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“A-hunting We Will Go”

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, do you remember learning the old English children’s rhyme “A Hunting We Will Go?” It was a fun song to sing along to. Maybe you taught your children this song.

I had forgotten the song until I saw an early January press release by the Committee on Education and Labor Republicans.

(*Note: The U.S. House Committee was formerly known as U.S. House Committee on Education and Workforce, but has been renamed U.S. House Education and Labor Committee. We’ll look at more in-depth at this change and what else it means in a bit.)

What in the world would the Ed/Labor Committee do to remind me of children’s songs?
Look below:

Since the 116th Congressional Session has begun. Rep. Foxx is no longer chair women. She is the Senior most Republican, though.

That’s right, Warriors, Preschool Development Birth through 5 grants.
What will these grants do? Foxx’s statement shared this, ”
“These preschool development grants are an important step in empowering communities to serve children and families more effectively and efficiently. “
Warriors, if you’ve followed me long, you know I’ve covered Foxx’s selling out our nation to the CCSS Machine and the globally aligned workforce education. She has worked hard to help establish this. The new Democratic leader, Rep. Bobby Scott, will be no different.

From the information I can locate on the Dept. of Health and Human Services website about the Grants, 45 were awarded.
One went to the U.S. Virgin Islands (via Health and Human Services) and one went to the District of Columbia (via the Education Office).
The rest were given to 43 States. Four grants (WA, NY, NM, and NJ) will find their Preschool Grants in their respective Depts of Children and Family Services.
The next group (7) can find their Preschool Grants in their Health and Human Services Depts. These are RI, NC, NE, MT, HI, CO, and AR.
Following these groups, the next will be 15 State Depts. of Education. (VA, TX, OR, ND, NV, MN, MI, MD, ME, LA, KS, FL, DE, CA, and AZ.
The largest group (17 States) will find Preschool Grants in various Depts or Offices.
UT’s is in Workforce Services
VT’s is in the State; PA and KY’s were awarded to their Commonwealths
SC’s is in Social Services; IN’s Family and Social Services received the Grant
OK’s grant went to the Partnership for School Readiness Foundation, Inc.
OH’s Preschool funds will be in the Job and Family Services Dept.
NH is the only State where the Preschool Grant was awarded to the University (of NH)
MS’s grant went to the Community College Board
MA’s went to the Executive Office of Education
IA’s will be in the Dept. of Management
IL’s went to the Governor’s Office
GA’s Dept of Early Care and Learning; CT’s Office of Early Childhood; AK’s Dept of Education and Early Development; and AL’s Dept of Early Childhood Education will be where their Grants are

These Grants began 12/31/18 and will end 12/30/19. Each Grant Award can be re-applied for by the end of 2019.

Warriors, let’s take into consideration that many of the community wide services akin to birth through age 5 are part of government programs/initiatives and as such, have funds attached to them.

Sadly, with those funds, come data strings which are attached to each child and family partaking of the services. While this doesn’t SOUND bad, it is very bad.

Life-long data tracking is a part of globalism where you are constantly monitored.
Since many of these services attach to your child’s health, this should be VERY concerning.
Also, because much of this is being accomplished through education, bear in mind that due to the nature of schools, your child’s privacy is at its WEAKEST in school.

While the government run schools (as well as those which receive government) funds are to uphold the U.S. Constitution, the privacy issue is a mixed bag. The Fourth Amendment ALLUDES to privacy rights, but doesn’t state your private personal data is protected.

However, take into consideration that FEPA’s (Foundations for Evidence-based Policymaking Act) passage by the President, actually erodes our 4th Amendment. How? “Unintended consequences” in data mining (aka: data rape). Think what this means for your children. 

**Then, factor in that some States, like OR, are now ‘willing’ to universally conduct in-home visits to check early childhood education/care. Warriors, go back up and look where OR’s PreK Development Grant is, their State Dept. of Education. 

**Just released from NC, a subjective early childhood care/education study was released. The Raleigh News and Observer ran an opinion article about the study. The N & O (as it’s known) is a liberal, left-leaning media source. The professor who wrote this opinion has some very misleading things to say. Read it for yourselves. Why? There are items of truth omitted which the average reader will never know. Below, I’ve provided a basic list of what was left out.

1) The professor conveniently left out that the children MUST take an intrusive data mining assessment just to enter Kindergarten!

2) He left out how Smart Start uses it’s Early Learning Head Start grants for Kindergartner readiness, in home visits and more parent nanny state activities.

Warriors, it is Early Smart Start and its related programs which usher in those in-home visits. What does this have to the with ESSA and/or FEPA? ESSA’s recalculations of Title One funding and the massive increase in power given to the U. S. Dept. of Health and Human Services; FEPA’s need for ‘evidence’ (aka data) to pigeon hole every family into government entitlement programs.

