Monday Musings: “Global Readiness” and CCSS

Anti CCSS Warriors, another work week is upon us. Another week to fight against the agenda behind the CCSS Initiative. We know part of the agenda is NOT a true academic education, but a workforce based, globally minded, and career ready citizen who will be an economic ‘positive’. I’ve written much on the topic. Our … Continue reading Monday Musings: “Global Readiness” and CCSS

Tech Thursday: Global Day for Education

In today’s “Tech Thursday” article, we’ll find out how the Global Collaboration Day for Education is laced with Common Core, Workforce aligned education. A Bit of History, First: Before we get to the latest information, I wanted to provide you with a bit of history on the Global Education Conference Network. I first wrote about … Continue reading Tech Thursday: Global Day for Education

FTF: “Human Capital”: The ‘New’ Name for Citizens

Well, Anti CCSS Warriors, Labor Day Weekend 2015 is behind us. Yet the Common Core State Standards and its Initiative (which includes CCSS, Career Technical Education, College and Career Readiness, Aligned Apprenticeships, STEM, and SO much more) continues to grind away at our students…of ALL ages. How does an upcoming UN General Assembly play into … Continue reading FTF: “Human Capital”: The ‘New’ Name for Citizens

By Degrees

The march to global citizenry is in full swing, so just what can we do to stop it?

Educratic Dollars

Don’t be so quick to herald one move as heroic and the same move tyranny. Party politics will NOT take back education.

Ed’s Potpurri

We are the protectors of our children, we cannot allow them to suffer under this educratic takeover anymore.

Lustrous Meddling

“Outcomes” is a CCSS Machine educratic buzzword. We  CANNOT trust it at all.