A Shiny New Coat

The last place we will need to watch for ‘infrastructure’ changes in education is the HEA (Higher Education Act).

Weekend News: Worker Ed

Fed ed distorts the truth, find it exposed here, in one location.

Bridges and Ladders

Seeing so many leaders in American education move us away from independence and freedom is not only un-American, it’s criminal!

Local Schools Open for WIOA!

Think the CCSS Machine only wants birth to 12th grade students? Nope, I found where grandma and grandpa are ensnared!

Big Bucks for Post Secondary Ed

In this final in-depth look at the massive amount of taxpayer money being requested to continue the CCSS Machine’s overreach into education (at all levels), we will see what portions of the almost $70 billion will go to post-secondary education. A part of Common Core, Career Tech Education, College and Career Readiness, I have researched … Continue reading Big Bucks for Post Secondary Ed

FTF: A ‘Dependent Truth’

Well, the new U.S. Dept. of Education Secretary is wasting no time when it comes to selling higher education opportunities. But are these opportunities truthful ones? Will these opportunities come with MORE Common Core State Standards strings attached? What about College/Career Readiness? Career Tech Education (and all its other names) and their strings? I guess … Continue reading FTF: A ‘Dependent Truth’

Tech Thursday: Post Secondary Champs?

For today’s “Tech Thursday” article, I want to shine the light on the CCSS alignment in post-secondary education yet again. Shouldn’t my focus be on the re-authorization of the ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act)? While the focus is on that (my last 2 published articles were devoted to the ESEA re-authorization push), we need … Continue reading Tech Thursday: Post Secondary Champs?