iNACOL Comes to Home Education?!

CCSS/CTE alignment in our homes? Yes, via virtual schools. A special article for those who homeschool or are considering it.


Operation Alignment

“Pro aris et focis” is a Latin phrase meaning “For God and Country”. Congress isn’t honoring our country worth a darn with its educratic overreaches.

By Association

The march toward globally united education is narrowing its circle around us.

I Might be Banned IF…

Stop comparing!! When this happens, we are actually encouraging our US education system to become Un-American!!!

“Friend” Of The Family

Warriors, because FERPA was changed and large loopholes exist NOW, no agreement seeking your permission should be trusted as ‘safe’!

Draft Plan or Daft Plan?

The State of NC, just like the other 49, is using YOUR child as a test subject in an unknown and unproven system with YOUR tax dollars!

Home for Me!

King’s remarks on home ed largely mirror the NEA’s stance. What we need to know.

Hitting the Books, Part 2

An overdue update on how your community library will be used against you.