From the Files: PCAST, STEM and Common Core

This is the first post for the “From the Files” Tuesday. I figured it’s about time I begin to share some of the most vital keys of evidence I’ve been able to amass since 2009, when I first began researching the march to adhere, align and embrace national standards for a ‘one-size-fits-all’ educational approach. My … Continue reading From the Files: PCAST, STEM and Common Core

Ed’s Potpurri

We are the protectors of our children, we cannot allow them to suffer under this educratic takeover anymore.

When Push Comes To Shove

IF we’re serious about being against Fed Led Education, then we must fight ALL its angles, resist ALL its tools, and, save our nation!

Striking Freedom?!

Because when it comes to importance, people; their lives, liberty, and freedoms are FAR more important than how fantastic your nation looks on paper.

Inhabiting America’s Agenda

The reality is these funding strings bring confinement and conformity, not freedom.

Agenda In America

If we continue to cheer on the agenda, that’s exactly what we’ll get. If we wish to remain a free country, we’ll fight with tenacity.

What She Said…

Guidance, via our federal government, is a dressed up mandate to conform.

Oh, Say Can You Say?

Education and data are 2 items which MUST be citizen action points! Not sure WHY or HOW? Read this ‘scoop’.

Clubs and Hubs

It is absolutely mind boggling that Congress is not only willing to do this to our nation, but has no shame in doing so.