Blindly Leading

Warriors, we’ve being ‘played’ aka dictated to on one hot button issue. Can you guess which one?



“We know, too well, the blessings of freedom to tamely resign it.” Abigail Adams

Wicked Web

The globalization of America is well under way, Warriors. Be the spider’s predator, not its prey.

Beware, The “Change”

Data not only means economic gain, it means control. Think about it, control the education, you control the schools.

The G.C. Update

Even in 2018, “The Common Core Machine loves to create minions to do its bidding.”

RMT: Update on the Technocratic Ed Reform

Back in Sept. of 2014, I researched and wrote about the ties between CCSS, STEM, and the Technocratic Party. Seeing ¬†how much education reform has been firmly put in place without citizens input, I wondered if there has been any more recent activity. From the original article, the 3 basic ideas behind the lesser know … Continue reading RMT: Update on the Technocratic Ed Reform