A Monumental “Crush”

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, it’s not often we get a ‘leg up’ on the CCSS Machine..until now.


Have You Heard?

ESSA’s language and mandates gave the U.S. Dept. of HHS more ‘jurisdiction’ in education. Meet some ‘new’ players in education reform.

Hiding Behind the Tests

Find out how ESSA is hiding more than you think when it comes educational research.

WYBI: Career Ready

Common Core beyond American shores is one thing. CCR (College/Career Readiness), also Common Core aligned, now reaches beyond America as well. Find out more in today’s post. AIR (American Institutes for Research) is a well documented Common Core Standards supporter..to say the least I care to about this organization. So, to know the group is … Continue reading WYBI: Career Ready

WYBI Wednesday: Common Core Promises

How many times have we heard the educratic speech, promises, and goals of Common Core for our students? How many ways have we been bombarded with products specifically based on delivering on those promises? In 3 words, I can tell you (as you can tell me the same); TOO MANY TIMES! Why are so many … Continue reading WYBI Wednesday: Common Core Promises