Future Kids

Look at your State’s education vision, especially since ESSA been made law. “Global” will be inserted in some way, maybe not by the exact word, but the idea of globalization.

Disastrous Course

Oh what danger we receive, when we practice to deceive.

So, Where’s the Choice?

With this January (2018) “Choice Week” about to launch, there is plenty we can do to protest, to expose the fallacies, and to protect our children from this massive deception.

Big City, Private Education

Warriors, I know we are all beleaguered by the awful impact the CCSS Machine has rendered upon our schools. But to do all this and then slap a faith-based label on it? I’m sorry Warriors, but to me, that’s pretty deceptive. 

“Here I Stand, I Can Do No Other”

We’ve heard the talk, but does it match the walk? Evidence is no friend to the educratic leader.