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FOM: Congress 2015

It's Friday, you know what that means! Time to measure what's truth, what's fallacy/fib or what's in between.
It’s Friday, you know what that means! Time to measure what’s truth, what’s fallacy/fib or what’s in between.

Oh, my dear anti CCSS Warriors, I am SO glad you are still here! We’ve had time to shake the surprise off our faces, get our hearts back to a more healthy rhythm, and, recognize those members of Congress who stood up for our students and voted “NO”. Thankfully, some of the Senators listened to US, the unpaid, non CCSS aligned families out there. However, like the House of Representatives, we’ve seen those in the Senate who chose to absolutely ignore us, vote against us.
Instead of heeding the plethora of TRUTH we, the citizens, the very ones they were elected to REPRESENT, both chambers of Congress, by voting to pass HR5 and S1177, have turned a deaf ear to we the people. In short: betrayal.  Yes, a very strong word, however. After researching so deeply into the national standards (that’s what they were before the brand name), I think I’m qualified to make that strong of a statement. However, I am far from alone in this reality. Many before me have stated words with this meaning.

Now, please know that Common Core will NOT be going away. We’ve been able to prove several times over how it isn’t. Congress bought the lies of the litany of groups they sought out, yet, the very constituents they SERVE, were left alone. We spotted that every time any of the Congress members who dared to utter ‘we’ve had input from all stakeholders’. Missed it? Visit the anti CC Facebook groups, or log onto Twitter and read the tweets from an anti CC warrior’s reaction to such an ego-inflated statement. Here’s just one of the few which scrolled across my screen. Remember, this “Total Truth”, the Senate took 1 week to ‘debate’ S1177. That’s multiple days and many Senators stating how many involved +stakeholders weighed in. Yeah, that’s right Senate..the “Real Total Truth” is: not the Parents opposed to CCSS. Even AFTER countless hours of contact and interaction with you!


Believe me, there are plenty more comment like that. Every one of them are absolutely true. I’m not weighing today’s article down with samples. You know where to look, beginning with in the mirror.

More “Total Truth” from yesterday’s melee in D.C.:

The President of the CCSSO released this via Twitter, see if you can spot her “Total Fallacy”:

Atkinson states this as if 'Total Truth' to the rest of  the planet.
Atkinson states this as if ‘Total Truth’ to the rest of the planet.

Speaking of the CCSSO, 1/2 owner of the Common Core Standards, and heralded by Sen. Alexander as one of the main groups which help write S1177 (will give you that information in a bit), broke the news of the S1177 passage 4 minutes before the final vote count was given by the Senate! How do I know this? While watching the live webcast and monitoring Twitter, I noticed the following appear. What struck me as ‘rat like’ was the final count hadn’t even been announced. Talk about a ‘tlpped hand’.

Look at the RED tweet.
Look at the RED tweet.

If you’d like to see the press release given by the CCSSO: http://www.ccsso.org/News_and_Events/Press_Releases/CCSSO_Applauds_Senate_Action_on_ESEA_Reauthorization.html

Did the Senate’s log for July 16th verify CCSSO’s preemptive tweet? According to http://www.dailypress.senate.gov/, the time stamp for the final vote was 2:39 pm. I’m sure somewhere out there is a exact time stamp for all those tweets. Compare the 2 for yourselves and see the “Total Truth” revealed. Grounds for a Constitutional lawsuit? I think, the entire CCSS Machine’s tyranny is grounds. If you know a Constitutional lawyer, share this with them. If ever we anti CCSS warriors needed a loophole, we may just be staring the best one in the face. However, I’m not a lawyer.

The official, and thus, binding record.
The official, and thus, binding record.

For more “Total Truth”, including word for word scripts (so you can read all those shout outs to the pro CCSS groups given on the Senate floor/passionate speeches by those who dared to say ‘not on my watch’) See: http://www.congress.gov/congressional-record#daily-digest-highlights-senate (*Note you can also access the House of Representatives same information from this website.) If you want only the ‘highlights’, they are there, if you want to see everything that was said surrounding that highlight, simply click on the page number (will be highlighted in blue). Since it’s on record, it’s 100% official.

One Last “Total Truth”:

For quite some time, I’ve been giving you researched and documented proof that CCSS was embedded in post secondary education. You’ve also been privy to the fact that CCS/CTE/CCR (Common Core Standards, Career and Technical Education, College/Career Readiness) is thoroughly embedded in the upcoming bills for “College Promise Act” and the “HEA, Higher Education(re-authorization) Act”. Thanks to the gloating of one U.S. Senator in response to another U.S. Senator, we have it on audio/video that Sen. Alexander states “HEA” is next.  However, we knew that!! My point, we’ve got plenty of work to do, but thank the good Lord, we’ve got a bit of a lead. Let’s use it!
Remember, one of the main agenda items for the CCSS Machine is birth to grave control of education.
Finally, hang on to the fact that HR5/S1177 haven’t been approved by their opposing bodies OR signed by the President. Roll up those sleeves, everyone..we’re in for a bumpy ride!


