WYBI: Up Close with the NSF

How much do you know about the NSF (National Science Foundation) and their ties to CCSS and STEM? Would you believe Arne Duncan was considered an expert by them back in 2007? Yep! It happened. But wait, there’s more… A brief look at NSF’s History: NSF has been around since 1950. President Truman signed the … Continue reading WYBI: Up Close with the NSF

From the Files: Health Care Gets a Common Core Transfusion

If you were reading my blog last week, you may remember I shared there was a day long webinar featuring the Departments of Education, Labor, and Health & Human Services. In selecting my file for the week to share for today, I remembered I have one from April 2009. In while Common Core is NOT named … Continue reading From the Files: Health Care Gets a Common Core Transfusion

Be Sure To Tune In

Warriors, make no mistake, during school hours or outside them. The CCSS Machine is after every one of us.

Using ‘Crisis’ To Drive Agenda

Warriors, how many times do we have to find out that our Congress is listening to the big bucks, not the everyday citizens?! 

Policy Over Law

We’ve seen countless of CCSS Machine examples of ‘policy’ being made more important than the laws created.

Great Fallacies Abound

Warriors, we’ve reached another phase of the CCSS Machine’s education reform BS, that separating truth from hype is definitely needed again.

Betting on Education

“Personalized Learning is a creative trap”. Learn just how deceptive this trap truly is.

Working Over The “Old North State”

It’s been said for years that the goal for ‘education’ isn’t being well educated, it’s being well-trained.