Update: CCSS, CTE, STEM, and Connect NC Bond

Update on Connect NC and the CCSS Machine. Vote ‘NO’!


Tech Thursday: High School Equivalency, CCSS/CTE Style

No, the GED’s makeover ISN’T the biggest news at the moment in the War Against the Core. However, as we’ve seen in this fight to save our educational system from the massive agenda which accompanies it, WHAT has been going on SINCE the GED Makeover?? If your state is anything like the one I live … Continue reading Tech Thursday: High School Equivalency, CCSS/CTE Style

FTF: CCSS/NCTE and Back to School

Back to School ads, articles, and, issues are already in full swing and we’ve just begun August 2015. How’s the CCSS Machine helping? From what I’ve seen, the ‘Machine’ is pumping out plenty of Common Core propaganda. Today’s “From the File Tuesday” is about writing , the NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English), and … Continue reading FTF: CCSS/NCTE and Back to School

RMT: Don’t Look Now, NC! CCSS/CTE Overload!

While all our heads were turned toward D.C. this past week, our states kept rolling on in their CCSS/CTE ways. The ‘riddle’ today (since it is “Riddle Me This” Sunday) is “What did NC get while while ESEA re-vamping was happening in Washington, D.C.?” In short, the answer is ‘CCSS/CTE Overload’! As always, if it’s … Continue reading RMT: Don’t Look Now, NC! CCSS/CTE Overload!

“The Prudence Files, Part Two”

Welcome back, Anti Fed Ed Warriors, it’s Part Two of my look at the 2020 Presidential race. In Part One, you not only got a feel for how I am putting the series together, but a close up look at the Senators running for the Oval Office.  Today, the close up is on  Representatives (and … Continue reading “The Prudence Files, Part Two”

“The Prudence Files, Part One”

It’s teamwork we need and teamwork is how we work best when arming Warriors against federal education intrusions.

Educratic Semantics: “Competence”

Warriors, with the process for the HEA heating up before Sen. Lamar Alexander retires, we have got to inform our representatives and senators about what they are supporting and trying to further.

NC’s Brain Freeze

My fellow Warriors, sometimes in research for educratic BS (or related ties), you find something so ridiculous, it’s hard to pass it up.