Tech Thursday: The Tough, the Dedicated, the CCSS Warriors

We are living statues of liberty and freedom. Our torch? The U.S. Constitution
We are living statues of liberty and freedom. Our torch? The U.S. Constitution

Though you may be a weary anti CC Warrior today, you are STILL a warrior! We’ve miles to go, no matter what our day may hold in our Common Core aligned state of being. Yes, we’ve had some defeats, we’ve also had VICTORIES! Today’s post is dedicated to help you stand firm, stand strong, and stand for our children.

Interspersed between ‘need to know’ news and encouragement, will be JPEGS you can use to text, email, or fax to your Congress members, if you like OR share them on your other anti CCSS social media outlets.

Remember, while HR5, Student Success Act, has been passed—it has only cleared the House of Representatives. It still has a long way to go. While we wait to see what the fate of S1177 will be, we know that, like HR5’s passage, IF Every Child Achieves (S1177) is passed. It will have only passed the Senate. It will have a long way to go.

Both the HR5 AND the HEA re-authorizations are being fast tracked!
Both the HR5 AND the HEA re-authorizations are being fast tracked!

Our strategy of making a lot of noise in a short amount of time is working! That’s a victory. Consider that S1177 was supposed to be under everyone’s radar. We foiled that (a victory, warriors)! The bill was also supposed to be a ‘sure thing’ and voted on by the this time last week. Guess what? We foiled that, too! That victory allowed us a fabulous 4 day back-to-back daily assault. The daily assault has been not only a blessing, but a brilliant tool. None of us could have pulled this effort off if it had not been for Patriot Journal Network. I pause to say a deep ‘thank you’ to the team at PJNet.

Imagine, those who make the assessments, That the child you see is YOURS.
Imagine, those who make the assessments, That the child you see is YOURS.

The valuable opt-opt amendment sponsored by Sen. Lee of Utah was defeated, while the more restrictive version by Sen. Isaken of Georgia was passed and will be inserted into Every Child Achieves. If you’re concerned about opting out of high stakes assessments, you now know who’s amendment to be researching.

Also passed was Sen. Tester’s (MT) amendment concerning shifting from assessments like PARCC and SBAC, and go to grade span assessments BUT keep the SBAC/PARCC policies and procedures! If assessments cause your anti CCSS warriors heart to heat up, turn that heat to Congress!!

Sen. Hatch’s (UT) Student Data Privacy Committee was given permission. If you’re concerned about student data and its privacy, you need to know, several pro CCSS groups helped create the amendment Mr. Hatch sponsored. He named them on 7/13/15 during the Senate’s daily business. You can access video archive footage on CSpan2. http://www.c-span.org/networks/?channel=c-span-2 (cable or satellite users) or http://www.senate.gov/floor/ (antenna users)

Of the many Career Cluster maps, here's the U.S. Dept. of Ed's
Of the many Career Cluster maps, here’s the U.S. Dept. of Ed’s

If you’re a CCSS Warrior concerned with the Career Tracks, Career Clusters, Career Pathways, or the Career and Technical Education portion of the CCSS Machine, you need to know that a purposed intent to leave Workforce based language in BOTH HR5 and S1177 was taken. One Senator extremely on this education/workforce to save children’s lives bandwagon, is Sen. Sanders (as in Bernie). During his speech on the afternoon of the 15th, he sounded exactly like, and his plan mimicked, one I’d researched and seen before. In fact, I’ve published an article with this very video in it months ago. While, I feel that article may be helpful, I’m not linking it today, as I know our time for discussion, can happen anytime. Our time to influence our Congress, is of the utmost importance NOW.

Amendments that haven’t been voted on (as of the writing of this article):
Early PreK Learning (Sen. Murray) This bill is a horrible overreach into not only our children’s lives with CCSS alignment, but the dreaded ‘learn to earn’ phrase has been used in several instances to describe this amendment. Along with this bill is the mindset that college begins at birth!

This is carried out via the Strong Start for America’s Children (this one’s been sitting dormant for about 2 years). This involved the birth through 3 year olds. (remember, before the storm of activity in D.C., I published an article about the “Pint Sized” Common Core. This particular bill would infringe your 4th amendment rights, as well as the usual laws CCSS breaks. Included are home visits (currently going on in some states). If this is an anti CCSS concern, you know where to make some noise!

My mother's heart goes out to all the young mothers who will not know that the earliest years are not designed for these 4 skill areas.
My mother’s heart goes out to all the young mothers who will not know that the earliest years are not designed for these 4 skill areas.

While not a complete list, you get the idea. Know that all the other areas of education NOT listed above will be slammed with the CCSS Machine filled HR5/S1177. Know that these 2 bills are only 2 pieces of a very big puzzle that will grind away from birth to post graduate schools. The next set of bills connected to the re-writing of ESEA, are the HEA (Higher Education Act) and the CPA (College Promise Act).

FIGHT ON, my fellow warriors against the Core!

Anti CC Warrior Action Update

Join us tonight from 9 pm to 11 pm to let your outrage against CCSS Machine be felt in D.C.!
Join us tonight from 9 pm to 11 pm to let your outrage against CCSS Machine be felt in D.C.!

