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Dear Valued Person

Hello my Anti Fed Ed Warriors!

Much of the focus, last week was on the FEPA (Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act) hearing. It is imperative we keep up any pressure to influence D.C. to #StopFEPA!

Also happening last week, was the third U.S. Senate HELP HEA (Higher Education Act) Hearing. If you missed the Hearing, you can watch the archived version. Scroll down to ‘watch video’. If you missed my article about the Hearing and how it’s tying into the global education agenda, access that here. (*Note: the Hearing is just over 2 hours)

What’s the ‘catch’ about the HEA Hearing? Well, Warriors, there are several.

First, the HEA was created back in 1965. It’s been re-authorized roughly the same amount of times as the original ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act). The HEA was LAST re-authorized (in its entirety) in 2008.

Then, there’s the latest re-branding of the HEA. Instead of the “Higher Education Act”, the name has been updated to now be known as the “Higher Education Innovation Act”.

Warriors, remember, this version belongs to the U.S. Senate. The U.S. House also has a re-branded HEA title in their version: PROSPER (Promoting Real Opportunity, Success, and Prosperity Through Education Reform). I wrote about the global ties to the House’s version of the HEA back in Dec. 2017. Earlier this year, I updated the information on PROSPER, here.

Next, the obvious fact that the HEA is the LAST link in the CCSS Machine’s chain for grid-locking ALL education to the workforce based, competency leveling assessing in EVERY level of schooling.

The HEA Hearing last week was supposedly about protecting taxpayers. (Who, by the way, are expected to one more time foot the bills for education reform which is 100% illegally based!) Warriors, any time Senator Lamar Alexander is leading the way in education reform, NO taxpayer is protected!

Look below, this is from one of my 2016 articles:

HEAblastThe last ‘catch’ of the HEA Hearing is this:  demagogue judgement on every ‘valued person’ in higher education. The judgement? “Poor outcomes” in student performance mean taxpayers suffer.


Of course, we know, thanks to the CCSS Machine, that ‘student outcome‘ is tied to teachers leadership. It’s been done so in a way which is demeaning and outrageous.
Congress should be treating students and teachers as the wonderfully gifted, ‘valued people’ they are!

Notice, D.C. is great about pointing to every person in America as part of the problem, while the REAL issue(s) will continue to go unaddressed! The leadership assumes the taxpayers are idiots. This has been happening for decades, Warriors. By both political parties!

Warriors, think about it, when it comes to your education activism.
How many times has leadership deemed you as somehow ‘misinformed’?! How many deaf ears have been turned our way when it comes to speaking out?!

The “New” V.M. (Value Meter):

As if the demagogue leadership isn’t insulting our nation enough, the CCSS Machine member organization, AACC (American Association of Community Colleges), has created a new voluntary framework to measure higher education students. It deals with ‘accountability’.

What the AACC isn’t telling you, is that they are a UN (United Nations) partner organization. As such, you can bet the ‘new’ accountability measure for ‘valued people’ will be full of global reform.

The HEA Hearing from last week also included higher education ‘accountability’.

I’ll get to the framework shortly. I want to pause first to make a few points for those of you who may wish to share this article.

A) Community colleges are used by all ages and from every educational choice. The CCSS Machine’s grasp on the community colleges across the nation has put the community college in the exact center of the one-way-to-learn-so-you-will-earn education reform. The UN’s global education also includes the one-way-to-learn-so-you-will-earn system.

B) For many students and families, community colleges are the ‘go to’ answer for not only paying much less (have you noticed how the CCSS Machine agenda includes ‘free’ community college?), BUT, it’s where you can supposedly ‘get ahead’ faster.

C) If you’re attending community college after a public school graduation, it’s here your CCSS Machine
 pre-determined career track will continue. 

D) If you’re attending one of these schools as part of your homeschooling, or immediately upon completing your homeschooling requirements, it’s community college where you’ll be sucked into the CCSS Machine’s agenda and data mining system.

E) If you’ve decided community college is a great way to begin a second career or have been out of school for many years, the CCSS Machine agenda will encompass you as well.

F) If your job requires you to attend community college as a way to earn a promotion, you, too will be ensnared by the CCSS Machine’s global education idea of trained workers for specific jobs.


The Framework:


Warriors, by making this framework voluntary, post-secondary schools will be able to choose to belong to this system. However, as we’ve seen with ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) ‘choice’ (when it comes to accountability) is distorted.
Hang on, though, Warriors; there are two things to point out here:

A) The AACC isn’t Congress, however, the AACC Advocates lobby Congress to help promote federal agenda for community colleges! What’s more? This group is aggressive in pushing education policy.

B) We need to watch HOW Congress will re-write the HEA in both Chambers to see how mandated ‘accountability’ will become in post-secondary schools. The mandates for K-12th grades are tremendously overreaching.

US fed statute

The AACC Framework measures students via data tracking, sharing student data among every voluntary framework school (aka: Pathway 2.0 Schools).

According to the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) Sample, this Framework will take several years before any real results can be seen. ‘Gateway’ (college level) English and Math courses and assessments are to be measured. How well your student (or even you) persist from one semester to another is gauged. Then there is ‘how many credits you earn’ while attending one of these community colleges participating. You’ll also see the ‘readiness’ factor used in this system. “How ready are Johnny and Suzy for community college?”

