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Big City, Private Education

Warriors, I was recently contacted by a concerned Anti CCSS Warrior from a big city in Texas. My fellow Warrior lives in Houston. She also is involved in a faith-based private school. The photos she sent me have been troubling her. She wants to know when the shift from academics to workforce took over her church’s school.

Previously, Warriors, I’ve shared with you a few articles about the Catholic Church’s leap from academics to Common Core (or, as it is now called, ‘College and Career Readiness’ or “Challenging State Academic Standards” found in ESSA, Every Student Succeeds Act). You also may remember how the private, faith-based schools are tied to a newer wave of education called ‘micro schools’. The Catholic Church has been targeted by this movement based on its love of serving communities.

If you’ve followed my blog for a long time, you’ll remember the articles about private education using CCSS aligned assessments.  That article shared an account of a distraught mother and the private Catholic school her children attended.

However, Warriors, this latest mom is from the Lutheran church. She has allowed me to share her evidence.

Let me pause long enough to answer one of her questions. She has asked me when did the Lutheran church schools sell out to the CCSS Machine? I cannot say for every single church school, but I can share that 3 large Lutheran bodies belong to the CAPE (Council for American Private Education). Look below:

Source for image 


Mom Supplied Evidence:

“Maggie”, as I’ll refer to her shared that her Lutheran Church recently joined forces with a more liberal Lutheran sect, Lutheran Social Services. This now allows the Social Service group to run a school. From the slides shown at a meeting about the school, Maggie noticed a definite shift. Tell me what you see, Warriors.

Then, this:


Other slides Maggie sent me were geared around how all this education shift was a great “Christian” thing to do. It was hyped as ‘opportunity’. There were also more slides about the people in Upbring leading the school. These are a bit more fuzzy than the 2 above, but I will share them with you.

To see how Upbring is part of the Lutheran Social Services, go here.
To learn about the ties to the CCSS Machine the newly announced principal has, go here.
(*Note: if you do not see the ties immediately, think Head Start, Early Head Start.)

According to Maggie’s information, the LSS (Lutheran Social Services) is a federal government contractor for refugee resettlements. When you look at the LSS’s website, look at the community wide classes offered. All kinds of religion, just not Christianity.
I was able to find that others have written about this. What I discovered is it isn’t only TX this is happening.

This newest Upbring school in Maggie’s church will closely mirror the Austin, TX Upbring School of Arts and Science. That school uses the Reggio Emilia educational approach. If you do not recognize that early learning philosophy, think ‘child centered’, open classrooms, and ‘critical thinking’. USAS, Upbring School of Arts and Science is a STEAM curriculum user. Recently, I shared with you an Alabama elementary school which is a STEAM recognized school. (*Note: look below for the highlighted “STEM and STEAM” phrase to see that AL elementary school.)

For the Lutheran School being a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math) means, “STEAM empowers students to connect what they learn about science, technology, engineering and math through the STEMscopes curriculum with reading, writing, music and other arts.”

STEMscopes is from Accelerate Learning in partnership with Rice University. It’s tied to NGSS (Next Gen Science Standards), and those ‘state standards’. According to the website, STEMscopes is the most widely used science program in the State of Texas in all types of PreK to 12th grade settings.

If you’re interested, Warriors, I found a thesis on how well Reggio Emilia, Project Based Learning and Common Core work together. The author gave big nods to John Dewey and then tied the research back to her major, psychology.

How Low Can We Go?

Warriors, I know we are all beleaguered by the awful impact the CCSS Machine has rendered upon our schools. But to do all this and then slap a faith-based label on it? I’m sorry Warriors, but to me, that’s pretty deceptive. 

Source of the image 



Warriors, I hope the evidence Maggie has provided paints the picture of just how much the CCSS Machine is overreaching into our lives. I hope you can see the agenda behind this type of reform in church based schools. If not, here it is:
 global uniformity in the name of educational excellence

Of the code names you see in the image above, almost every one of these can be traced back to the United Nations. Most especially STEM and STEAM. Maggie had asked me about those as well.

Warriors, we will not be free of the global agenda in education or in our nation as long as we are tied in ANY way to the UN. The US has invested too much time, taxpayer dollars, and, energy creating legislation (at all government levels) adhering to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Embedded in these Goals is the shift we’re seeing:

One type of education for everyone. One way to live and work. Attacking faith-based schools with this? It’s all part of the plan toward a one-way-to-believe-society.

Not For The Faint Hearted

Author’s note: This article contains unpleasant material. Please remember, the evidence and research are provided for you to decide.  We must be prepared and informed Warriors, not reactive Warriors

Oh, my fellow Anti CCSS Warriors..We have seen so many awful things happen to education in the past few years together. We’ve seen an increase in the ‘workforce training’ being passed off as ‘academic prowess’.

We’ve seen shifts in how the attitudes, values, beliefs, and, thinking have become so twisted we may not recognize who our children are. Because ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) codified CCSS, we will continue to see unwelcome changes in our nation.

However, what’s changing our children right before our eyes?

Globalism, collectivism, Communism, Socialism, and…………


Because Globalism and all the other ‘isms’ are tied to Common Core (remember, the roots of CC are in the United Nations, which has  been traced to demonic activities and beliefs.)

Part of the ‘sales pitch’ surrounding all this? “Fun”. One of my previously published articles showed you how the ‘fun’ was a guise devised by Robert Muller to steer our children to workforce based education for a socialist benefit. While the article was pointing out how homeschoolers are being pulled into this.

Back in 2014, I wrote an article about Evil having no place in education. It shows you the awful connections between Bill Gates, UNESCO, the World Core Curriculum and the Lucifer Publishing Company.

However, it’s what follows, which is the truly unpleasant (downright disturbing) educational activities you need to know about.


Warriors, that’s the abbreviation for the After School Satan Clubs in America. Maybe you remember the news from 2016 about the school district in GA which was being asked to start up an ASSC.

