Ed’s Potpurri

We are the protectors of our children, we cannot allow them to suffer under this educratic takeover anymore.


Oh, Geez…

As we know, education has been turned into a business, thanks to the CCSS Machine!

Is “Self-Direction” Innovation?

Many parents are being deceived by State level leaders that self-directed learning is not only the best wave of innovation, it’s the best tool to guide their future.

“The HC Police”

No crystal ball is needed to see our future in the workplace.

Will ‘They’ Live On?

As I’ve stated before, “There’s only ONE Savior in life and it’s NOT workforce based education!”

Phase One Complete?

Write, call, petition, repeal! We cannot remain silent, Parents.

Future Kids

Look at your State’s education vision, especially since ESSA been made law. “Global” will be inserted in some way, maybe not by the exact word, but the idea of globalization.

Brace For Impact

The Declaration impacts not only public schools, but ANY kind of schooling; young or old.