“The Prudence Files: Part Five”

So, what DO we do with all the information I’ve given you?


“The Prudence Files, Part Two”

Welcome back, Anti Fed Ed Warriors, it’s Part Two of my look at the 2020 Presidential race. In Part One, you not only got a feel for how I am putting the series together, but a close up look at the Senators running for the Oval Office.  Today, the close up is on  Representatives (and … Continue reading “The Prudence Files, Part Two”

“The Prudence Files, Part One”

It’s teamwork we need and teamwork is how we work best when arming Warriors against federal education intrusions.

Educratic Dollars

Don’t be so quick to herald one move as heroic and the same move tyranny. Party politics will NOT take back education.

Agenda In America

If we continue to cheer on the agenda, that’s exactly what we’ll get. If we wish to remain a free country, we’ll fight with tenacity.

Upcycling ‘Education’

It is OUR job to hold Congress accountable. It is their job to create laws which represent OUR will, not the CCSS Machine’s mantra.

Blindly Leading

Warriors, we’ve being ‘played’ aka dictated to on one hot button issue. Can you guess which one?