According to CBN’s (Christian Broadcasting Network) website, Clubs (as of 8/17) are in Los Angeles, Pensacola, Portland, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Tacoma and Springfield, Missouri. Below, in the screen shot, notice the ‘fun’ pictures used to draw our children’s attention to the ASSCs:

(*Note, as of this writing, Satanic Temples are in TX, GA, NY, OR, CA, LA, FL, AZ, MA, CO, MI, and WA. Coming soon: MO and OK. Where there’s a Temple, the ASSCs will also be. According to all the sources, ASSCs are targeting similar Christian Clubs. I did not find any mention of any other faith based clubs being targeted.)

Warriors, according to all the information I found, these Clubs are available to all school choices, not simply public school children.  If the two smaller versions (above) don’t look ‘fun’ enough, look at the way the Satanic Temple ASSC’s page on their website has depicted the ‘mascot’:

Warriors, if you choose to investigate the website, notice that in the cartoon, the ‘hip devil’ is holding what resembles a candy cane.
I’ve provided you a look (below) at the permission slip with some added emphasis:


Why the red and orange circles? The CCSS Machine has gone to great pains to sell the nation on how ‘great’ the critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and character building are with the aligned curriculum and resources. These resources include after-school programs.

The 4Cs (collectivism, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity) are the anchors of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math). The 4Cs are the anchors of Common Core, Career and College Readiness, Next Gen Science, Career Tech Education, STEM, C3 (College, Career, and Civic Life) and whatever else CC’s been re-branded as (ie: “Future Ready”)

The 4Cs, College/Career Readiness, STEM, and all which connects them are embedded in ESSA, too! More globalism ties in ESSA include the “UDL”, Universal Design for Learning”, Universal Preschool, and, massive data mining to track students from cradle to grave.

You may also notice there’s a “Protect Children” campaign that also is a Satanic Temple project. It’s against corporal punishment. Below, is a picture of the letter they have available to send to your School Board against any type of corporal punishment, including isolation rooms:

(*Note: from the “Protect Children” page, this disclaimer,Please note that this tactic has not yet been tested in court. If a student who registers is subsequently harmed and we launch a legal challenge, the State would need to argue that their right to abuse children supersedes the religious rights of students.”)

Warriors, the video contained in this undated  Newsletter is downright chilling. Not because of the images, the background ‘song’.

According to the Forbes article about the ASSCs, the writer also thought the video was chilling. Temper that with this article from the Federalist. It carries the tone of  ‘let’s step back a minute’. While I think what the author is sharing is worth listening to, I know, as a Mom, there is MUCH to be watchful of anytime Satan enters the picture.

Warrior Concerns:

Why did I include the video, if it’s so creepy?

1) We need to know! How can we protect our students from the CCSS Machine if we do not know all the ways IT seeks to destroy our children? After all, so much is available to them on-line. Have they seen this video?! We must know! It must be discussed.

2) Warriors, we need to understand with Satanism comes mind control and mental health concerns (The Temple has a group known as the Grey Faction).

3) I am not stating mental activities will be carried on during an ASSC gathering. But look at the ‘art’ pages below in the pictures. Strong mental images.

4) Knowing how damaging the SEL (Social Emotional Learning) is and how much of it is codified in ESSA, we should be VERY active in finding out what’s in our schools. With ESSA’s mandate for MORE after school, community wide programs, we MUST be very diligent in finding out what groups like the ASSCs are out there, how will they have access to your students? With the recent new appropriations from Congress which increase the amount of mental health ‘activities’ in/outside schools, we must DEMAND we be informed before any actions are taken!

For example, look below:

Warriors, let’s remember, the Clubs have access to young minds. Once they ‘see’ something like this (below), how will they ‘un-see’ it?? In 2014, I showed you a similar issue with a children’s book of ABCs.


Warriors, this is the flag of the Satanic Temple from Facebook. Remember, they are the same group running the After School Satan Clubs:

A Last Concern, based on Evidence:

Warriors, I know this is quite a bit to process. Believe me, I know. However, remember when I shared near the beginning that the CCSS Machine is rooted in the UN? So much of what’s above is also in the CCSS Machine. Is Satanism present in the United Nations?

From 2009, this article reveals the symbolism found in the New York headquarters. From 2016, this article from the New American Magazine ties the UN, Satanism, and the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) together. The ‘common’ bond? It appears to be the combined efforts of Robert Muller and Alice Bailey (a known occultist).


Warriors, due to the season we are in, so close to Halloween, keep a watchful eye for anything which seems to harm your family (pets included). We know the CCSS Machine is full of tricks. We know ESSA is no gift of greatness for our education system. We understand the dangers of any ideas which do not fit our family belief system, MUST not be indoctrinated. 

WYBI: What’s in a Word

A while back, an avid anti CCSS warrior/reader of my blog asked me to share some of the educratic buzzwords. You know the ones. Ones, we think mean something worth attaining, but the CCSS Machine means it to hide their agenda. So, here we go..words that double as trouble in education.


Way Back When:

Here’s a poem to illustrate what may have happened when those in the driver’s seats of the CCSS Machine decided to skew our words and use them against us.

Once upon a time, in a nation we used to know;

people in charge, by and large

would speak the truth and mean what they said. 

“Yes” would mean “Yes”, “No” would mean “No”;

Nothing misleading or to play with your head.

Ah, but alas, along came a movement, a wish, or a plan;

“We’ll change the nation, we’ll align citizens all that we can!”,

said the leaders, the profiteers, and those who were fans.

“How will we do this?”, was the thought they queried.

“I know!”, said one, “We’ll talk them down, we’ll make them weary.”

“We’ll use words they assume are upstanding.”

How I Found the Words:

In September of 2014, I was researching some items for my blog. I was able to locate 2 great websites that exposed the words we hear and think of as positive gains for education, but have been craftily repurposed to mean something less than what we think of.

