the Core. Thanks, guys!

Leave a message on Facebook, tweet us on Twitter, comment on the website. I’m not sure about the guys, but I can’t wait to meet you!

Together, we can go kick some Common Core butt.