Oh, Geez…

As we know, education has been turned into a business, thanks to the CCSS Machine!


A Shiny New Coat

The last place we will need to watch for ‘infrastructure’ changes in education is the HEA (Higher Education Act).

“Gridding” Education

While D.C. thinks ‘skills’ can build America’s economy, D.C. is forgetting it’s ‘killing’ academics in the meantime!

Global Models at Home

The UN: it’s headquarters are not just in NYC anymore!

FTF Tuesday: Meet SHEEO

We all love a great discovery, don’t we? Especially in finding out about how far and wide the net is cast across our nation when it comes to Common Core. Today, you won’t be disappointed. We’re going to be finding out about SHEEO, The States Higher Education Executive Officers Organization. They are regular partners with … Continue reading FTF Tuesday: Meet SHEEO