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Following Up

This article is to follow up on the bombshell dropped yesterday on the AFT (American Federation of Teachers), NEA (National Education Association), TURN, and other CCSS Machine members funneling money to reform our educational system into a labor force management system.

Many anti CCSS Warriors not only read the bombshell and shared it, but came forth with MORE evidence! Each has asked me to share it with you.

To keep everything consistent, here is the link to yesterday’s article:

In it you were able to see how the Broad Foundation and the Gates Foundation have been the main funding groups. You saw how those teacher unions which claim supportive measures for education are also the ones being used to be the hands and feet of the reform. You also learned how some UK unions are supposedly joining the effort to hold Pearson Publishing accountable, yet Pearson is just as involved in being the hands and feet of the educational reform! So, are there others involved? Sure there are! Read on….

Enter the Clinton Foundation:

From Michelle E (one of the Warriors who supplied information for yesterday’s article), comes the evidenced link to how the Clinton Foundation is tied to  AFT. Below is a screen shot of the map:


To access the map for yourselves, http://www.muckety.com/972CE582CC35C6EFED6B0BD380F87C0D.map

When you scroll over the map (on the website) you will see the relationships between AFT and those featured. For example, when you scroll over the dotted line between AFT and the Clinton Foundation, you see ‘funder’ appear. By double clicking on some boxes, you will see the map change to show you more connections. Look for the small plus sign box in the upper right hand corner.For example, when I double clicked on the Clinton Foundation, I found what you see below:


Do you see the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI)? Look at the other groups you see. Why would I mention the CGI? For one we know that the article featured in yesterday’s bombshell said the AFT was joining some UK Unions.

While most of the Unions are education related, it is interesting that a couple are not. Below is an example of one labor union not tied to all this, but is tied to CGI in another way.

Why do I include it? The  CCSS Machine agenda is for a workforce based education. In this excerpt, you can see the relation between labor and education.
“Furthermore, Clinton already has the backing of unions that together represent about two-thirds of American union members (including the two national teachers unions and the largest union of public-sector workers). SEIU (Service Employees International Union)  (might have calculated that Sanders would need the bulk of organized labor behind him to defeat the Clinton juggernaut.”
To read the entire article: https://www.jacobinmag.com/2015/11/hillary-clinton-bernie-sanders-unions-seiu-primary-endorsement/

To learn more about SEIU (headquarters are in Washington, D.C.):
http://www.seiu.org/press (*Note: be sure to scroll down and read some of their Clinton press releases. Also note that globally, 2 million people are members.)

If you want to read the CGI page for their take on CCR (College and Career Readiness), which also ties labor and education together. Note the website address is at the bottom of this screen shot:

When you visit the webpage, notice that the CGI 6th Annual Conference is coming up in June 2016. Note all the CCR supporters/presentations slated, etc. Much evidence is out there tying Hilary Clinton to Common Core/CCR, so I am not including any of that in this article.

Tying the Gates Foundation (featured in yesterday’s article) to the Clinton Foundation (featured in this article) are the over 4 pages of the Gates Foundation grants to the Clinton Family (includes the Health Initiative, the Global Initiative, and more:

Enter Tony Blair from the U.K.:

This connection comes from another anti CCSS Warrior, Michele K. She notified me yesterday to see if I (or other anti CCSS Warriors) knew that the former U.K. Prime Minister is not only a big fan of Common Core, but promotes it globally. Below is the website video from the Tony Blair Faith Foundation. The video is 2 years old.

Did you hear the lady speak of global citizens? Did you hear her mention the ‘civics mission of schools’? Did you catch how these tie to Common Core competencies? I looked up the Civics Mission of Schools. It is a real organization. Among the members of the organization is the AFT. The CCSSO (Council of Chief State School Officers) is also a member, as are many other CCSS Machine Members. I did not find Tony Blair’s Foundation there or his Face to Faith (mentioned in the video above).

In the Civics Mission is similarly named group called Facing Our History, but that is NOT Blair’s from what I can tell.

To see the Civics Mission of Schools partners/associations:
http://www.civicmissionofschools.org/links (*Note: I have tied many of these to the CCSS Machine, including the Bill of Rights Institute, the American Bar Assoc. and others. If you would like to see how these seemingly patriotic groups are ties, please contact me.)

As far as Tony Blair’s Foundation, you may want to see what his Supporting the Next Generation Project involves. It is targeting 12-17 year old students globally via education.
Access the Project: http://tonyblairfaithfoundation.org/projects/supporting-next-generation

The relationship between Blair and Mrs. Clinton? Apparently, pretty tight. The Washington Examiner (2015) article about their emails and support for each other. (By the way, when Bill Clinton was President, he worked closely with Tony Blair.) http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/hillarys-surprising-ties-to-tony-blair/article/2573416

Another TURN Connection:

In yesterday’s article, we looked quite a bit at the TURN (Teacher Union Reform Network). However, I want us to go back and find out what groups are members of this Network. Will we find any of the organizations from today’s article?