**We also need to remember that ESSA has at least 2 sections of mandates and requirements for Family Engagement. How better to ‘engage’ a family than to basically take control of the babies?!

Ties to More Than We Realize:

Warriors, the professor chosen to write the article is a Pritzker Professor of Public Policy at Duke University. Duke is hardly lily white and purely driven when it comes to our children’s education. However, that’s not our concern at the moment. What is is WHAT is a Pritzker Professor of Public Policy? A professor with tenure and a leading scholar on Early Childhood Ed).
If you wish to see how these scholars are chosen, here are the requirements.
Pritzker Foundation is based out of Chicago, IL and has national influence on early education, health care, and other such. They are more concerned with Return on Investment than actual quality of life, but their spin says they care and have for over 20 years.
J.B. Pritzker is IL’s new Governor. J.B. is one of the family members named in the Foundation.
Here are Gov. Pritzker’s agenda items for education/child care. While this appears to be for IL only, look at the national influence topics again.
Why would Pritzker choose Duke to bestow funds to? It’s J.B.’s alma mater.
(Supposedly J.B. is the second most wealthy politician as well as the richest governor is the nation. He’s got ties to Hilliary Clinton, and ChicagoNEXT group, a global tech hub. With the (United Nations) UN’s push for Smart Cities, Chicago is already knee-deep in the alignment. Global tech=global data..data harvested from early learners is included.)ChicagoNEXT is a P3 (public private partnership) and works in tandem with Rahm Emanuel.

Pritzker joined Bill Gates and several other CCSS Machine foundations to create the First Five Years Fund.
 I wrote about the First 5 Years Fund in two articles, 2016:
a) While this one has some NC information, I have it geared more for national use. The First Five information is directly below the comparison of (then 3 bills).

b) This one gave Warriors an excellent way to track the early learning alignment in their area by using the town I live in. You’ll see First Five Year and ESSA are directly linked.

Pritzker also partnered with Goldman Sachs (a huge UN supporter/partner and CCSS Machine member group) to create an early learning social impact bond (SIB).
If you wish to see the Pritzker Foundation’s Childhood website, go here.
******Warriors, then scroll up and see where IL’s Preschool Development Grant landed..the Governor’s Office!!!

SIBs are tools being used by globalists to align communities for not only agenda, but data rape. This Pritzer/Sachs SIB was in Utah, 2013.

Fast forward to 2019, and in-home visits in UT are already in full swing. There’s even an entire Dept. for them. I’m linking you to their “Resources” page so you can see the customized cell phone based educational items being sent to babies. From this page, you can easily access the home page. 

Warriors, you also may find it helpful to see the ‘fact sheet’ on in-home visits and ‘family engagement’ from ESSA. The CCSS Machine group, civilrights.org created this back in 2016. (*Note: every State must show evidence of family engagement, including in-home visits. Depending on the situation, funds may be Title One, HHS, or funds from ESSA’s mandate for school turnarounds.)

The danger is these visits are ‘universal’ in nature, so no child is will be left out.

To access the Zero to Three articles I’ve published, go here. Where you’ll find the most ‘damage’ to families, is the overreach into family health care at school. Below is a screen shot related to Zero to Three.


, if ever there was evidence Lamar Alexander’s words about grabbing our babies has come  upon us, it IS now. As I pointed out in the “Consequences” article, ANY law which violates our U.S. Constitution does not and should not be followed. ESSA, and now, FEPA are two such ‘laws’. 



Sic’ ‘Em Saturday: Creatively Turning the USA Common

How many of us have, by now, seen the image below? How do you think it’s connected to Common Core? DO you think they are connected? I wasn’t so sure, but now I know!

Gibberish? Looks like it, but there's so much more to learn...
Gibberish? Looks like it, but there’s so much more to learn…

“Creative Commons”:

If you’re like me, you have seen these. With so much “CC” stuff out there, I was under the impression the “CC” you see above in some way denoted “Common Core”. However, I was wrong. It stands for “Creative Commons”, as in “Creative Commons Licenses. The non-profit company got is start in 2001. Supposedly to help everyone share their creative projects freely. The images you see above ARE code. Each of them denotes the level of control being expressed by the person, company, or group holding the CC License. While there are tons of tutorials out there telling you what each symbol means, I’m not diving into that. As you know by now, I’m looking behind the obvious.

