Blindly Leading

Warriors, we’ve being ‘played’ aka dictated to on one hot button issue. Can you guess which one?


All Encompassing Moves

What we do today will certainly impact tomorrow. We DC does today will impact us forever.

“The Prudence Files, Part One”

It’s teamwork we need and teamwork is how we work best when arming Warriors against federal education intrusions.

Sic’ ‘Em Saturday: CCSS Naysayers

Anti CCSS Warriors, you’ve read the stories, culled the Congressional Reports. You know this ‘War Against Common Core’ is NOT over yet. ¬†However, today, we’ll take a look at the 17 who stood strong in the Senate against not only their peers, but the CCSS Machine. I’d like to preface my article, I am NOT … Continue reading Sic’ ‘Em Saturday: CCSS Naysayers