Update on “Of Late”

As the push to unite the USA to a global education continues; technology and innovation/infrastructure for such will continue to envelope us. 

Illusions of Higher Aspirations, Pt. 2

The CCSS Machine is determined this type of alignment and control is embedded in the HEA’s newer version. We have much to look out for, as we continue to see the shift from American academic based learning to that of a UN, globally contrived common worker.

Summit Masters, Unite

‘Old candidates’ in education reform don’t ‘die’, they recycle agenda!

Weekend News: Your Anti CCSS Back To School Wish

Warriors, have no fear, I’ve not converted to the supportive side for “Common Core”. I’m still VERY MUCH opposed. However, as we all know, it is the time of year our schools are gearing up for “Back to School”. For many of us, that means MORE CCSS. During this past week, I shared with you … Continue reading Weekend News: Your Anti CCSS Back To School Wish

Tech Thursday: Upskilling America: Part 2

Yesterday, I introduced you to the big push for Career Tech Education (the adult version of Common Core) from the AACC’s WDI (American Association of Community College’s Workforce Development Institute) perspective. There was quite a bit revealed. From the acknowledged partnership of  the Gates Foundation, but the Gates Foundation grant recipient (the grant was to … Continue reading Tech Thursday: Upskilling America: Part 2

WYBI: Upskilling America, Part 1

While I was doing some anti CCSS snooping on another subject, I stumbled across the “Workforce Development Institute” (part of the American Association of Community Colleges). Chock full of Common Core aligned Career Tech Education, Career Pathways, Early College, and more. Today’s topic is so deep, I’ll be breaking it to a “Part 1” and … Continue reading WYBI: Upskilling America, Part 1

Monday Musings: Conservation with an IB Student

As you know, I’ve taken on all kinds of angles to researching Common Core’s presence in every educational realm. This includes not only traditional schools, but private ones, homeschools, post-secondary education, charters, and  IB Schools (International Baccalaureate). I’d like to share a first hand student’s account of the experience in an IB school. But first, … Continue reading Monday Musings: Conservation with an IB Student