Inhabiting America’s Agenda

The reality is these funding strings bring confinement and conformity, not freedom.


Will ‘They’ Live On?

As I’ve stated before, “There’s only ONE Savior in life and it’s NOT workforce based education!”

The Set-up: An In-Depth Report

Sure, all jobs and skills sound and look great, but our freedom is the intended price we’ll be sacrificing. How? Along with all the CCSS Machine workforce based education (which is WHAT CTE is) comes predetermined career tracks, NOT free choice.

America’s Challenge

This Independence Day, make your voice stronger than your drink!

Update on “Of Late”

As the push to unite the USA to a global education continues; technology and innovation/infrastructure for such will continue to envelope us. 

Trickery Gets Education Nowhere

Congress has no clue, or doesn’t care, that NO federal intrustion into education should be happening!!