For example, probably the most overused rhetoric educatic buzzword I can think of is: “Rigor”. Somewhere in the upper echelons of the CCSS Machine, it was agreed upon to use it in relationship with ‘challenging’ and ‘coursework’. Yet, they chose the one word meaning ‘stiff’ and deemed it a worthy replacement. I can almost see it now: the group sitting around playing the ‘what-can-we-misguide-them-with-in-language-today’ game.

There are many others chosen to play double trouble for us. But, before we get to some of them, here are the websites I found very useful in weeding out truth from fallacy.
1) http://www.nychold.com/hirsch-termin.html
2) http://www.illinoisloop.org/buzzwords.html

Did You Hear That?:

“Grit” is  what the CCSS Minions want you to hear as meaning ‘hard work’. What  it really means: ‘wearing your child down to the point of hatred’. Think of it this way, a piece of sandpaper as it wears down a coat of paint when you’re completing a project. A great related resource: http://www.illinoisloop.org/Kozloff_on_ed_baloney.pdf (“If It Quacks Like a Duck, It’s Probably Baloney” is the title of the paper written in 2002)

“Critical Thinking Skills”, this phrase has become so over used by the CCSS supporters that when the real phrase is used, folks immediately assume the worst! Not too long ago, I shared that the NC Academic Freedom Alliance was incorporating the CTS into the CCSS free “NC Plan”. As a result I received no less than 3 anti CCSS warriors feared that the CTS was more of the same old CCSS crap. So, just what does the CCSS Machine mean by ‘critical thinking skills’? Here’s how one researcher penned it, “In Ed-land, this means that kids have developed a depressive radical skepticism regarding their nation, their family, notions regarding the existence of god or good and evil, and the very meaning of life itself. “Critical thinking” in today’s schools would, of course, “question” the war in Iraq but not the policy of appeasement towards brutal dictators. When you hear about “critical thinking” in a classroom you can be certain that there will be a neat divide between what is to be looked at critically and what is to go unquestioned.”
Source: http://edlandfollies.blogspot.com/2007/01/getting-the-b.html

“Collaboration” is often used like it’s a brand new concept in education. Have you noticed how many bright and chirpy CCSS puppets express so much enthusiasm over the fact CCSS allows them to collaborate so much now. Good grief. From the student’s side, there are more collaborative projects than ever before. While teamwork is good and has also been around since dirt was invented, too much of it can be a bad thing. All this collaborating in reality is ‘breeding’ folks so absolutely dependent on a bigger group they are effectively incapable of working on their own, standing on their own, or even thinking on their own!

Want More Educratic Speak?:

If you’d like even more educratic babble, be sure to read my April 3rd, 2015 article where one of the biggest doublespeakers in education is featured. See: https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2015/04/03/fom-duncan-extols-upcoming-esea-renewal/

From 1999, an article well worth reading: http://americanpolicy.org/1999/03/29/how-to-understand-the-double-speak-of-the-educrats/

From Charlotte Iserbyt, her “Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America” book in pdf form. If you want an excellent view of how education authorities have re-written words/phrases for schools, this is it. Very detailed from the 1930s to the 1990s. If you have time for nothing else, access the appendices. charlottesdumbdown


Here’s Charlotte Iserbyt’s 8 minute interview:

Anita Hoge’s detailed video on Outcome Based Education, which under CCSS is very much alive. Called “Womb to Tomb: OBE”. Her opening minutes illustrate how crafty OBE can be when it comes to words.

William Lutz, author of “Double Speak”, shares how purposeful double speak is used in government, business, and so many other places.

Fib-o-Meter Friday: IB (International Baccalaureate) Schools, Common Core

It's Friday, you know what that means! Time to measure what's truth, what's fallacy/fib or what's in between.
It’s Friday, you know what that means! Time to measure what’s truth, what’s fallacy/fib or what’s in between.

IB Schools are more prevalent today than ever before. They are supposedly the ‘greatest thing since sliced bread’ in the education world. So, with such a global agenda, is there room for Common Core?! Let’s find out!

Today’s “Fib-o-Meter” is charged up and ready to weigh the ‘facts, fallacies, and buzzwords’! Our focus is the 2012 IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization) Presentation given at the “Conference of the Americas”.

First statement from the presentation:

“The IB supports the creation and adoption of the Common Core State Standards.” Now, we know the context of this, at least from the IB veiwpoint, is ‘Total Truth”, however, we aren’t the IB. Supporting the creation..would that be the ‘state led, state created’ version of the truth or would it be the public-private, non legislative created version? It could also mean the creation version that didn’t include a single classroom experienced writer! As far as the adoption process?! It was hardly voluntarily completed. Kind of lets us know right off the bat the moral compass of the IB, doesn’t it? I think we’ll have to stick with “Fallacy” overall on this statement.

Next statement to be measured:

“The main aims of the common core initiative are to raise academic standards and improve college completion rates in the US.” Really? That’s not what we’ve been told, IB! Shameful..telling such “Total Fallacies” as such. Straight from the official Common Core Standards website, “to prepare all students for success in our global economy and society” 

Then, there’s this set of statements :

“Common standards create a foundation for districts and states to work collaboratively.”

“Clear and coherent standards will help students (and parents and teachers) understand what is expected of them.”

“All students must be prepared to compete with not only their American peers, but also with students from around the world.”

“Common standards can help create more equal access to an excellent education.”

Of all of the statements in the set, only one is “Total Truth”. Even that’s a stretch. Which one? Why the state working together collaboratively. By the time the entire CCSS alignment, Career Pathways, College and Career Readiness,  and Workforce alignment (not to mention the data mining), we’ll have no choice in the matter…we’ll HAVE to work together! The rest of the set..all “Total Fallacies”. I’m sure there are thousands of citizens who can provide evidence to prove it. Lord knows, You Tube is full of  evidence to disprove this load of less-than-fine-upstanding-truth.

How About This Whopper?

