Ed’s Potpurri

We are the protectors of our children, we cannot allow them to suffer under this educratic takeover anymore.


What She Said…

Guidance, via our federal government, is a dressed up mandate to conform.

“The Prudence Files, Part Two”

Welcome back, Anti Fed Ed Warriors, it’s Part Two of my look at the 2020 Presidential race. In Part One, you not only got a feel for how I am putting the series together, but a close up look at the Senators running for the Oval Office.  Today, the close up is on  Representatives (and … Continue reading “The Prudence Files, Part Two”

Ed’s Money Pit Effect

It’s time to put DC on notice for 2019. We must, it’s our citizen’s duty as well as our patriotic responsibility.

Be Sure To Tune In

Warriors, make no mistake, during school hours or outside them. The CCSS Machine is after every one of us.

Seeing More About Education?

The CCSS Machine has turned both teachers and students into guinea pigs, will we let them experiment even more in 2017-18’s school year?!

“Here I Stand, I Can Do No Other”

We’ve heard the talk, but does it match the walk? Evidence is no friend to the educratic leader.

Taking Us For A Ride

Warriors, every single day this type of poor education continues, is another day we’ve lost many great minds.

Setting Us Up

When it comes to the quality education our tax money provides, we CANNOT pick and choose what laws to break and which to keep.