Anti Fed Ed Warriors: Heads Up!

Congress is working overtime to try to convince Americans that ‘innovation’ will solve ALL our educational woes. What they miss consistently is how MUCH ‘innovation’ is HARMING our students of all ages!

The Road Ahead

February 2017 is winding down. It’s been a busy month for us. We’ve seen education history made, we’ve uncovered new evidence that our American education is disappearing into the global landscape, and, we’re about to learn even more.

Local Schools Open for WIOA!

Think the CCSS Machine only wants birth to 12th grade students? Nope, I found where grandma and grandpa are ensnared!

Full Steam Ahead

STEAM, STEM, and our Nation. CCSS and College/Career Readiness Alignment in and out of schools. Meant for every citizen as a way of life. ESSA extends the ties to it all!

Update: CCSS, CTE, STEM, and Connect NC Bond

Update on Connect NC and the CCSS Machine. Vote ‘NO’!

ESSA in a Nutshell

Anti CCSS Warriors, the ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) is meant to be tough. It is meant to embed educational reform as we have never before seen. It was meant to be SO tough, no one would ever truly know the rotten insides lurking underneath the ink. It is full of CCSS, CCR, CTE(Common Core … Continue reading ESSA in a Nutshell

Winter 2016: A Look Ahead, NC and the USA

I call this picture above, “Bond, bad bond”. Why? As a dedicated education policy and law researcher who has uncovered many ties to Common Core and its related entities, I can smell a foul stench when I see something like this. The great news is, I am NOT alone! I will go back to the … Continue reading Winter 2016: A Look Ahead, NC and the USA