Hazardous Education

Take time this weekend to learn about the hazardous underbelly of one of the ‘hottest’ educratic issues of our time.


Ed’s Epic “Fail”

What’s the latest ‘epic fail’ in US education? High political risk pyrite.

Big Wheel Deal

We’re really talking a total reconfiguration of our nation.

Ed’s Money Pit Effect

It’s time to put DC on notice for 2019. We must, it’s our citizen’s duty as well as our patriotic responsibility.

Wicked Web

The globalization of America is well under way, Warriors. Be the spider’s predator, not its prey.

Phase One Complete?

Write, call, petition, repeal! We cannot remain silent, Parents.

Future Kids

Look at your State’s education vision, especially since ESSA been made law. “Global” will be inserted in some way, maybe not by the exact word, but the idea of globalization.

The Global Game

Circles or wheels have no beginning and no end. Think about some of the other images you’ve seen connecting the CCSS Machine to education. Chunks, clusters, pipelines, and, straight arrows. 

I Might be Banned IF…

Stop comparing!! When this happens, we are actually encouraging our US education system to become Un-American!!!