Not-so-Funny Money

We know SIBs, BitCoins, and, taxes are misused in education. There’s a new crop of financial tools to make it worse.

Under Our Noses

P3s are a ‘super’ way for educratic control to survive.

Gauged Education

Just when you thought we were through with copyrighted educational standards…..

Striking Freedom?!

Because when it comes to importance, people; their lives, liberty, and freedoms are FAR more important than how fantastic your nation looks on paper.

Inhabiting America’s Agenda

The reality is these funding strings bring confinement and conformity, not freedom.

Agenda In America

If we continue to cheer on the agenda, that’s exactly what we’ll get. If we wish to remain a free country, we’ll fight with tenacity.

What She Said…

Guidance, via our federal government, is a dressed up mandate to conform.

Oh, Geez…

As we know, education has been turned into a business, thanks to the CCSS Machine!