A Resolution

“Workforce leaves no choice”


The Set-up: An In-Depth Report

Sure, all jobs and skills sound and look great, but our freedom is the intended price we’ll be sacrificing. How? Along with all the CCSS Machine workforce based education (which is WHAT CTE is) comes predetermined career tracks, NOT free choice.

By Association

The march toward globally united education is narrowing its circle around us.

Speaking Out

It’s a “Super Saturday”! Help save our next generations and their education.

“Anthracnose” in Education?

Warriors, if you’ve not heard of HR 1111 (Department of Peacebuilding Act of 2017), don’t feel bad. I’d not heard of it either, until I did a general search on Congress.gov for ‘teachers’. 

Not For The Faint Hearted

We know the CCSS Machine is full of tricks. We know ESSA is no gift of greatness for our education system.

Global Models at Home

The UN: it’s headquarters are not just in NYC anymore!

FOM: CCSS, Aspen, and You

Hi Anti CC Warriors! Back in June 2015, I published a ‘tell all’ article about Sen. Lamar Alexander, the CCSS Machine, the re-authorization of the HEA (Higher Education Act), and how Common Core, along with Career Tech Education, is involved. So, since the Senator publicly stated the HEA was next in being ‘next’ on the … Continue reading FOM: CCSS, Aspen, and You

WYBI: Global Ed for All Through 2030?!

For this “Would You Believe It?” Wednesday, the latest on how Common Core Standards, the CCSS Machine, and Global Education (aka “Education For All”) intersect. To Begin With:  A 1970s Children’s Book about the United Nations: Before we get to the 2030 ‘Roadmap”, you might find it helpful to step back to 1970 for a … Continue reading WYBI: Global Ed for All Through 2030?!

RMT: New Education?

I don’t know about you, but being the researcher on Common Core Standards that I’ve become, I get quite a bit of email. So, imagine my surprise when I received the following excerpt, “Join us for this two-day opportunity to connect and collaborate with colleagues from the school, library, museum, and home learning worlds–and anyone … Continue reading RMT: New Education?