WYBI: “STEM to STEaM”, Ties to Common Core, Pt. 1

Some months ago, I shared with you that I’d dug into how STEM and Common Core are related. It’s not a popular subject. Why? Most folks don’t want to see how the two are directly hinged together. However, if we’re going to effectively FIGHT CCSS, we must know all the places it lurks! Did you … Continue reading WYBI: “STEM to STEaM”, Ties to Common Core, Pt. 1

Making Plans

Warriors, no matter where your students and teachers go to school, this indoctrination is ripe in our communities.

Ed’s Potpurri

We are the protectors of our children, we cannot allow them to suffer under this educratic takeover anymore.

When Push Comes To Shove

IF we’re serious about being against Fed Led Education, then we must fight ALL its angles, resist ALL its tools, and, save our nation!

Is “Self-Direction” Innovation?

Many parents are being deceived by State level leaders that self-directed learning is not only the best wave of innovation, it’s the best tool to guide their future.

Another Freedom Sets Sail

Waivers are a deceptive move for MORE federal control to implant MORE shifting of education away from what we’ve known to what the global workforce needs: laborers.

A Shiny New Coat

The last place we will need to watch for ‘infrastructure’ changes in education is the HEA (Higher Education Act).

When Agenda Means Dirt

Without proper care of water and dirt, we will not survive. Period. 

ISO (In Search Of)

Both versions of the 115th’s Congressional attempt to reauthorize the last chain in the cradle to grave workforce linkage retired..or have they?