Operation Alignment

“Pro aris et focis” is a Latin phrase meaning “For God and Country”. Congress isn’t honoring our country worth a darn with its educratic overreaches.

Anti Fed Ed Warriors: Heads Up!

Congress is working overtime to try to convince Americans that ‘innovation’ will solve ALL our educational woes. What they miss consistently is how MUCH ‘innovation’ is HARMING our students of all ages!

Partnering Up!

If you stop and look, almost everything in American education/workforce is lined up to meet the UN’s SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). So, what more can there be?!

Mimics or Puppets?

HEA’s re-authorization will be here soon. It’s the last link in the birth to workforce chain. It ‘streamlines’ education.

Sic’ ‘Em Saturday: CCSS Naysayers

Anti CCSS Warriors, you’ve read the stories, culled the Congressional Reports. You know this ‘War Against Common Core’ is NOT over yet.  However, today, we’ll take a look at the 17 who stood strong in the Senate against not only their peers, but the CCSS Machine. I’d like to preface my article, I am NOT … Continue reading Sic’ ‘Em Saturday: CCSS Naysayers