No, I don’t mean the sandwich, I mean the whopper of a fallacy this next statement is. (CCSS) Provides more precise definitions of academic success, a logical pathway toward goals while considering international benchmarksƒ.” Is this group serious? “International benchmarks”? There are NONE!! They obviously weren’t invited to the debut of Dr. Stotsky’s article as it appeared on the Pioneer Institute’s website about the proof no international benchmarks were around. (See: http://pioneerinstitute.org/news/wanted-internationally-benchmarked-standards-in-english-mathematics-and-science/)

Sorry, IBO, you get “Total Fallacy” for this one!


Before we part today, remember this, as I’ve written before, IB Schools are part of the UN. So, it stands to reason they would support Common Core. UN is global, that’s its nature. However, we’re Americans. We should have American schools. That’s our nature.

Finally, if you’ve not seen this yet, it is worth watching. Out of the state of Ohio from the efforts to stop Common Core, a ‘Pink Floyd’ classic has been updated to fit CCSS. When you sing along, insert your state’s name!

Sic’ ‘Em Saturday: CCSS, Progressives and PBLs

I have a ‘suppose this’ scenario for you…Suppose I wanted to take progressively liberal agenda, add Common Core and come up with something ‘wonderful’? What do you suppose the results may be? You’d get PBL (Project Based Learning). Now PBL has been around awhile, but think, what better way to move my ‘educational agents of change’ than by a combination of the two?



From a CA county School district

The ‘skinny’ on Common Core aligned PBLs:

According to the Buck Institute for Education, which trains the teachers to lead classrooms, they’ve put together a plethora of resources devoted to aligning your PBLs. In fact, they make it sound like the greatest thing ever to be heard of! Here’s just one of the glowing positives they feature on their website, “Project Based Learning is a transformative teaching method for engaging ALL students in meaningful learning and developing the 21st Century competencies of critical thinking/problem solving, collaboration, creativity and communication.” Unlike some of the websites I’ve researched, this one does still have resources that are NOT CCSS aligned. However, you really have to read the large and fine print to ensure you are staying clear of them. Buck Institute is certainly NOT the only PBL CCSS aligned group out there. There are plenty of others, too. However, if you watch the video below, listen for the familiar CC buzzwords, notice who they seek advice from or have praise from. Look who’s helping lead their teacher workshops. All these are clues to the progressiveness behind social change.

The hype about CC aligned PBLs:

Well, just looking at the video, you’ll see the business surrounding PBLs is booming, at least for Buck. But what about other facts/figures? It will definitely depend where you look. For example the school district in CA, whose logo is above, where they host CC aligned PBL workshops, some are low priced ($150.00) per person, others were in the thousands of dollars for a group. That’s just one school district. But there are many private companies, non profits, all on the latest bandwagon…PBLs that are aligned. PBLs are heavily used in STEM curricula, classes, lesson plans too. The profits for all those connected corporations is incredible. There are ‘design your own PBL’ resources, there are ‘we’ll do it for you’ resources, the ‘we’ll teach you how’ resources, the ‘career technical PBLs’ (yeah, we know CC is only K-12, right?) each and every one will more than likely have a price tag. Keep in mind, for every PBL the federal government offers, we taxpayers, have funded it.

PBLs, the 'latest, greatest' invention in education?!
PBLs, the latest, greatest “invention” in education?!

Why PBLs aligned to CC shouldn’t get all the hype:
Like many educators, I know there’s too much fuss over them. Honestly, when I first discovered ‘PBLs’, it wasn’t when CCSS came around..in fact ‘PBL’ is a new, catchy name for what, quite frankly, is as old as time..’learning by doing‘. You know, it’s the way kinesthetic learners can tackle their toughest subjects, it’s the way our parents taught us to go to the bathroom, tie our shoes, mow the grass, and on and on. PBLs are hardly as recent invention as they are touted to be. Thousands of public, private educators and  home educators have successful taught AND graduated many students using not only the ‘learning by doing’ method,  but by every other conceivable tried and true method as well. Those of us who have been teaching, know there are many different intelligences, and accordingly, many different ways to teach. This is why we know, one size does NOT fit all, one way to teach does NOT fit all. An artist doesn’t use a single brush to create a masterpiece, a chef doesn’t use one pan to bake everything, a parent shouldn’t treat their children all the same AND a teacher should not be constricted in the classroom!

Labeling it CC aligned PBL isn’t going to ensure its success. I, like so many educators (or all ages, grades and choices), know projects can serve a classroom well, just not a constant diet of them. To help you understand why I believe this AND have see it play out, consider a college professor’s lament.  I recently was listening to a college professor give examples of why PBLs DON’T work. The biggest reasons: students cannot grasp what it is to work independently, to stay on task on their own, to be responsible for their own work, or, to function in an educational setting well. In short, ‘clueless’. His examples were all based on students in the last 2-3 years where high school was the last place they’d been. 

The Progressive component:

When you factor in all the public private partnerships which saddled us with CC, it isn’t hard to look at the overall progression they desire to move us from the American Dream to the global citizen. If you’ve read my blog in the past week, you’ll know I have shared my progressive plans already in motion, especially connected to the CCSSO (Council of Chief State School Officers). Look at the resources with CC, listen to those supporting it, all about ‘the greater good’, the ‘collective effort’ and so on.

Consider using these 3 quotes in your action campaigns!

Professor Yong Zhao, a global thought leader on education, has some refreshing words to say related to America’s 1)‘suicidal quest with Common Core’.(his phrase to describe CC) While he very progressive minded and I do not embrace everything he believes or speaks, I do like that he’s very solid on how rotten CC is.

