Franchised Education

Charter school truths revealed in a recent hearing in DC should be a wake up call to parents.

US Ed’s Global Shakedown

We have a big road ahead in 2018. We’ll need all the truth we can amass to continue our mission of protecting our nation and its citizens from the educational assault.

Bees in NC’s Bonnet, Parts 1 and 2

Local led? It doesn’t always mean what you think it does.
See how NC’s ‘breeding’ for the CCSS Machine is impacting the USA.

Winter 2016: A Look Ahead, NC and the USA

I call this picture above, “Bond, bad bond”. Why? As a dedicated education policy and law researcher who has uncovered many ties to Common Core and its related entities, I can smell a foul stench when I see something like this. The great news is, I am NOT alone! I will go back to the … Continue reading Winter 2016: A Look Ahead, NC and the USA

Monday Musings: “Global Readiness” and CCSS

Anti CCSS Warriors, another work week is upon us. Another week to fight against the agenda behind the CCSS Initiative. We know part of the agenda is NOT a true academic education, but a workforce based, globally minded, and career ready citizen who will be an economic ‘positive’. I’ve written much on the topic. Our … Continue reading Monday Musings: “Global Readiness” and CCSS

FTF: CCSS/NCTE and Back to School

Back to School ads, articles, and, issues are already in full swing and we’ve just begun August 2015. How’s the CCSS Machine helping? From what I’ve seen, the ‘Machine’ is pumping out plenty of Common Core propaganda. Today’s “From the File Tuesday” is about writing , the NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English), and … Continue reading FTF: CCSS/NCTE and Back to School

FOM: Duncan Extols Upcoming ESEA Renewal

Happy Friday, Anti CCSS Warriors! The “Fib-o-Meter” for today is chock full of one of the biggest fibbers in modern education. So, without further delay..I present a short video featuring Secretary Arne Duncan and Urban Leguage’s Marc Morial. The clip is about the ‘virtues’ of ESEA. The Video: As we’ve seen with most things concerning … Continue reading FOM: Duncan Extols Upcoming ESEA Renewal

WYBI: Career Ready

Common Core beyond American shores is one thing. CCR (College/Career Readiness), also Common Core aligned, now reaches beyond America as well. Find out more in today’s post. AIR (American Institutes for Research) is a well documented Common Core Standards say the least I care to about this organization. So, to know the group is … Continue reading WYBI: Career Ready