Gates Foundation:

Yes, the Gates Foundation is an ardent supporter of the CC Licensing. So much so that the Foundation has awarded Creative Commons with $8,755,145.00 in grants for ‘college readiness’ and ‘postsecondary success’ since 2011. (see: http://www.gatesfoundation.org/How-We-Work/Quick-Links/Grants-Database#q/k=creative%20commons)

2011’s “postsecondary success” grant’s purpose: to provide federal grantees support for quality development of interactive curricula, open licensing, technical interoperability, collaboration between like projects, and widespread adoption of open curricula by community colleges and states.’ We know, from past posts here and elsewhere that community colleges are aligned or are being aligned to Common Core. Here in NC, all 58 of our community colleges are aligned with the Standards. (I’ve wrote that up about a month ago) 

2011’s ‘college readiness’ grant’s purpose: to partner in the development of the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative, to help identify learning resources that complement Common Core State Standards.’ This is globally, including America.

2013’s ‘college readiness grant purpose: ‘general operations’ for not only the US, but the global community.

Center for Public Domain:

Housed at Duke University (see: http://web.law.duke.edu/cspd/), known as the Center for the Study of Public Domain which began in 2002, according to their website.
Duke University has been the recipient of many Gates Foundation grants, including ‘postsecondary success’ via developing & implementing a MOOC (massive online open course) MOOCs impact students everywhere.

Originally, the name was Center for Public Domain, founded in 2000, by the same man who helped to start RedHat Software, Bob Young. Here’s an somewhat related article: http://www.zdnet.com/bob-young-talks-about-the-origins-of-red-hat-7000035051/)

If you follow Mr. Young’s trail, you’ll find he’s big on sharing freely. He’s behind Lulu (a global open course site) More on his bio: (http://www.csc.ncsu.edu/corporate_relations/fi_lit/214)

Learning Resource Metadata Initiative:

From the LRMI’s ‘about’ website page, the entire initiative was started to help Common Core Standards along. The exact wording, “This initiative started with the creation of tags in accordance with the Common Core Standards.” What companies are behind the LRMI?
Creative Commons and the Association of Educational Publishers.

From an article featured on EdTech Digest  (http://edtechdigest.wordpress.com/2012/12/14/the-lrmi-a-common-sense-method-for-finding-common-core-resources/)

The following excerpt is regarding locating CCSS resources on-line, “That’s where the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI) comes in. Launched in June 2011 and co-led by the Association of Educational Publishers and Creative Commons, the LRMI is working to create and implement a standard tagging specification for learning resources that enables alignment to learning standards, such as the Common Core. The LRMI’s work extends the effort by Schema.org (a consortium involving search engine giants Microsoft Bing, Google, Yahoo!, and Yandex) to establish a standard method of tagging Web pages across the Internet.” 

LRMI is also being funded by the Gates Foundation and the Hewlett Foundation. The Initiative began in 2011. Common Core aligning was to be completed by 2012. Note this sentence from the press release, ‘The initial scope will at a minimum cover the Common Core State Standards for K-12.’  Here’s the entire press release: http://www.lrmi.net/the-association-of-educational-publishers-and-creative-commons-to-co-lead-learning-resources-framework-initiative-2

One last huge thing you need to know about LRMI, it’s ‘stewardship’ is under an American based non-profit group, Dublin Core Metadata Initiative. (DCMI), which is a project of the Association for Information Science  and Technology. However, Korea and Japan are also involved in housing the Initiative’s website and registry. This DCMI has links to International Standards and American National Standards. (To find these, go to: http://dublincore.org/specifications/ and click on ‘Dublin Core Metadata Element Set’.



Saturday’s posts are to help lead you in some active way to combat the CCSS Machine. Below are related resources you can access to learn more about them, their connects to CCSS so you can remain informed, so you know where to focus your anti CC campaigns.

  • Related resource from 2012, a description of how the LRMI was being developed: http://www.ofthat.com/2012/08/common-identifiers-for-common-core.html
  • Related resource for finding not only CCSS aligned resources, but all the standards each state is using. Found at the Achievement Standards Network. The ASN was created to address the problem that not every state is CCSS aligned. ‘The Achievement Standards Network is an open access service to competency framework data. It was originally developed by Professor Stuart Sutton. PhD, JD, LLM, at the Information School, University of Washington, in collaboration with JES & Co. through NSF awards DUE-0121717 and DUE-0840740 with subsequent support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and licensed to JES & Co. under agreement with the University of Washington. As of February 2014, the ASN was owned operated by D2L.’

See this website: http://asn.jesandco.org/resources/ASNJurisdiction

  • All this open sharing creates massive amounts of data, here’s a related source on how that data is being collected and what happens to all of it. State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) is another non profit agency created to help in all the efforts associated with ed data. You will really want to delve into this website.

Website: http://www.setda.org/priorities/interoperability/

  • A downloadable document you’ll want to grab, is the SETDA’s “Out of Print” resource describing what will happen when all the traditional textbooks are abandoned.


  • Finally, watch this short video for where all this on-line, open sharing via the Web is leading.

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/110256895″>Web standards for the future</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/w3c”>W3C</a&gt; on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>