Below are some words he had in a debate with Marc Tucker (who’s very pro CC):
“…my main point: it is 2) impossible, unnecessary, and harmful for a small group of individuals to predetermine and impose upon all students the same set of knowledge and skills and expect all students progress at the same pace (if the students don’t, it is the teachers’ and schools’ fault). I am not against standards per se for good standards can serve as a useful guide. What I am against is Common and Core, that is, the same standards for all students and a few subjects (currently math and English language arts) as the core of all children’s education diet. I might even love the Common Core if they were not common or core.” Read the rest, http://zhaolearning.com/2013/01/17/more-questions-about-the-common-core-response-to-marc-tucker/

 3)“Stop the Common Core or ready your basement for your college graduates.”
quote by Yong Zhao (renown global education, technology reformer) featured on his blog 07/02/14

Tech Thursday: NC’s “Workforce” Despicable Moves

Last Wednesday (October 2nd), I wrote about my recent attendance to a ‘NC Workforce Learning Summit’ and promised you a follow up. Common Core Standards are so ingrained in NC, it is truly despicable. **NOTE: While I am basing this off what I discovered here, in NC, do not assume if you live elsewhere, you are not impacted. ” CCSS aligned Workforce” is alive, implemented, and growing in all 50 states!

NC is working hard to align its students from PreK to Workforce.
NC is working hard to align its students from PreK to Workforce.


Last week’s post explained how NC, when planning education, listens to the business communities first because they, after all will need specifically schooled workers. We also learned that, NC considers parents to be a problem because we’re so out of touch with today’s ‘real world’. We also learned in last week’s post about this, that Common Core is being woven from the earliest of ages all the way to adulthood.  What about your state? Is it doing something eerily familiar? Again, people, all this is….despicable!

When tax payer funded education comes from somewhere OTHER than your state’s Dept. of Education:

Here in NC, everyone wants in on the educational direction our students take. We have the Dept. of Commerce firmly involved, we have the NC Chamber of Commerce foaming at the mouth to put their money’s worth in, private corporations have become education’s pimp. All the while, the most of the politicians smile and tell you how ‘great’it is!

From what I gathered at the ‘learning summit’ I attended, it is clear: money is to be had by anyone involved. Money buys a place at the education table, money is waving in front of the student as an worthy aspiration in life. What happened to letting a student live a little?

Back in the days before TV, there were traveling salesmen (sorry, ladies, this was before women were outside of the home workers) who hawked ‘miracle potions’ that would cure anything wrong with you. They became known as ‘snake oil salesmen’. Why? What they sold turned out to be worthless. Fast forward to today, and we have modern day ‘snake oil salespeople’…only this time, they are holding your student’s future as the product. I’m not suggesting your student’s future is worthless, however, CCSS is NOT educating our students very well, certainly not up to their potential of ‘awesomeness’!

Selling out, one family at a time:

From one of the hosts speaking at this meeting, it was shared that all 58 of NC’s Community Colleges are in tune with the businesses in our state. The “master plan”? Kindergarten-12th grades, as well as community colleges (those 4 yr colleges will be added soon, or so it is hoped) to have classroom lessons in tune with the jobs in manufacturing , finances, logistics and healthcare.

Now, those pointing out we parents are ‘so out of the loop’ were quick to condition manufacturing as ‘advanced’, the logistics as so much more than tradition has constricted it to be and so on. IT (Information Technology) jobs are especially in need. Public, private partnerships (P3s) are being encouraged like never before to ‘step it up’ and get involved.

The reason community colleges and P3s make so much sense,according to the tone of the Summit,  is that LOCAL interests can be met, LOCAL economies can be increased and LOCAL education (esp. community college) is the last great hope for some people. Strange, some of the very same people speaking said ‘Common Core’ was our last great hope. While we’re looking at it, if all this LOCAL activity is happening, why is the ‘competing in a global 21st century economy’ being shoved in our faces?

Families, of course, are being sold all of this with rhetoric like “If we can’t find the labor, talent or skills, we’ll die.” So, what better way to do all this than by having P3s, schools join as an alliance! “We’re doing good, but we can do better.” This is the ‘we’re all in this together’ mindset so prevalent in the global, greater good kind of way. Families are also being told all of the great education/job success comes with ‘ease’ (as in ‘it’ll be easier to transfer credits), or with ‘value’ (as in company benefits). Now, don’t misunderstand me, success in education and jobs ARE vital, however, if we could have much more transparency from the education side, remove the Common Core ‘trained drone’ component AND remove the P3s, THEN education success might truly mean something. Think of all of this as if you were on a football team. You’ve trained hard, you’ve become part of the team. You get your jersey on. Then, you sit  on the bench the entire game. Why? Because all the P3 jerseys won’t get out of your way. Remember, P3s have a profit or a return on their investment as their #1 goal..and they are proving they will do ANYTHING to get it. If you are not familiar with how P3s in education are ruining it, I invite you to look up what a public-private-partnership is, what it is truly supposed to be limited to and how our students are, once again, caught in the middle of it all.

Oh, if you’re a part of a family and you get any of the slick looking postcards or visit the websites promoting ‘workforce education’ be sure to note how much of a ‘win-win’ it is for everyone. Then consider this: one of the biggest tools for Workforce education is a test called “WorkKeys”. There are other tests as well, “AccuPlanner”, “Plan”, “Aspire”..each one not only data mines your information, but each is CCSS aligned. Not only that, the push for “WorkKeys” goes hand in hand with the pigeon holing  job placement manipulation this country hasn’t experienced on a grand scale in many years. Below, is a video on the ‘virtues’ of “WorkKeys”, however, listen closely for the phrase, ‘no national number, no job’.

NC for sale:

NC’s Governor McCrory was there at the meeting I attended. One of the things he said had to do with venture capitalism. “If we compete as a state, we have to get more venture capital, entrepreneurial skills.” He went to talk about the state of NC being part of the National Triangle that stretches from Silicon Valley, northeast to Boston and then south to Charlotte. Now, had I not just completed a lot of research into Common Core/technology in Silicon Valley (which led me to uncover lots about the vast fortune venture capitalists are pouring into the success of CCSS and education) I might be impressed with the Governor’s words. However, I HAD just learned all that and it wasn’t more like being hit in the stomach. (see my post about the GSV and Silicon Valley). 

NC is one of the ‘Top 10 Friendliest States’ to conduct business in, that was something I did learn at this Summit that was new. According to the CNBC (see here: http://www.cnbc.com/id/101758236#.) “America’s Top States for Business”, NC is #5.