Local groups in TURN: Albuquerque Teachers Federation, Boston Teachers Union, Castaic Teachers Association, Cincinnati Federation of Teachers, Cleveland Teachers Union, Columbus Education Association, Decatur Education Association, Denver Classroom Teachers Association, Douglas County (CO) Federation of Teachers, Elgin (IL) Education Association, Fairfax (VA) Education Association, Hart District Teachers Association, Jefferson County Education Association, Memphis Education Association, Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association, Minneapolis Federation of Teachers, Montgomery County (MD) Education Association, Newhall Teachers Association, Organization of DeKalb (GA) Educators, Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers, Portland (ME) Education Association, Poway (CA) Federation of Teachers, Prince George’s County Educators’ Association, Providence Teachers Union, Rochester Teachers Association, San Diego Education Association, San Juan (CA) Teachers Association, Saugus Teachers Association, Springfield Education Association, Syracuse Teachers Association, Toledo Federation of Teachers, United Educators of San Francisco, United Teachers of Dade, and Westerly Teachers Association

Among the voters and associates of the Network, you won’t find the Clintons, Gates, etc., but you will find many names you may recognize as CCSS Machine members. See:

However, it is the influencers of education reform I want to leave you with. TURN relies are these people as the game changers in how American education is taught. Again, bear in mind the CCSS Machine agenda is NOT academic based education OR is it American. It is workforce based for a global citizen.



Anti CCSS Warriors, do you know of even more connections? If so, let’s continue to join our information so that ALL may see the foundation already in place and how it is growing daily. Especially as we get closer to the November 2016 elections. Candidates in ALL levels of government need to be examined closely. I thank all the Warriors who have shared their knowledge so that we, too, can be just as prepared as possible to continue our War Against the Core.


RMT Sunday: History Repeating?

For this “Riddle Me This” Sunday post, I’m wondering how APUSH, The Bill of Right Institute, and Common Core all fit together.

First up, the article that has me pondering:

This past Thursday, a News and Observer article (Raleigh, NC) revealed that the State Superintendent has made a proposed choice to use the “Bill of Rights Institute” curricula. Now, some truly interesting points were made in the article that I, frankly, find suspect. Here’s the first one:

‘June Atkinson, state school superintendent said the state looked for groups that could help write the founding principles curriculum but found only the Bill of Rights Institute.’

You mean to tell me out of ALL the history resources available to the state of NC, one of the ORIGINAL 13 Colonies and which has a stellar NC History Museum, Dept. of Cultural Affairs, NC Historic Sites (one of which includes the Halifax Resolves birthplace {the U.S. Declaration of Independence was modeled after the Resolve}, Revolutionary War Trails, Civil War Trails, and even more that the ONLY resource you could locate was in another state? What about asking retired NC teachers? What about asking for the parent’s help? Why not consult with the current teachers? After all, later in the article it’s stated they thought the resources they currently use were not only sufficient but not tied to controversial people!

‘It is unusual for the Department of Public Instruction to tell school districts how to teach a course. Typically, the state sets out goals for grades or courses and lets the districts and teachers decide how to meet them. The state does point teachers to a variety of available resources.’

I cannot tell you the number of teachers and school board members of the state of NC who have stated without hesitation that “Raleigh sets out what we are to do and we must do it, we don’t get to choose”. Add to this the NC Operational Testing Calendar (see: 1415optestcal) with all those mandated assessments to take, what a teacher gets to teach isn’t really up for much choice at all. Counter that with this one teacher’s viewpoint, however,

“You’re setting up students for failure when you limit their world view.”

Uh, excuse me?! Common Core has been limiting all kinds of views, especially the global ones! I would be remiss if I didn’t share with you that this teacher is referring to AP U.S. History as she now teaches it. With the extreme leftist, anti American view, I’m not sure she even should be quoted in the article.  (to see the entire article: (http://www.newsobserver.com/2014/12/03/4374397_state-education-department-used.html?sp=/99/102/110/&rh=1)

Why all the fuss?

The stir, it appears is centered around one of NC educational laws that states we must teach the Founding Principles of the U.S. That’s great, but in these current times, between the Common Core Standards abysmal attempt at covering U.S. History and the out-and-out assaulting of our country’s history courtesy of APUSH, I really think the legislators need to go back and review which set of Founding Principles they’d like. The REAL ones that we know to be true OR the globalized version that suits someone else’s agenda.

