Hitting the Books, Part 2

An overdue update on how your community library will be used against you.


iNACOL Comes to Home Education?!

CCSS/CTE alignment in our homes? Yes, via virtual schools. A special article for those who homeschool or are considering it.

The School Board Special, Part One

This Weekend News begins a special series for all those ‘anti CCSS Machine Warriors’ out there running for their school boards this election year. No matter if it is a local school board race or a state-wide race, this compendium is for you!! If you should have an issue you would like more information on and … Continue reading The School Board Special, Part One

Meet Your New ‘Neighbor’: ESSA, Seriously!

Being a great neighbor is a privilege. But what do you do when your new neighbor is a portion of the Every Student Succeeds Act{ESSA}?! Hang on, anti CCSS Warriors, the information  you are about to read may cause shock! The Language: We all know the ESSA is over 1,000 pages and its ink was … Continue reading Meet Your New ‘Neighbor’: ESSA, Seriously!

Weekend News: The State of CCSS’s SEL

During this busy time, anti CCSS Warriors, we have much distracting us in this War Against the Core (Common Core, that is). For today’s “Tech Thursday”, I’d like to draw your attention to the Gates Foundation funded ASCD (Association for Supervision of Curriculum Development) and their push for SEL (Social Emotional Learning). SEL is a … Continue reading Weekend News: The State of CCSS’s SEL

FTF: Only We Can Prevent….

Anti CC Warriors, you may be old enough to remember the “Smokey the Bear” ads used to prevent wildfires. So, what does that have to do with fighting Common Core? Plenty! Only we, the Warriors Against the Core can prevent the CCSS Machine from spreading further alignment in our nation! What We Can Continue Doing: … Continue reading FTF: Only We Can Prevent….

Tech Thursday: Global Day for Education

In today’s “Tech Thursday” article, we’ll find out how the Global Collaboration Day for Education is laced with Common Core, Workforce aligned education. A Bit of History, First: Before we get to the latest information, I wanted to provide you with a bit of history on the Global Education Conference Network. I first wrote about … Continue reading Tech Thursday: Global Day for Education

Tech Thursday: Career Pathways Meet Competency Based Pathways

Just released a day or so ago,  an article describing how Achieve, Inc (a huge part of the CCSS Machine) and the NASDCTEc (National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education Consortium) joined forces to complete their look at how the progress between Career and Technical Education and Competency Based Pathways was coming along. … Continue reading Tech Thursday: Career Pathways Meet Competency Based Pathways

FOM: A “New” CCS (Coalition for Community Schools)

The “Fib-o-Meter” is back and ready to bust open the fallacies, fibs, half truths, or whole truths about the OTHER CCS (Common Core Standards). Today’s look is into the IEL (Institute for Educational Leadership) and its CCS (Coalition for Community Schools). Is it tied to the Common Core? If so, how? Is it part  of … Continue reading FOM: A “New” CCS (Coalition for Community Schools)

Monday Musings: CCSS Tech Schedule

The ‘Common Core Machine’ is busy cranking out all kinds of support/resources/gadgets to promote our continued alignment as a nation.  Continue to read on to find out how the Gates Foundation, the Joyce Foundation, the New Schools Venture Fund, Graham Holdings, GSV Capital, Imagine K12, and Learn Capital are behind this effort. The “EdSurge” Announcement: … Continue reading Monday Musings: CCSS Tech Schedule