How did we get to number 5? Simple, CNBC used publicly collected data to come to their conclusion. Yes, data mining at work!! Now, what’s interesting is when you look at the parameters for ‘workforce’, “Many states point with great pride to the quality and availability of their workers, as well as government-sponsored programs to train them. We rate states based on the education level of their workforce, as well as the numbers of available workers. We also consider union membership and the states’ right-to-work laws. While organized labor contends that a union workforce is a quality workforce, that argument, more often than not, does not resonate with business. We also look at the relative success of each state’s worker-training programs in placing their participants in jobs.” Let’s please remember, some of these same authoritative groups/people refer to our sons and daughters as ‘talent supply’, ‘pipeline’ and other degrading words.

At what price will education come? Let's get back to education and leave the commerce out of it!
At what price will education come? Let’s get back to education and leave the commerce out of it!

What struck me throughout this entire Summit was that the longer it went on the more about business, returns on investment (both human capital and financial capital), being #1 in the nation it became. Yes, supposedly this is all so Johnny and Suzy have a great lifetime career. However, Johnny and Suzy, much like you and I probably won’t stay in one career for their entire lives!

What, are all these businesses, commerce aligned classroom lessons, etc. going to do IF Common Core is repealed in NC? My belief? That no one, not the NC DPI, not the NC Chamber of Commerce, not the Governor, not anyone has any sort of ‘Plan B’ should the Repeal committee find Common Core is all wrong for NC. Well, if you don’t live in NC, what about YOUR state? Is anyone having a mature enough conversation about here’s education with CCSS and here’s education WITHOUT? Has anyone in the P3s realm even dared to consider ‘what if’? My question to all of them, “WHY NOT?” You have contingency doomsday plans for your states, why NOT an education contingency plan that actually puts the student first?!

Game changer:
Terminology is changing. With the agenda behind Common Core, Career Tech Education (CTE) which is post secondary Common Core, the creators and supporters of national standards, you need to know doublspeak lives on! What do I mean? What do you think of when you hear the word ‘college’? That’s right, you think 4 year institution. More than likely you do NOT think community college, vocational tech, proprietary schools (for-profit post secondary schools). However, in the scope of the information above, ‘college’ no longer means that. According to the new vernacular, ‘college’ now means ANY type of education beyond high school. As I heard it put, ‘one job, many paths to get there’.

Any questions, comments or real life experiences you can share, please do. These real life stories need to be shared to awareness can be raised and this insidiousness can be stopped. Thank you for sharing.

RMT Sunday: Common Core Aligned Technology Removing Barriers?!

"Money, money, money..it's a rich man's world." (song lyrics by Abba)
“Money, money, money..it’s a rich man’s world.” (song lyrics by Abba)

Since it’s “Riddle Me This” Sunday, I have a set of notes which has been sitting by my laptop for at least 2 weeks and every time I look at it, I keep asking myself why technology would jump at the opportunity to align most of ‘itself’ to Common Core Standards. Especially when you consider the illegitimate base the Standards have.

“Google Ed Tools” webinar was held back on 9/18/14. What amazed me was you could hear the youth of the professional presenter’s voice extolling the virtues of how great CCS is, because after all, 60% of the entire “Google Education Team” now has jobs which didn’t exist before. Now, while this may be true…AND it may be true that most of our current students of today may have jobs not yet created, let’s also remember there are plenty of jobs that will continue to be available which are timeless, yet vital, to our existence as humans.

In the above context, consider those of us older who have found ourselves with some of these ‘new jobs’… How, with NO Common Core education, have we been able to succeed? The answer: I believe it’s because we have been solid enough to do whatever/whenever. It’s known by several characteristics like determination, teamwork, and on and on.. So, here’s another riddle: Why, if technology is so bent on re-inventing jobs, are so many programs/officials pushing those ‘Workforce’ jobs that aren’t so tech savvy?  The answer, of course to all these ‘riddles’ has to be MONEY. The goal, I believe, get everyone so hyped up and hang it all on one word, ‘MAY’. There MAY be a job for you. There MAY be a education for you. One stark reality to balance these answers: Truth beats lies every time.

“Collaboration” is the new ‘sexy’:

I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard this word, ‘collaboration’ tossed around so many times, I think it could be something x-rated. I mean seriously, watch a pro CCSS person use this word, watch their eyes, their tone of voice, observe their body language. I do declare, they all look and sound like someone dished them up a serving of the “Better than Sex” chocolate cake.

Now, here’s a riddle: Why? Why would those so supportive of the Core treat this one word like something to be revered? Your answer: It’s a marketing word to make you feel like you’re missing out if you don’t get in on ‘it’.

Common Core Cronies would have you believe 'collaboration' is sexy.
Common Core Cronies would have you believe ‘collaboration’ is sexy.

Technology removes barriers:

Yes, according to this webinar, if you want educational barriers removed, insert technology that has Common Core Standards embedded. Technology connects us, we discover more (hey, so does taking a walk outside and having a face to face conversation).

CCS embedded technology empowers us, connects our classrooms. It improves you while it equalizes the rest of the class. The trade off for all this new, improved learning? Hands on research is being abandoned. Any old way of learning or completing assignments is being discounted, discredited. Think of it as betraying your ancestors. Oh, Lynne, it’s NOT that bad..Yes, reader, it is. When we discredit the older way of doing things, of discovering, we ARE doing exactly that..disrespecting, betraying, and being prideful enough to think anything old is worthless. Think I’m making this up? Listen to the rhetoric I heard, ‘you are able to adopt a culture that’s open, curious and collaborative.’ “Google Apps for Education is learning in real time, really transforming and shows you what work world would look like.” Oh…the real kicker..it’s all ‘FREE’! That’s part of the selling of ‘Google’, “Four Pillars” of empowerment, the right tools, teamwork, affordable cost.

Learning is ‘real time’ (in and of itself)!  Want to know what the work world is like? Get a job, any job..from doing your chores to getting paid, if it’s work, it’s the working world! UGH!

