All Encompassing Moves

What we do today will certainly impact tomorrow. We DC does today will impact us forever.


“The Prudence Files, Part Two”

Welcome back, Anti Fed Ed Warriors, it’s Part Two of my look at the 2020 Presidential race. In Part One, you not only got a feel for how I am putting the series together, but a close up look at the Senators running for the Oval Office.  Today, the close up is on  Representatives (and … Continue reading “The Prudence Files, Part Two”

“The Prudence Files, Part One”

It’s teamwork we need and teamwork is how we work best when arming Warriors against federal education intrusions.

Illusions of Higher Aspirations

What illusions of grandeur is Congress selling Americans when it comes to education?!

Joining In

Education Activists/Warriors, your HELP is needed 1/26/17!

Following Up

Even more anti CCSS Warrior information connecting the AFT, NEA, Gates, Broad, Clinton, Blair Foundations to the global workforce education reform.

Tech Thursday: The Tough, the Dedicated, the CCSS Warriors

Though you may be a weary anti CC Warrior today, you are STILL a warrior! We’ve miles to go, no matter what our day may hold in our Common Core aligned state of being. Yes, we’ve had some defeats, we’ve also had VICTORIES! Today’s post is dedicated to help you stand firm, stand strong, and … Continue reading Tech Thursday: The Tough, the Dedicated, the CCSS Warriors