Warriors, interestingly enough, I did find at least two presentations, here in America, for ‘gateway’ Math and English in the community college landscape. The first one appears to be from MO and was presented by the “Complete College” campaign. The second is from a VA community college and shows the ties to specific ways the ‘gateways’ are tied to local economics, race, and, gender.

You also may find it interesting that in the UK (United Kingdom) a 2 year Gateway English and Math is used in not only higher education, but apprenticeships, and other workforce-based competency ways.

As we’ve seen here in America, apprenticeships are also CCSS Machine aligned and are used as a way for the demagogue-led system to ‘sell’ more jobs. We know Congress is fully behind aligning education to workforce needs.


Another 5 year initiative for aligned education.


If you wish to attend  an upcoming webinar on how all this will drive students to ‘success’, visit this link. The date is Feb. 8th, 2018, time the webinar begins is 1: 00 PM. A second webinar on this topic is set for Feb. 16th, 2018. That one begins at 11:00 AM. All times are Eastern Standard.



Monday Musings: Honor Among CCSS Warriors

Even if you aren't a homeschooling family, PH's consistent researched articles are vital to fighting education reform.
Even if you aren’t a homeschooling family, PH’s consistent researched articles are vital to fighting education reform.

Greetings anti CCSS warriors! The beginning of a new work week. The beginning of a new day to war against the CCSS Machine. I’ve a short story for you today…one that’s full of honor among those of us who choose to fight for our students of ALL ages in ALL educational choices every single day.

The 1990s to 2009:

I’m not sure when or why you joined the anti CCSS movement, but here’s how I got involved. First off, my family had chosen (way back in the early 90s) to educate our children at home. Being that ‘out of the normal box’ family has worked well for us through the years. Knowing we were ‘different’ kept us on our toes, so to speak. We faced the ire of the local school boards when we learned they didn’t like our choice because it deprived them of per student funding. We stood firm in our decision. We’ve faced the ridicule of those who chose the more traditional route in educating their children. We stood firm in not ridiculing them.

When a new job created the need to move to NC from FL, we did so while still choosing to home educate. We moved to a city where we knew no one except each other and our dog. It was that need to find others like us which got us involved in leadership possibilities in our unique community of learners, teachers, and families. I had to learn the new laws of what constituted home education. Years passed, all was well…or so I thought. Yes, there’d been pushes here and there from national groups and local ones to further regulate home education, but every move failed.

Then one day, I find myself at a meeting full of educational leaders. Different national magazines were being shared. One of those was “Practical Homeschooling” magazine. In the particular issue from mid 2009 I was alerted to big trouble looming in the form of a push for national standards. Then I picked  up a second issue of the same magazine and found an article about the globalizing of American education. Between the two articles (full of researched and credible information), I was spurred on. After reading what I had, I knew in my heart there was NO WAY I could sit by and watch our freedoms be stripped away. By ‘our freedoms’ I mean everyone’s right to choose how to educate their children. I’ve never been in the conversion business for there’s only ONE WAY to teach and learn.

From 2009 to Now:

Since digging into fighting national overreach into education (which is NOT in the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, or any other foundational document for our country), I’ve met some amazing people, been privileged to speak out (and to be sought out to speak up), had many wise folks to learn even more from, and to be asked repeatedly for information, advice, and what my research has exposed. I can happily share that MOST everyone I meet, and everywhere I get to travel in this “War against the Core”, more and more people who desire honor (and are honorable) are standing up! “Practical Homeschooling” spurred me on, I’ve been able to ignite that spark in others; they will carry on to excite even more people.

Our work is FAR from over, our journey is long..it is exacting. But, as has been written ‘when courage is in our hearts it WILL appear on the battlefield’. I would encourage you, no matter WHAT educational choice you have made for your families, look at ALL the available researched and credible publications you can find. While we know CCSS overreach spans day care to career, we are learning more daily on HOW that overreach is impacting ALL the educational choices. We’ve learned it’s in STEM, STEM to STEaM, CTE, CCR, Career Pathways (includes Career Clusters and Workforce training), NGSS, C3 Social Studies, our extra curricular clubs, our community wide educational events; we’ve learned how our entire communities are being aligned via all types of ‘feel good, do good for the town’ projects, initiatives, and legislation. We’ve seen our federal Congress bend over backwards to create bills which ‘rubber stamp’ anything connected to the CCSS Machine. We’ve watched as our states have forgotten (or just been lazy in exercising) their sovereignty in protecting the citizens against federal overreach…especially in education!

My point in all this? Continue to stand firm; to fight, not because you want to, rather because you have to; be honorable in your battle, remember whom you represent; seek out those who consistently provided facts, evidence, and aren’t seeking glory, these are the folks most likely to be the ones you’d want standing with you as we proceed.

To find out more about PH Magazine, the publishers have granted me permission to share the following subscription links:
For individuals:   http://www.home-school.com/catalog/pages/phs-usa-individual.php
For groups or libraries:  http://www.home-school.com/catalog/detail.php3?code=PHG1

(*Note: if the links do not open automatically, you can cut and paste in your internet browser; below is the entire cover of the magazine.)

"Practical Homeschooling" is on Facebook and Twitter, too!
“Practical Homeschooling” is on Facebook and Twitter, too!