Higher/Lower ‘Google’:

No matter if you’re in a lower grade or a higher grade (meaning anywhere from Pre K to the work world), “Google Ed” has a application for your education (it literally will follow you from school to school to job). Of the “Core” education apps: Drive (creates, collaborates); Calendar (sharing); Gmail (keeps records, sorts records, helps you find records); Classroom (organize and save you time); Sites (classroom management). How it was all sold to you, the webinar attendee? “More time”, ‘we did the work for you’. “30 million students are impacted.”

“Chrome Books”, THE CCSS ‘weapon’ of choice:

Wildly ‘popular’ among schools is the Chrome Book. It’s a data miner’s reality, as well. Most schools accepting all the FREE technology call the “Chrome Book” the ‘device of choice’ because it can do so much. It’s free, it’s on-line, you can get lessons faster and share them with ease. It’s a low cost item (wait, I thought you said it was ‘free’) as far as the updates/upkeep costs. Best of all it’s “CCSS subjects, grades” on tablets with Google.” Not to fear, if you don’t have a “Chrome Book”, any of the following devices can also be aligned/mined:

Nexus 7; Samsung Galaxy Tablet (4th edition); ASUS Transformer and the HPSlate 8 Pro.

As far as how the devices help data mining, three words: Pearson’s Project RED. Want information on this (access my original article: http://ladyliberty1885.com/2014/07/24/guest-post-do-you-know-red/) Lady Liberty 1885 wrote a follow up and others have since written about the Project as well. In short, a massive data mining grasp to buy and sell your students information and be as intrusive into your home life as possible. Who’s footing the bill for all those ‘free computers’, it isn’t who you might think. Sure, the companies ‘donate’ some, but more times than not, schools buy them via a contract. The money is your taxpayer money! Those low cost upkeeps/updates…your tax money! Don’t want your tax money used this way?! Speak up!

“Google Play”, another weapon of choice:

This indoctrination filled weapon is on every Android and Smart Phone out there. It’s also in the “Chrome Book”. It’s a one-stop-shop with K-12 books, apps, videos, and YouTube (yep, it’s CCSS laden as well). Thousands of approved education applications are there..and all CCSS aligned. Not satisfied with ‘thousands’ to choose from? You can also ‘rent’ dozens of K-12 books (all from classical lit to modern textbooks). Houghton Mifflin, MacMillian, Harper Collins, ABDO, Lerner, Penguin, Andrews McMeal, Cengage are among the most noted publishers (but not all of the publishers). If you’d like to solve a puzzle, go look up each of these & see how quickly you can find the Pearson Publishing ties). Selling point for all the access to these ‘great’ books?! “It’s easier without lugging all those books around!” Oh, you’ll love this..the team presenting this webinar even shared that before Google came along, the traditional way of reading was passe and Microsoft’s way was ‘clunky’.

There was a ‘Beta test school’:

I will have to say, Google did have a few schools try the entire suite of programs out before marketing it to us, the unsuspecting consumer. One school in CA, in particular, was featured during the webinar. They chose to use the ‘Google Ed’ to improve their grammar. How was this achieved? The computer told the students what to do. The teacher was expressing how great the time saving was, how every student was thriving. Yet, as I listened to how she described their activities, it was apparent there was almost no teacher leadership involved!  She basically passed off her responsibility to lead/direct to have the students assume this role..THEN they got to assess themselves. This teacher went on to say about Google/CCSS, ‘I believe due to CCSS’ drive for tech skills, we have collaboration, we’re getting ready for the SBAC. I love it!”

What may replace a living teacher in the not so far off future!
What may replace a living teacher in the not so far off future!

So, fellow anti Common Core citizens..what are we to do? Use this kind of information as a resource for writing letters to your school boards. Making phone calls to your principals. Attending a school board meeting? If there is a time for public comment, speak up! If you have to follow a process in order to have a time to speak up, complete it. Our students are too precious to have them assimilated in this fashion. You can help re-direct the decisions on how your tax dollars are spent.

You don’t have to be an eloquent speaker, you don’t have to be a gifted writer..you just have to care enough for the education of your community’s children to make a difference between real education and a Common Core aligned agenda.

From the Files: Health Care Gets a Common Core Transfusion

If you were reading my blog last week, you may remember I shared there was a day long webinar featuring the Departments of Education, Labor, and Health & Human Services. In selecting my file for the week to share for today, I remembered I have one from April 2009. In while Common Core is NOT named (as we can easily identify it), an urgent need for health education reform IS. Fast forward to 2014, and you can find health education reform/CCSS are more entwined than the latest hospital romance.

A Symposium:

“Converging Health Care Reform and Medical Education Reform” (document is below) occurred April 2009. Markel Foundation, Mayo Clinic, Paley Media Center, Emory University, MIT, Health & Human Services Sr. VP from University of CA comprised the panel at the symposium.

Key statements to look for, “Medical education must play a crucial role…including specific curriculum designed to increase value, student selection criteria, instruction methods, assessment, and financing.” “All panelists agreed that the educational system must be redesigned to break down professional silos, creating an educational environment in which physicians, nurses, other allied health professionals, community health workers and family caregivers learn to work together on behalf of the patient.” “Physicians need to be comfortable not being at point all the time.” “Curriculum must incorporate elements of engineering and health delivery science in addition to biological science.” “…current education system encourages learners to focus on the accumulation of knowledge rather than innovative ways to deliver health care to individuals.” “…novel assessments, including measurement based upon patient outcomes, teamwork, and individual performance.” “We need to move away from the GPA and standard examinations as our primary or sole assessment tools, there is no correlation between these tools and how students perform in practice.” “We are in control of health professional education..it’s ours to win or lose…”

20090428_mayoclinic_summary_0 ( another related article, http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2755804/)

Mayo Clinic:

Mayo’s been around for as long as I can remember. It is highly respected. Which is why I was surprised to read the report and find those key statements. Researching the symposium and some of the notable the groups involved, it dawned on me that the relationship so highly praised last week (between the Education, Health/Human Services, and Labor) is making more and more sense as to WHY they’d want the Workforce programs to be such a hit! (Refer back to my CC and the Workforce post)

Getting back to Mayo, however, according to their website page for ‘academics’, (see: http://www.mayo.edu/mshs/careers), you won’t see any glaring reference to Common Core. However, if you go beyond what’s at face value, let’s see how easy it is to find CCSS.
First up, I chose a cardiovascular program from the ‘academics’ list. (http://www.mayo.edu/mshs/careers/cardiovascular-invasive-specialist/cardiovascular-invasive-specialist-minnesota) Then, I clicked on “curriculum” (see the left hand menu). Now, I have looked and STILL do not see “Common Core”, okay, but look at WHERE the cardio program is taught..at a partner school!