Anti CCSS Warriors! Time is our friend today. We’ve still got some hours let to contact Congress before the Senate picks up where it left off on Thursday with the ‘Every Child Achieves Act’. We’ve known it’s a war, but the punches pulled this weekend to try to deter us from the pro CCSS side have been many. However, our powerful messages have also been seen, felt, and heard. With so much at stake, neither side is willing to back down. We must stand firm!

The above screen shot is from a few days ago. Last night’s figures were well over 7,000 tweets strong to D.C. Congratulations, warriors! We have a fresh day today to make that number go even higher AND a Patriot Network Anti CCSS Rally tonight from 9 pm to 11 pm, Eastern Time.

If you’d like to track the anti CC outrage for yourselves, be sure to use the following PJNET page: http://patriotjournalist.com/Tracking.php?Seq=56 (*NOTE: you’ll need to reload the page to get the absolute latest information)

You can also retweet every previously sent message! That also sends even more ire to D.C.! Just use the numbered tabs at the bottom of the “Action” page. Action page, ICYMI:


The Pro CC Side’s Barrage:

Why am I bringing their side up? Some of our most effective information tactics can be found in the rhetoric from their propaganda. How? Think about it, most everything the pro CC side has dished up to us for a long time now, has sounded like it’s all from the same person…no matter how many different supporters you find.  The truth, however, has much power! Yes, it needs to be repeated, but since it is the truth, it won’t sound like a worn out recording. So, that said, let’s look at the biggest ‘info’ barrage messages the pro side gave us during the past few days:

1) From the Education and Workforce Committee’s Twitter page, comes this supportive message for more ‘Core’:

Rep. Mike Bishop shared the above and called it ‘one step closer to fixing NCLB’. Rep. Bishop is from Michigan.

How, we, the anti CCSS Warriors can use this? As a visual, show how inaccurate this is! As a verbal or written message? Think about how if House members are calling HR5 ‘one step closer’, know the Senate’s mindset is the same. Knowing that you can express how Every Child Achieves is, in fact, not one step closer to fixing anything in education!

2) From the Sec. of Education, July 7th’s message to the world:

A 'stain'?! Is is kidding any of us?
A ‘stain’?! Is is kidding any of us?

How, we, the Anti CCSS Warriors can use this one, is simply this. Use all the facts we have to show where the inequalities of a CCSS education are!

3) From the Network for Public Education, as seen Saturday, July 11th:

NPE has come out in support of ECAA.
NPE has come out in support of ECAA.

The article being referred to? This link will take you to it:

How, we, the Anti CCSS warrior can use this to ‘fire ire to D.C.’ over the ECAA?

Well, for starters, know that there’s more to the story.
Back in May 2015, I published an article that surrounded Sen. Tester’s amendment about assessments and how NPE was backing it. This is important NOW, so take a few minutes are read it. I want to you to connect the dots on your own.

See: https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2015/05/26/ftf-ccss-testing-bill-maybe-maybe-not/ (*NOTE: Sen. Tester’s amendment has since been voted to be part of the ECAA. You will see I refer to HR5, as well. HR5 is brought up, only as a comparison, since at that point in time, it was to be voted upon first.)

Related resources to further illustrate the toxic ties between one of the ECAA’s leaders and one of NPE’s leaders:
a) Anita Hoge’s documentation tying Sen. Alexander and Ms. Ravitch, NPE’s co-founder.

b) My previously published article about the CTE  Conference where Ravitch was a featured speaker. Also included in this particular article is the U.S. Vice President, organized unions, and MORE! (*NOTE: CTE, Career and Technical Education, aka post-secondary CCSS, which has been shown up in elementary grades, too)

c) The ACTE (Association for Career and Technical Education) has a priority list out for any federal legislation (HR5, Student Success Act;  ECAA, Every Child Achieves Act; HEA, Higher Education Act; and the CPA, College Promise Act). Those priorities? Embed CTE in every one of these so that America would be:
“Ensuring all students have access to high-quality CTE programs in high schools and post-secondary institutions o building a strong system of CTE around the country, which should begin early in a student’s education with career awareness and broad knowledge and then build pathways to more specific career-readiness skills through connections among secondary and postsecondary education and the labor market.
To support the notion of a strong system of CTE around the country and access for all, ensure that the Perkins Act remain primarily a formula grant designed to support all CTE programs that are willing to make a commitment to high levels of quality and continuous program improvement.”
(*NOTE: this priority list was not released this weekend, it’s been out for a while. You can see the entire document: 


I’ve shared all the above, so that we can see just how deceptive the pro CCSS side has been. If we are resisting Common Core and its Machine, we MUST know exactly where those who are supporting it stand. We’ve known they will stoop to all levels of deceiving us. However, we must press on. We have the truth! We must protect our students, teachers, and families!

Our purpose this weekend is clear: influence the Senate with as MUCH truth about the illegally based CC Standards;  the inappropriate education continued in ECAA and all related bills; and how, we, the citizens will NOT STAND FOR THIS!