Also, throughout this battle in NC for educational prowess, it has been repeated that only NC standards for NC students; NC History for NC Students. Sorry, DPI, but Common Core and APUSH don’t fit those needs at all!

Here’s the introductory paragraph for our NC Founding Principals Act (2011)

“Whereas, the survival of the republic requires that our nation’s children, the future
guardians of its heritage and participants in its governance, have a clear understanding of the
Founding Philosophy and the Founding Principles of government for a free people, which are
found in the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, the Federalist Papers,
and the writings of the Founders, and an understanding of their preservation; Now, therefore…”

Did you notice the date? That’s right, 2011. Not long after the Common Core had been thrust upon us…hhmm.. (to see the College Board’s paper on the updated AP US History; be sure to look at the dates in the introduction AND the footnotes: http://media.collegeboard.com/digitalServices/pdf/ap/ap-us-history-course-and-exam-description.pdf)
Oh, one more observation, students from all educational choices will be taking AP courses, including the U.S. History one.
How ‘Bill of Rights Institute’ factors into our riddle:
Website: http://billofrightsinstitute.org/about-us/ Founded in 1999 as a non profit 501c3 organization. The purpose to educate young people about our Founding Fathers. The liberties we enjoy and want to preserve are also included in the lessons that are offered for free. The Board of Directors has members tied to known Common Core supporters (Koch Industries, Koch Foundation). If you’ve already read the entire News/Observer article you’ll note that the reporter mentioned the Koch Brothers grant to the BofRI.
When I typed in “Common Core State Standards” in the search bar on the website, I got a ‘no matches found’ message. However, when I searched on Google for the BoRI’s Common Core State Standards, I got the following results:
Elections: http://billofrightsinstitute.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Free-Press-lesson-plan.pdf
Bill of Rights Day: http://billofrightsinstitute.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Bill-of-Rights-Day-High-School-Lesson.pdf
Complete On-line Textbook covering civics, economics, and historical documents: http://civicsrenewalnetwork.org/resources/documents-freedom-history-government-and-economics-through-primary-sources
Liberty: http://www.annenbergclassroom.org/Files/Documents/LessonPlans/BillofRightsLessonPlan.pdf
There were other CCSS results for the BofRI from the Lexington Institute, the Dept. of Ed, Wyoming
BUT, the biggest one that’s linked to the BofRI and is CCSS aligned through and through: C3 Framework!
See their link: http://www.socialstudies.org/system/files/c3/C3-Framework-for-Social-Studies.pdf
See my published post: https://commoncorediva.wordpress.com/2014/11/09/rtm-sunday-common-core-and-civics/ (you’ll need to note just how many supporters of CC are involved and how wide the net is cast) One final note about C3: it dovetails beautifully with APUSH.
Back to the article for just a moment:

Did you happen to notice the rub about the Bill of Rights Institute and NC’s Founding Principles Law as it was being interpreted by the Superintendent Atkinson? She wanted to combine civics and economics. Well, what if I told you that the Koch Brothers have that not only funded, but have one up and running already? It’s called YE (Youth Enterprises), it’s a non profit group serving 2 states at the moment. Founded in 1991 by the Koch Brothers. It’s an officially licensed program with the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE). NFTE has ties to Microsoft, Inc., the Knight Foundation, Coleman Foundation, Verizon, and a few other known CCSS supporters. Locations include a few of the States here in America and several international locations. The NFTE has a CCSS Math program called “Start Up Math”. (see: http://www.nfte.com/startupmath) Here’s a look at a free lesson for a Level 1 student from Bank of America (a proud supporter of not only CCSS, but the NFTE)

In the Level 1 Student Workbook was the opening sentence where the subject was being a good global citizen.
In the Level 1 Student Workbook was the opening sentence where the subject was being a good global citizen.
Link to read more about the NFTE’s overseers: http://www.nfte.com/who/board-of-overseers 
One final related resource for us to consider:
This article won’t help solve the riddle originally posed above, but it should serve as a wake up call not only to NC,but to each of the states. If you think what CCSS has done to our original history AND how APUSH has slaughtered it, you’ll need to consider there are many other groups doing the same right under our noses.
Here’s an excerpt I think you’ll find very interesting:

 “Looking at NC’s Holocaust Council, you are directed to the state’s Dept. of Public Instruction. Look into the Council and you’ll see those workshops Dr. Atkinson is paying for. Here’s a quote from one of the teachers who went to a Holocaust workshop in Charlotte:

The Holocaust is a very clear close resemblance to bullying that they see today. And they’ll be able to make those connections and they’ll also prevent it in the future,” said seventh-grade teacher Sarah Hunt.”

Really, Mrs. Hunt (or is it Ms.?) The Holocaust is close to bullying?! How can anyone possibly make the ‘synthesized understanding’ of bullying vs. human atrociousness?