Rochester Community & Technical College:
The Rochester Community & Technical College. (http://www.rctc.edu/), Now notice if you will what greater school system the RCTC belongs to: Minnesota University, which is a member of the Minnesota State Colleges & Universities. Here’s a clip about them: “The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) system is the largest single provider of higher education in the state of Minnesota and the fifth largest system of colleges and universities in the United States. The system includes 31 institutions (24 technical and community colleges and seven state universities) spanning 54 campuses across 47 Minnesota communities serving more than 430,000 students annually.” I’ll have to hand it to the folks who put this website together. The ties to Common Core took me a while to find BUT find them I did! “Hidden” in the publications of the school is a beauty of a document from 201o, “Obama’s address on Community Colleges as the best kept secret”. Then when I search through some other publications, I found the 2013 updated form of ‘what to expect as a student of RCTC’. The school uses the Accuplacer test, Common Core aligned as well as owned by the College Board, a known Common Core profit making company. College Board also owns other assessments. The RCTC also uses curriculum from the Minnesota public colleges & universities. If all this isn’t enough, check out this 2010 document from the MN legislature aligning Preschool through College: http://www.leg.state.mn.us/docs/2010/mandated/100197.pdf (you’ll see the MN State Colleges & Universities is a banner member of this alignment). Oh, as a bonus for MN, they are really big into STEM and Next Generation Science Standards. CCSS is all over this state.

Back to Mayo Clinic for just a minute:

Mayo Clinic has partnered with ‘Sophia’ to feature CCSS aligned courses! (http://www.sophia.org/news/sophia-to-feature-mayo-clinic-learning-pathways) Here’s an excerpt:

“SOPHIA currently features more than 200 learning pathways aligned to the national Common Core standards in math and science for students in 6th grade through the first two years of college. The pathways are full-course curriculums consisting of hundreds of bite-sized tutorials with multiple lessons provided on each concept taught by a variety of teachers, offering students Many Ways to Learn. The tutorials feature a multitude of multi-media elements including screencasts, images, video, audio podcasts and text that appeal to different learning styles. Students work at their own pace along a sequenced journey of tutorials and are quizzed along the way to determine mastery of each concept. Tutorials in the learning pathways are created and reviewed by teachers to ensure academic credibility. Teachers also have the ability to review a student’s progress by monitoring analytic reports.

In addition to the Many Ways learning model, SOPHIA.org also provides resources to help teachers flip their classrooms, a new method of teaching that is shifting the way teachers teach and students learn. SOPHIA also recently introduced SOPHIA Pathways for College Credit, which makes a college education affordable and accessible.”

MIT, Emory, and University of California:
MIT was super easy as far as finding the connections between itself, as a legendary school and Common Core: (http://www.commoncoreconversation.com/general-resources-for-all-subject-areas.html#sthash.NmgCCTRI.dpb)
You’ll find Massachusetts Institute of Technology about 3/4 of the way down the page. Look on the left hand side of the screen. **Added bonus, you now have a plethora of CC aligned resources to avoid, research, and share!** MIT is also ‘buddies’ with the College Board, especially those Advance Placement assessment scores (see: http://web.mit.edu/firstyear/prospective/ap/index.html)

Emory University just won a competition for best CCSS implementation plan. See the “MarketWatch” article: (http://www.marketwatch.com/story/emory-university-goizueta-business-school-presents-winning-recommendations-for-implementing-common-core-state-standards-2014-05-0As far the Emory University’s website, you’ll not find Common Core by those words, but you’ll find plenty of STEM (and remember, where there’s STEM, there’s CCSS). You can also find out about the National  Institute for Health’s new initiative for students. NIH is an arm of the NHHS (National Health/Human Services). http://www.gs.emory.edu/about/special/imsd.html (you’ll be ‘happy’ to note, this is graduate student level)

University of California, this also was an easy find in searching. UC is SO supportive of Common Core, you can earn a degree to teach it! See: http://www.extension.ucr.edu/academics/certificates/common_core.html **Make a note, “Teaching Common Core” is considered an ‘advanced teaching skill’.

Well, at least you know up front what CA thinks about CCSS!
Well, at least you know up front what CA thinks about CCSS!

I don’t know about you:
Well, if you re-read my post about CC & the Workforce, THEN consider health care is a huge portion of those “Career Clusters”, THEN add this information on top, I hope you’d agree with me that our quality of life may be facing never before experienced challenges. Frankly, I’m extremely thankful that all the childbirthing, surgery, etc. I have faced are behind me. I certainly wouldn’t like to consider having a CCSS trained doctor attend to my needs. I LIKE the fact the doctors, nurses and specialists my children have seen have been a fantastic TEAM without Common Core! I’m glad to know my doctors are professional enough to take the lead & be held accountable for what’s going on! I think memorizing certain medical information is not only absolutely necessary, it can make the difference between living and dying. Since Common Core Standards are founded on illegal and questionable moral ethics, I will ‘thank’ Common Core to stay OUT of my health care–it’s MINE to win or lose!! As always, leave a comment, share your views, or experiences and let’s help spread the word about Common Core and it’s awful impact.