Inhabiting America’s Agenda

The reality is these funding strings bring confinement and conformity, not freedom.


RBF (Really Big Fad) In Education?

Don’t let your child become some corporation’s bottom line profit!

Big Wheel Deal

We’re really talking a total reconfiguration of our nation.

Ed’s Money Pit Effect

It’s time to put DC on notice for 2019. We must, it’s our citizen’s duty as well as our patriotic responsibility.

In The Meantime..

Short-sidedness is NOT an option for the anti global education Warrior OR the anti federally led education Warrior.

Not-so-Funny Money

We know SIBs, BitCoins, and, taxes are misused in education. There’s a new crop of financial tools to make it worse.

Future Kids

Look at your State’s education vision, especially since ESSA been made law. “Global” will be inserted in some way, maybe not by the exact word, but the idea of globalization.