Leading the Charge?!

What proactive CCSS groups love ESSA? What groups want YOU to love it, too?!


FOM Friday: ESEA Re-up Hype

In a special edition of my “Fib-o-Meter” Friday, anti CCSS article, I’m taking a look at who’s hyping FOR the reauthorization of HR5 and who’s uncovering the truth behind HR5. HR5: Short title: “Student Success Act”; the long title’s much to long to even bother with. Since I write from the perspective of OPPOSING Common … Continue reading FOM Friday: ESEA Re-up Hype

RTM Sunday: Common Core and Civics?!

It’s “Riddle Me This Sunday”! As you can see from the title, today’s post will tackle Common Core and U.S. Civics. You remember civics in school right? It was included with Social Studies and Geography when I was a high school student way back when. Today, it’s all different. I’d like to think it would … Continue reading RTM Sunday: Common Core and Civics?!