ESSA Ties to WIOA 2014 and New Citizens

Anti CCSS Warriors, you know you have heard me on the air and read my blog where I have stated several times that the WIOA of 2014 (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014) has embedded in it 21 different times the phrase ‘Career Pathways’. More recently you have heard me state, as well as … Continue reading ESSA Ties to WIOA 2014 and New Citizens

Local Schools Open for WIOA!

Think the CCSS Machine only wants birth to 12th grade students? Nope, I found where grandma and grandpa are ensnared!

ESSA in a Nutshell

Anti CCSS Warriors, the ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) is meant to be tough. It is meant to embed educational reform as we have never before seen. It was meant to be SO tough, no one would ever truly know the rotten insides lurking underneath the ink. It is full of CCSS, CCR, CTE(Common Core … Continue reading ESSA in a Nutshell

Weekend News: ESSA’s ‘Untold’ Ties to HEA

Warriors Against the Common Core, as you know I’ve devoted much of my research to finding where the CCSS Machine (my name for the all encompassing agenda and parts of the Common Core State Standards Initiative) is lurking in post-secondary education, as well as the other non traditional educational choices of public K-12 schools. In … Continue reading Weekend News: ESSA’s ‘Untold’ Ties to HEA

Educratic Stalks?

The fifth installment in my Sept. 2019 Workforce Education (aka Workforce Development) series.

Applied Pressure

The pressure’s on to align us all, we MUST fight back and take the air out of the CCSS Machine’s tires, so to speak. 

Got Skills?

Second in a series focusing on the shift from academics to workforce labor.

America Betrayed

If what we’ve learned and passed on is not factual, what our students take with them certainly cannot be truthful either. 

Educratic Dollars

Don’t be so quick to herald one move as heroic and the same move tyranny. Party politics will NOT take back education.