A Shiny New Coat

The last place we will need to watch for ‘infrastructure’ changes in education is the HEA (Higher Education Act).


Blurred Lines

DC has drawn a line around education, how much more will it take before we erase their line?

When Agenda Means Dirt

Without proper care of water and dirt, we will not survive. Period. 

ISO (In Search Of)

Both versions of the 115th’s Congressional attempt to reauthorize the last chain in the cradle to grave workforce linkage retired..or have they?

Expanding ESSA

As one of my dear anti Fed Ed Warriors, in ID has stated, this battle is ours to lose. We MUST speak out. Our naturally given parental responsibility as our child’s BEST mentor is under attack!

Waving Choice Goodbye

Waivers are a deceptive move for MORE federal control to implant MORE shifting of education away from what we’ve known to what the global workforce needs: laborers.

Operation Alignment

“Pro aris et focis” is a Latin phrase meaning “For God and Country”. Congress isn’t honoring our country worth a darn with its educratic overreaches.

When “Choice” Really Means “Confinement”

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, this is my second article on the federal overreach into education by the 116th Congress. So, far we’ve seen the HR 62’s grab for our little learners with shifting Head Start and Early Head Start funds to block grants your Governor’s will be in charge of. The hidden in plain sight … Continue reading When “Choice” Really Means “Confinement”