CCSS/UNESCO Ideology, Anyone?

It’s a great day to be alive and fighting for the RIGHT kind of education for our students, don’t you think? I do! As an Anti Common Core Warrior, I have the privilege of working with some of the MOST patriotic, dynamic, and dedicated people I have ever met. Warriors, just because the ESSA (Every … Continue reading CCSS/UNESCO Ideology, Anyone?

WYBI: “STEM to STEaM”, Ties to Common Core, Pt. 1

Some months ago, I shared with you that I’d dug into how STEM and Common Core are related. It’s not a popular subject. Why? Most folks don’t want to see how the two are directly hinged together. However, if we’re going to effectively FIGHT CCSS, we must know all the places it lurks! Did you … Continue reading WYBI: “STEM to STEaM”, Ties to Common Core, Pt. 1

A Scientific Ploy

**Third in a Series of 116th Congressional Bills overreaching into education Anti Fed Ed Warriors, after 10 years of research and 5 years of blogging, the trails connecting educratic overreach literally span the globe. By far and away, the most ‘picked upon’ school subject shoving the CCSS Machine agenda down our throats is SCIENCE.  Why … Continue reading A Scientific Ploy

Not-so-Funny Money

We know SIBs, BitCoins, and, taxes are misused in education. There’s a new crop of financial tools to make it worse.

Wicked Web

The globalization of America is well under way, Warriors. Be the spider’s predator, not its prey.

Betting on Education

“Personalized Learning is a creative trap”. Learn just how deceptive this trap truly is.

Within Our Shores?

Does Congress really want to further this type of treatment to Americans?

Not For The Faint Hearted

We know the CCSS Machine is full of tricks. We know ESSA is no gift of greatness for our education system.

A Response

What we hear is only a fraction of the truth. Can we handle the rest? Brace yourselves.